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Cassandra Valance

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PostSubject: (DAMON OLEANDER) - (PHOBUS)   Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:55 pm

Damon Oleander

Name: Damon Oleander

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

FC//: Tom Hardy

Country of Origin: Canada

Place of Birth: Dundas, Ontario

Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue-green

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Body Type: On the leaner side but quite muscular nonetheless

God Parent: Phobus

Mortal Parent(s): Mara Delacroix (née Oleander), Francis Delacroix (stepfather)

Personality: Damon is insecure and socially awkward, so he mainly keeps to himself. He's not much of a "saving people" person unless he's forced into the situation or someone he knows is involved. He's struggled with his identity as a demigod and his feelings for his father, whom he despises for abandoning him and his mother when she became pregnant, for several years now. While (as mentioned before) he lacks the "saving people" quality, he is still immensely loyal to his friends and fellow campers and will pretty much do anything for them--no matter how dangerous or stupid. Damon can also be rather blunt at times to the point of rudeness, but if he realizes this mistake he will try to make amends. While he couldn't care less of what someone he doesn't care about thinks of him, he values his friends' opinions and will often listen to their advice about something. Damon likes to solve issues reasonably (even though he hates talking to people most of the time) but he is perfectly fine with brawling if it comes to that. While this may or may not be related to his father, he is also virtually unafraid of most things, such as heights or tight spaces or even dying.

Talents: Damon, while not a genius child of Athena, is pretty intelligent and a good strategist; he was pretty much unbeatable at chess at his mortal schools. He is also an excellent fighter with a lot more hands-on experience than most of the other Greeks--his specialty being sword combat, though he is also a decent hand-to-hand fighter and a moderately good archer.

Flaws: Damon is suspicious of most and is very picky on who he gives his trust to. He also has a lot of pent-up anger inside of him and (whenever he believes himself to be alone) may be subject to violent outbursts. He also tends to blame himself for things that go wrong--even if he wasn't even involved with the issue--which may add to his inner rage. His (one-way--Phobus has declined meeting him up until this point in his life) relationship with his father is estranged.

Weapon(s): Since arriving at CHB, Damon has a variety of different weapons. His main ones, however are these: a CB kopis named Apolluón (primary weapon; 65 cm long), a silver xiphos (used only for lycanthrophes; 50 cm long), a CB round shield with a three-foot diameter, and a CB dagger. The kopis and the xiphos are both strapped across his back and cross each other to form a sort of "X." They can also both be reverted into drachmas: gold for the kopis, and silver for the xiphos.

Abilities: Damon can sense one's fear(s) and what makes them uncomfortable instantly (he can also sense these unconsciously, when he's dreaming). He can rage through a battle without fear of death or injury, making him a very vicious fighter--though he is apt to be less careful. He also can produce an aura of fear--mostly in battle, but may also occur unintentionally when he is experiencing extreme emotion, such as anger.

Powers: Damon is able to create hallucinations that cause a person to see their worst fear(s) a limited amount of time. If he uses this on just one person, the affects can last for four posts with a cool-down of five posts. If he uses this on two people, the affects can last for three posts with a cool-down of seven posts. If he uses this on more than two people, the affects last for one post with a cool-down of ten posts. Damon becomes weaker after using this depending on how much he used it and could pass out if he uses it on large amounts (about ten targets). Those with exceptionally strong willpower can fight through the hallucinations.

History: Damon Oleander was born to Mara Oleander (who had been aware of Phobus's identity) in Dundas, Ontario. They lived there until Damon was 6; they then moved to the U.S., where they later became citizens. Mara married Francis Delacroix about four years later. Delacroix had three children of his own with his first wife: Eric, Anita, and Gregory. Damon got along with his step-siblings--though he sometimes got into fistfights with Eric, who was three years older than him.

Damon's life was relatively normal until he was nearly 13; then he began to notice that people often grew uncomfortable around him, even his family members. Kids his age stopped wanting to talk and hang out with him. Then, one day while walking in the park, he was attacked by a huge animal. He was knocked unconscious during the attack. Later, he would recall his attacker as a wolf and that a girl with a silver sword saved him, though even the witnesses said it looked like a giant, brown husky and that his rescuer hit it multiple times with a baseball bat.

After being attacked, his lie never reverted back to normal. He started to have nightmares about falling from heights, being locked in a box, drowning, and a bunch of other terrible things. Worried about his mental health, his teachers recommended him to therapy. Realizing that it was the time to tell him the truth, Mara revealed to her son that he was a demigod, the spawn of a mortal and a god, and that his father was Phobus, the god of fear. At first, Damon refused to believe such stupidity (he was a rational human being, after all), but as his life as he knew it continued to crash around him, he was forced to accept this new reality.

Damon ran away from his home at the age of 15 and began living on the streets, evading monsters and mortals alike. He (surprisingly) survived as a homeless demigod for about a year before meeting Zach, a fellow demigod who said that he was "unclaimed." Zach convinced him to come with him to a group of other demigods led by a son of Hermes named Luke Castellan, to which Damon eagerly accepted. The two became good friends on the journey there.

Believing the group to be banded together just for survival, Damon stayed with them for several months, and learned most of his basic combat skills, which he perfected later. Though he never met Luke Castellan nor ever saw him, he heard that he was a powerful demigod and a great warrior and respected him for his deeds. It wasn't until Damon overheard a conversation between Zach and another demigod that he learned their true purpose: to overthrow Olympus, destroy the gods, and bring the Titans back to power. Now, Damon wasn't very knowledgeable about the details, but he knew enough from school to know that 1.) the Titans were bad, 2.) if the Greek gods were real then the Titans could be real, too, and that 3.) he didn't want to help get the Titans--who, as aforementioned, were bad--back in a role of leadership. He left the group, feeling angry for being lied to and used.

Damon returned back to his old life as a loner, only now he had weapons and the knowledge of how to use him. He experienced several different monsters and managed to survive--sometimes killing them, sometimes getting lucky and finding a car that was willing to drive a ragged, homeless, bloody teenage boy to a gas station. Quite accidentally, he met a demigod that had been part of Luke's group at a Denny's, who informed him of the existence of Camp Half-Blood. Seeing that anywhere would be better than the position he was in at the moment, Damon agreed to return with the demigod to the camp.

RP Example: N/A


*Damon didn't arrive at camp until after the Second Giant War.

*He has three long scars on his lower back from his experience with the lycanthrope that attacked him.

*He has a tegwar tattoo of "gor", the Sindarin word for "fear" on the right side of his chest.

*He despises any type of canine due to his past experience with the lycathrope. Lycanthropes are also the one thing he truly fears, hence the silver xiphos.

*Damon speaks with a Floridian/Californian accent, though he can do a flawless French-Canadian accent. French is also his first language.

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