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 Jackson Isaac Kingston AND Julieta Delfi Russo

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PostSubject: Jackson Isaac Kingston AND Julieta Delfi Russo   Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:12 pm

Name: Jackson Isaac Kingston
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
fc: Jordan Fisher

Country of Origin: England
Place of Birth: Clavering, Essex, England
Race: Black British
Skin Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 175 lbs
Body Type: Slim

God Parent: Ares
Mortal Parent: Rebecca Kingston

Personality: Jackson is a real sweetheart. He can be a tough and viscious fighter, but he really tries not to be. Jackson is friendly and tries to make friends with everyone. Jackson is confident in himself, and this leads to him being a bit cocky. Jackson can also be nosy, but this is because he cares a lot. Jackson does what he can to be nice, despite being easily annoyed.
Talents: Jackson is very athletic. He is really good at fighting, as well as most sports, especially lacrosse, baseball, football, American football, basketball, and swimming. Jackson is a quick learner, and he can copy almost anything he sees.
Flaws: When it comes to sports, Jacks is really cocky. He also thinks highly of himself, in general. Jackson cares a lot about other people, so he is very nosy about other people’s business. Jackson also tries to make everyone his friend, so sometimes he can be a bit too forceful. Jackson’s physical flaw is that his left leg is quite a bit shorter than his right, which makes him have to struggle to keep his balance, sometimes.
Abilities: Jackson has heightened battle awareness due to being a son of Ares.
Powers: N/A

Pets N/A
Likes: Jackson likes sword fighting and castles and ruins a lot. His favorite color is blue and he loves the band Bastille. Jackson likes enchiladas and grape soda. He also likes pretty boys and neck kisses.
Dislikes: Jackson doesn’t like singing in public or romantic movies. His least favorite color is yellow and he doesn’t like pork. Jackson doesn’t stand for people attacking his sexuality.
Hobbies: Jackson spends a lot of his free time training, but he spends the rest of his time with people he cares. He is a big fan of just chilling out and relaxing and talking.
Former/ Current Relationships:
Lorne Bolt- Lorne and Jackson have been dating for a year now, and as much as the son of Nike can drive Jackson insane, he is absolutely head over heels for him. Jackson definitely loves him. Nothing pleases Jackson more than feeling Lorne’s lips on him.
How Parents Met: Rebecca was working at a festival when she met Ares.
Weapon: Jackson has a Celestial Bronze dagger and a Celestial Bronze sword, both of which he yields with immense skill.
Time at Camp: Almost 4 years

History: Jackson was born in Clavering, Essex, England, which to him is still his hometown. Jackson was a nerdy little kid when he was in Clavering. He was tiny and didn’t really try to be liked. When Jackson came to America, though, he changed. He moved in in Essex County, New York with his mom and new step dad. Jackson grew up and filled out, turning out to be totally attractive. He started traveling the country with his step-dad who owned a Renaissance Fair. They did spend most of their time in Essex County.
RP Example (Required for first form): n/a
Notes: Jackson can speak a little French.


Name: Julieta Delfi Russo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
fc: Emeraude Toubia

Country of Origin: Spain
Place of Birth: Olympus
Race: Latina
Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 125 lbs
Body Type: Slim

God Parent: Peitho, Goddess of persuasion and seductive speech
Mortal Parent: Alberto Russo

Personality: Julieta is a confident and suave. She is an absolute bad ass. Julieta doesn’t take anything from anybody and is capable of keeping up with anyone doing almost anything. Julieta is also aggressively persuasive and usually gets what she wants. She is also very flirty and attractive. She is very comfortable in her body. Julieta loves being alive and lives big.
Talents: Julieta gets what she wants. She is a talented fighter and runner, and can do it while wearing 6 inch heels. Julieta is also very talented at fashion and makeup. Julieta is talented with rhetoric.
Flaws: Julieta doesn’t handle rejection or failure well. She has a tendency of overreacting and flaring out at people. Julieta doesn’t always know when to stop. She also has the tendency of getting overly involved in other people’s issues. Julieta forms strong friendships, but usually can only form shallow relationships. Julieta’s English isn’t very good.
Abilities: Julieta is very skilled in rhetoric, with the help of her mom. This helps her be persuasive in almost all matters, especially seductive endeavors.
Powers: N/a

Pets Julieta has a cat named Stella
Likes: Julieta loves fashion and makeup. Her favorite color is purple and she loves the movie Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. Her favorite food is tamales. Julieta loves fads.
Dislikes: Julieta doesn’t like weirdos, or being talked to all the time. Her least favorite color is orange.
Hobbies: Julieta loves doing her makeup, and helping other people. She spends a lot of time giving advice, or makeovers, or playing matchmaker. Julieta also spends a fair amount of time fighting. Julieta also runs CHB’s debate team, which she started when missing it back home.
Former/ Current Relationships:
Mikaela Winther- Mikaela and Julieta became fast friends when Julieta came to camp.
Jarek Sokol- Jarek and Julieta came to camp on the same day and have been BFF’s ever since. They even adopted sister cats together!
How Parents Met: Alberto met Peitho when he was speaking in front of a group of students in Barcelona.
Weapon: Julieta has a pair of hair picks that turn into a pair of Celestial Bronze daggers
Time at Camp: 6 months

History: Julieta was given to Alberto almost immediately after her birth on Olympus. She was named Julieta after the character Juliet, because that is who Peitho reminded Alberto of. Julieta grew up in Besalu, Spain, outside of Barcelona. Julieta grew up confidentially, being absolutely adored and popular from the start. She quickly became kind of a heartbreak. Julieta had boys wrapped around her finger. One boy she didn’t, though, was her best friend, Theo. As it turns out, Theo was a satyr and he brought her to camp. Julieta picked up right where she left off when she got to camp. She has only been here for 6 months, but is already a bit of a heart breaker.
RP Example (Required for first form): N/A
Notes: Julieta speaks fluent Spanish, and mostly speaks English.
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PostSubject: Re: Jackson Isaac Kingston AND Julieta Delfi Russo   Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:18 pm

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Jackson Isaac Kingston AND Julieta Delfi Russo
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