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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Ida Emilia Bondevik

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PostSubject: Ida Emilia Bondevik   Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:14 pm

                              Name: Ida Emilia Bondevik. Her name means " Happy rival".

                              Age: 16

                              Gender: Female

                              Sexuality: Bisexual

                              fc: Sage Tullis

                             Country of Origin: Norway

                             Place of Birth: Olympus

                             Race: Scandinavian

                             Skin color: White

                             Hair color: She often changes it from light blonde to platinum

                             Eye color: Grey-ish blue
                             Height: 5'3 (162 cm)
                             Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)

                             Body type: lean

                             God Parent: Eutychia

                             Mortal Parent: Carl Bondevik

                             Personality: Ida is the daughter of Eutychia, the goddess of happiness, but sure does doubt it. She is quiet, a woman of few words and expressions. She is reverted, calm and collected. She is difficult to read and has mastered the so called 'poker face'. Ida seeks for knowledge and you can often find her reading somewhere alone.
Ida dislikes anything cute or feminine. She is not necessarily mean, just brutally honest and blunt about everything. Even though she is short, her aura can be mysterious and intimidating. Ida can be very stubborn, and fixated on her own bubble
  Talents: fast thinker, good self control, close quarters combat, can fit pretty much anywhere, good aim, used to cold, isn't grossed out easily

                             Flaws: Often mistaken for a child, intimidating, stubborn, Sunburns are common for her

                             Weapon: Celestial bronze throwing knives

                             Abilities: Knows the cause of someone's bad mood by looking at them in their eyes

                             Powers: Ida can make people instantly happy by rhyming and singing nursery rhymes. Attackers often forget the reason why they wanted to attack her. The more happier she makes someone, the more energy it drains from herself. Lasts for 3 posts and cooldown 4 posts.

       History: Ida was born in Olympus, but was quickly sent off to her father's doorstep. She grew up in Hammerfest, one of Norway's most northern villages. People would often joke around that her cold personality came from her living in there. Ida lived a happy but boring childhood with her father. Every winter she would ski and every summer she would fish. After getting tired of this routine and meaningless life, Ida decided to run away at age 12. She managed to get to Bergen, until attacked by a fury. She was saved by a satyr, who took her to safety and they traveled together to CBH.

                             Notes: She speaks Norwegian in a Høgnorsk accent

                             Pets: Canary named Vanilla

                             Likes: People who do the talking for her, fictional characters

                             Dislikes: Strangers touching her, loud and arrogant people, ignorance

                             Hobbies: Complaining, reading (in Greek, duh), fishing, skiing, knitting

                             Worst fear: Fear of failure and rejection

                             Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone she can trust and can handle her worst days

                             Insecurities: Her appearance

                             Former/current relationships: None

                             Time in camp: 4 years
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PostSubject: Re: Ida Emilia Bondevik   Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:25 pm

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Ida Emilia Bondevik
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