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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Kehlani Domingo

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PostSubject: Kehlani Domingo    Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:43 pm

Name: Kehlani Domingo  
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species (human, elf, etc.): demigod Valkyrie
fc//: Naomi Scott

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: USA
Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York
Race: Puerto Rican
Skin color: Sunkiss
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 146 lbs
Body type: Fit, mesomorph

God Parent: Odur, Norse god of summer sun.
Mortal Parent: Maria Domingo

Personality: Kehlani has a bright personality. She's nice to everyone she meets and serves the einherjar while in Hotel Valhalla. She almost always has a smile on his face and when it comes to battling frost giants or wolves, Kehlani is amazing. Sometimes she allows her emotions to get the best of her and act from the heart rather than her mind. There are times, however, when Kehlani can become angry and completely disconnect herself from feeling any real emotion
Talents: dancing, hand to hand combat, singing, and being a very skilled spearswoman.
Flaws (at least three): thinks without acting, at times can be emotionally disconnected, and can be gullible on occasion.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Spear and shield
- Kehlani can sprout wings like any other Valkyries.
- Kehlani can look directly at the sun.  
- Can control heat (500 F) for five posts with a three post cool down.
- Can control light for six posts with a four post cool down.
History: Kehlani was born to Maria and the Norse god Odur in the year 2000. Her life grow was relatively normal in her younger years, but when she started going to middle school, Kehlani started to notice changes. The young Puerto Rican was able to stare directly at the sun and was didn't heat up like some of her friends did when the weather became too hot. When she turned seventeen, Kehlani was in her home with her family when a wolf attacked. She led the wolf away from them, running down the hallway of her apartment building. Remembering that she had a switch blade in her pocket, she hid herself from the beast and when the wolf was close enough, jammed the knife into it's eye. She repeated this until the monster and dead. Odin then appeared and offered her the chance to be one of his Valkyrie, she accepted and is now one of the newer ones.
RP Sample (required for first form): no
Speaks Spanish fluently.
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Kehlani Domingo
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