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 she said i'm not your punchin' bag

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PostSubject: she said i'm not your punchin' bag   Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:25 am

Name: Sasha Tremblay
Age: 18. She was born on a very stormy day on September 28th, 1998
Gender: female
Eyes: dark brown.
Hair: Chestnut brown hair thats very long and wavy. Usually adorned with braids or a messy bun.
Height: 5’4” or 162 cm
Body Type:Ectomorph. she’s got some great legs.
Skin Color: Fair
God Parent: Cymopoleia, greek goddess of violent sea storms. Elliot met Cymopoleia in Newfoundland when he was attending a friend’s wedding. Although Cymopoleia was not attending, he convinced her to act has his plus one. They spent the night together and nine months later, Sasha was dropped off at Elliot’s doorstep in Montreal.
Mortal Parent: Elliot Tremblay. Elliot is an biomedical engineer. He was born in Montreal in 1974. He isn’t a very responsible person, he had trouble owning a fish. Perhaps that is why he couldn’t raise his daughter for very long.
Sasha was raised by her aunt, Romy Leclerc (nee Tremblay), who was two years younger than her father. She and her husband, Luca, were unable to have children, so they were overjoyed to take Sasha in. Romy is an elementary school teacher, while Luca is a high school science  teacher. Sasha sees Romy and Luca as her parents more than her actual father, but she keeps his last name out of respect and the fact that Romy won’t let her change it.
Country of Origin: Sasha’s birth certificate shows she was born in Montreal, Canada. Although she usually says she’s from Ottawa since she’s spent most of her life there. She lived in a condo in downtown Ottawa.
Pets: Romy and Luca have a black cat named Bonnie. Other than that she is petless.
Talents: Romy always liked to say that Sasha had a way of finding trouble. It’s usually well meaning trouble, but trouble nonetheless. Sasha is fluent in french, although her dialect is more canadian french than proper french. Sasha is a very good archer, and can shoot 10 arrows in 10.4 seconds. She also can hit targets while on the move, and while her targets are moving.
Weapon**: A recurve bow and a mix of celestial bronze and regular arrows.
Personality: Above all else, Sasha follows the alignment of chaotic good. She has a ‘whatever it takes’ ideology that will not let up. She will always fight for the safety of others, and follows her own moral compass. If she believes something is wrong, it’s very hard to convince her otherwise. Once she has that stubborn look on her face and starts walking like she owns the world, it’s best to step away and let things happen.
Despite this, Sasha’s words seem to be made of sugar. It’s not rare to see her flash her winning smile, and see her eyes light up. She has an excitement about her, as if she were living her life in fast forward. When her adrenaline is running, she often forgets that she can breathe between sentences.
Sasha really views rules as an option, and usually she chooses not to follow them. Of course there are safety rules that she listens to occasionally, but most rules just get in the way of her trying to do good. I mean, she knows she’s not supposed to feed the ducks, but look how hungry they are!
For Sasha, there’s never enough. There’s always a way to make the world better. For her, fighting monsters is the best way. She’s always looking for adventure. She wants to be a hero, and she wants to help people.
Flaws: Sasha just needs to chill. Like there’s never a calm moment with this kid. You look at her, and she just keeps going on with this plan to do whatever and she just won’t stop. Is she being realistic? Absolutely not. She usually thinks of herself being above the law and stuff, like breaking rules won’t have any negative effect on her. Honestly, her life would be so much easier if she just paused and thought a bit before running into action. Seriously, this girl is stupidly self sacrificing. Like she would give her life for a puppy. Not literally but hey, we don’t know for sure. She has no concern for her own life. Sometimes people wonder if she has a death wish.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Sasha can breathe underwater, but salt water only. Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Sasha can create a storm. It would technically be classified as a tropical storm, since it requires her to be within 500 feet of a body of water. It’s basically a very windy rain storm. There is the occasional thunder, but never any lightning. The storm will only reach a diameter of about 100 feet, but she can make it a smaller area. At its widest diameter, the storm will reach winds of about 10 mph. But if she localizes it around herself or another being within 100 feet, it can reach winds of up to 20 mph. The windstorm will last up to 3 posts if she is well rested. It has a 5 post cooldown. She can only enact the storm if she has a heart rate over 100 bpm. Essentially, the windstorm acts as nothing more than a distraction or nuisance, and doesn’t really harm people.
Life Before Camp*: When Sasha was three days old she was shoved into her father’s arms. Unlike most gods, who are there and gone, Cymopolia decided that he needed a little explanation. The two of them sat in Elliot’s living room sipping coffee as the information about his new daughter sunk in. Cymopolia told him everything, including what to do when Sasha was old enough. She answered any questions he had, and then bade him goodbye. Elliot attempted raising Sasha for a total of one year, before letting his younger sister become her guardian. Romy was only 22 at the time, but she was excited to be able to have a child after learning that she and her husband were unable to conceive. Although she was a little concerned about the demigod thing, she still took her in and raised her as her own. Sasha still saw her dad a lot. Usually during holidays and the occasional weekend. She grew up knowing that she was being raised by her aunt and uncle. She calls them by their first names.
Sasha was a bit of a troublemaker when she was little, something that never seemed to grow out of her. She’d sneak cookies whenever her friends were over. Trip the boys that were picking on her friends. She wasn’t happy when she got caught, but she brushed it off and never seemed to learn from it.
When she was twelve, Romy and Luca announced they would be traveling to Long Island for vacation. Little did she know they were actually dropping her off at camp. They explained the whole thing on the ride there.
RP Example*: nah
Any notes about your characters: fc is dominique provost-chalkley

I also copied this from chb

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PostSubject: Re: she said i'm not your punchin' bag   Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:28 pm



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she said i'm not your punchin' bag
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