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Cassandra Valance

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PostSubject: (ATTICUS CHIPS) - (VÁLI)   Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:46 am

Atticus Chips

Name: Atticus Elijah Chips (preferably Chips, though)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species (human, elf, etc.): Human
FC//: Brady Corbet

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: Wales
Place of Birth: Goodwick, Wales
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Body type: Lean

God Parent: Váli (Norse god of revenge)
Mortal Parent: Elizabeth Worthington Chips and Alexander Chips (stepfather)

Personality: Atticus, or, as he likes to be called, Chips, is a pretty laid-back, geeky guy. He doesn't really like arguing about stuff even if he knows that he's in ,the right nor does he try to get involved with other people's issues (think of him as Thor in Civil War. Exactly. Thor wasn't in Civil War. Speaking of movies, the best way to get Chips to talk to you is bring up movies). He likes to socialize with anyone and everyone. He doesn't care who you are, what you are, or where you come from; he'll be friendly with you anyway....unless you're a Nazi--then there's a problem. Due to his past of being a soldier, he follows orders pretty well; he's not one to break the rules on a whim. In reality, the only thing more important to him following his orders is helping out to his friends. If Chips's friends need him, he can be pressed into breaking even the most important rules in order to help them. Chips is cool with everyone, but once you're his friend, you're his friend until Ragnarok--and, if you're both lucky to survive, beyond. However, Chips holds grudges like you wouldn't believe--perks of being the son of the Norse god of revenge, he guesses. If his friend gets hurt, he will not rest until he believes that he has repaid the offender in full. Chips doesn't care who's wrong and who's right; his only concerns lie with "Is the offended or offender the person I care about most?"  
Talents: Chips is pretty good with people. He likes to socialize and talk about anything--specifically about movies, though. Chips also is a gifted swordsman--probably one of the best 40s einherjar there is in Valhalla--and he's also handy with a gun. Not that he really deals with guns when training, since most einherjar seem to enjoy "old-fashioned" weaponry. He can also juggle, a thing he picked up from a friend in the army--not that juggling is very useful when you're an undead warrior of Odin, but relevant nonetheless.
Flaws (at least three): Chips holds grudges like you wouldn't believe. He also will follow orders so severely that he could be ordered to kill innocents and would--all because those were his "orders." He doesn't really take anything seriously besides his orders, so he will have to be hard-pressed to do anything.

Weapon(s): Being the complete and utter geek he is, Chips has a replica of the Kurgan's sword from the film Highlander made of Nordic steel (which he has named Vorpal). He also has a large battleaxe and two large knives also made from Nordic steel.
Abilities: Chips can immediately tell what wrong a person has committed against another being. If a person craves or is seeking revenge, he can tell.
Powers: None

History: Atticus Elijah Chips was born to Elizabeth Worthington Chips on July 17, 1917. He grew up with three older brothers, an older sister, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters. For all of his life, he and the rest of his family (besides his mother) believed that he was completely ordinary: just the middle child of Chips family. He even looked like his stepfather, Alexander, to an extent. No suspicion about his true heritage was ever raised.

Chips had a completely normal life; he was in law school, engagement to a pretty girl named Irene McNaery, and quite popular with other people of his generation. Then WWII began, and Chips, like the rest of his brothers and many other young men in the United Kingdom, were drafted into the Allied Forces.

Chips made several friends among the soldiers and found that he quite enjoyed the war: the fighting, the death, the orders, the terrible food--all of it. He was a good soldier: always following orders without question, doing his best with every single task he was given, shooting a gun and killing Germans, etc. Then came Dunkirk.

Chips watched as one of his buddies got shot down by a German machine gun. Filled with rage, he hunted down the German private who'd manned it--killing nearly twenty other German soldiers as he did so. He then took over the machine gun and turned it on the Germans, killing many before finally being shot fatally. Thus ended his mortal life.

A Valkyrie deemed him worthy of Valhalla and took him there, where he was accepted. His true parentage was revealed: he was the son of Váli. Chips has remained in Valhalla ever since--and has been keeping up with modern culture.

RP Sample (required for first form): N/A (don't have to! HAHA!)
Notes: Speaks with a Welsh accent (specifically southern Welsh from the 1930s)

Pets: None
Likes: the 80s, Paul Newman, talking about Paul Newman, fantasy books, Battlestar Galactica, superhero movies, pasta, and Converse shoes
Dislikes: Twilight, American football, dentists, Nazis, Chihuahuas, days when the sun's out but it's still like 25 degrees (F) outside, and bicycles
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, eating new foods, talking to people, playing Ping Pong to the Death, crying over Sherlock, and cricket
Secrets: Once left Hotel Valhalla in an attempt to woo Carrie Fischer (RIP)
Worst fear: Being left in a room to die without any means of escape
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who likes to talk, joke around,and smile a lot--but is also ready to gut an enemy at any moment
Insecurities: Wishes he was taller
Former/current relationships: None
How parents met: Elizabeth Chips had been getting groceries at a food market. Váli, hunting down a giant that had insulted him at a feast, accidentally bumped into her. Both confused and entranced by her laid-back and forgiving nature, the god became interested in the mortal woman. He purposely began to "accidentally" bump into her whenever she went out in public. While Alexnder was away for work one weekend, Elizabeth and Váli made love. After Elizabeth became pregnant, the Norse god revealed his true identity to the shocked mortal woman. He still visited her after their son's birth.

After Chips's death, Váli informed her that their son had been accepted in Valhalla and that he had been granted eternal life in the service of Odin.

Time in Valhalla: 76 years

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PostSubject: Re: (ATTICUS CHIPS) - (VÁLI)   Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:18 pm

Approved. +130 coins (since I can tell you put effort into it (: )


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