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 Christian Moreau

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PostSubject: Christian Moreau   Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:56 pm

Name: Christian Moreau
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Country of Origin: Canada
Place of Birth: Quebec City
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160 lbs
Body type: Ectomorph

Legacy of: Mercury, god of thieves, communication, travel, and luck.
- Abella Moreau: Child of Mercury. Relatively well mannered for her lineage.
- Nathan Roy: Mortal, and Christian's father.

Personality: Christian has two very different sides to himself. He has strong ideologies, and even pretended to believe in a Roman Catholic culture due to his dad. He'll stand by a very passive sense of acceptance when it comes to other people, as he wants to be approachable and helpful to those around him. Whether it's for validation or to blend in can't be for certain. But to strangers and those who loosely know him, he's different than those who know him well.

On the other side of Christian, he feeds on thrill and validation. This causes him to act out, though usually in secret. He'll trespass and steal, sometimes pull pranks, and other mischievous acts, much like his father. He'll make references and humor that might get a rise out of people. He keeps this side generally somewhat well hidden from others, as to not taint his name or title.
- Computers: Growing up in Quebec City, even as a young kid, Christian disliked most people around him. He took to computers at an insanely young age. He enjoyed the company of the internet and began to act out based on strangers recommendations. His mom was very insistent that he not do it, and would get into violent fights with his father over it.
- Mischief: Whether it was softcore stealing, planting cherry bombs, or pulling fire alarms, Christian was always very talented at it. He almost never got caught, and enjoyed causing trouble, though he usually did it by the rule that no one would really get hurt from it. He's learned how to manipulate and use guile.
- Addiction: Christian has an addiction to Xanax. While his demigod format is enough to keep his personality on track, he gets unreasonable and potentially angry if he undergoes withdrawal.
- Hidden Personality: Christian has a very mischievous side that he does his best to keep hidden. He often, on impulse, lets that side of him out. It can be very hard to keep his actions and words covered up.
- Impulsive: Christian is very impulsive. His ability to quickly think and plan is helpful with this, but not always good enough. If Christian has an idea he likes, he's prone to do it without permission or to think it through first.

- Imperial Gold Gladus
- Imperial Gold Dagger
- Imperial Gold Pilums
- Communication Capabilities: Christian can use computers and phones without monster detection.
- Light Steps: Christian is more silent than other humans and demigods when it comes to the sound of his footstep.
- Sticky Fingers: Christian finds it easier to steal, as a result of his lineage.
- Dash: Christian is naturally quicker than other demigods. He can hold a pace of 16 miles per hour naturally, and a pace of 25 miles per hour at a sprint.
- Unlock: Once every two topics, Christian can unlock a safe or lock too complicated to pick. This applies to computer and physical locks.

History: Christian was born from a very shortly formed relationship between a French-Canadian demigod and a European doctor. Abella never told Nathan about her special lifestyle, but Nathan elected to stay and be a father. The couple dated and lived together, but there was never a marriage. Early on in Christian's life, he remembers a lot of fighting between the parents and their beliefs. Abella wanted her son to live under strict rules, based on his risks, but neither Nathan nor him could know about the reasons.

Due to the amount of fighting at home, and the dislike for the people around him, Christian resorted to snatching the computers at the house. He would spend hours on them, and his mother would scold him very hard for it when she found out. He would go without until he found a way again. He spent as much time as possible on computers, talking to strangers and learning about things that were mostly irrelevant to him. When he had no access, he would purposely cause trouble. He would rarely get caught, but for the few times he did, he would pay for it.

Even as a kid, Christian spent time in principal's offices and police cruisers. He grew fond of trespassing and playing tricks on people, though usually harmless. The internet would give him even more inspiration, and he craved the approval he would get from acting out. All of this came to an abuprt end when he was nine, however. When, much to his mother's dismay and approval, Lupa's wolves showed up.

His mother, although heartbroken, was also very happy to see him go. The wolves went on to teach Christian what he needed to know, and before he hit the age of ten, he was in the only place he felt worse than Quebec: California. He made it to Camp Jupiter without too many issues. On the way, he'd met a shady man who wanted to test his wit. Headstrong at the time, Christian was more than happy to cooperate. Christian stole a bottle of pills from a woman for half-a-grand. When he was payed out, the man told Christian to keep the pills. Use them if he wanted to feel happy. From everything he'd faced in that month, he figured he could use some happiness.

His transition was somewhat smooth. He was a kid, and people treated him as though he was innocent. It was a feeling he wasn't used to, and he took advantage of it. He kept the bonds he made, and cooperated. Despite his impulse for pranks, he was able to keep them to a minimum, and never get caught by anyone, save the occasional whoopie cushion.

He took his training serious for the most part. Taking care of his prank impulse in secret. People never suspected him, and he always worked hard enough that he was still an asset to the legion. Unlike his mom, Christian was determined. He wanted to serve his ten years.

Five years into his service, Christian had an exceptionally good name to himself, at least for his standards. He was given the honor of Centurion of Cohort 5. At the time, he was too proud of himself to think it through. He would be kept where he was for a long time, not being able to leave camp often at all. He accepted without question, and took on the roll. He spends his time at camp carrying out his responsibilities for his cohort. But every now and then, his impulses still slip.
RP Sample (required for first form): Waived
Notes: Faceclaim is Max Thieriot

Extra: For the money!
Pets: Christian has never had a pet, though he did steal to feed several strays when he was a kid. Before he got caught.
- Mischief: Christian likes to cause petty trouble to see the reaction of people.
- Blunt People: Christian has a fondness of those who are blunt, and feels he can be the same way towards them.
- Authority Figures: While not universal, Christian is typically weary of those who have authority. Ironically, he himself has authority. Christian, however, respects most leaders in Camp Jupiter.
- Nosey Nature: Christian gets very defensive when people pry into his past. He's paranoid people will find out and he'll lose his good standing.
- Pilum Throwing: As a form to distract him from mischief, Christian loves throwing pilums. He's gotten very good at it over the years.
- Cohort Management: Christian loves his cohort, and spends lots of time with his people. Though, he is very selective on who they think he is.
Secrets: Christian keeps his addiction and past a secret, both subjects he is very defensive about. Having his secrets leaked is a large fear to him.
Worst fear: Christian greatly fears that his addiction or troubled past will be leaked. He especially fears his mother showing up in camp one day.
Ideal girlfriend: Christian has had very little in terms of relationships. His trouble making nature couped with his lack of knowledge on healthy relationships keeps him at arm lengths. He's had short term flings, but not much else.
Insecurities: Christian is very insecure about his past, and even more his addiction. He keeps it very hidden, as much as humanely possible. If anyone learned about it, he wouldn't know what to do.
Former/current relationships: Christian has never had a true relationship. He's had romantic links, but nothing that ever lasted even a month.
How parents met: Christian's parents met from a fling at a nightclub and talked briefly afterwards. They were tied together by a pregnancy, and gave birth to Christian later.
Time in the Legion: Christian has spent roughly 8 years to date in the legion.
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Christian Moreau
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