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PostSubject: (SYBILL SMITH) - (DAUGHTER OF APOLLO) - (LEGACY OF PLUTO)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:27 am

Sybill Smith

Name: Sybill "Sibby" Smith
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Country of Origin: United States of America
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Hershey, Pennsylvania
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Body type: Small but athletic
FC//: Whoever the person in the picture above is (couldn't find a name; if you've somehow discovered it, please inform me)

God Parent: Apollo
Legacy of: Pluto
Mortal Parent: Jasmine Smith (born Elsa Scheiber)

Personality: Sibby keeps mostly to herself--which isn't all that surprising, with her being a Legacy of Pluto and all. She's not exactly shy (she'll answer you pretty straight-forward if you talk to her), but she's not one to be found in social events. She's very kind, however, and has a compassionate heart. She'll joke around amongst her friends and the members of her cohort and give even a stranger a smile. She's not much of a strategist but she makes up for it with quick comprehension and thoughtful, fast decision-making. She is very self-conscious and really takes what people think and say about her to heart. She'll face Tartarus before she tells someone your secret and she'll cover for you if needed. While she's not the type to go poking a stick at a grizzly bear, she is the type to throw a rock at it once she realizes it's after you.
Talents: Archery, comprehension, quick decision-making, plays piano, can act (to an extent), good at lying
Flaws (at least three): Very self-conscious, takes what people say to heart, anti-social, bad strategist, terrible at sword combat, lacks confidence in herself

Weapon(s) (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): a composite bow (made of horn, wood, sinew, and IG) with IG-tipped arrows and a SI pugio.
Abilities: Sibby has an adept knowledge of herbs and medicines and a good memory for songs and poetry. Also, being a daughter of Apollo, she is quite skilled at archery. Sibby can also tell how someone died and who killed them just by looking at a corpse. When someone she knows has died, she can tell when their soul enters the Underworld. Sibby can see ghosts even when they don't make themselves visible to normal demigods.
Powers: Sibby can shadow-travel--though nowhere near as much as a child of Pluto. To travel by herself for five miles, it takes two posts to complete with a five post cool down. She can take up to five people, ranging from a three to eight post completion and a seven to fifteen post cool down. Each time weakens her drastically; if she does this more than a few times within a post, depending on the circumstances, she may pass out or even fall into a coma.

History: Sybill was born to Jasmine Smith in Hershey, Pennsylvania. From an early age, Sibby was aware of her heritage and who she was--a daughter of the Roman god Apollo--and, even more extraordinary, who her mom was: a time-displaced daughter of Pluto, who had spent around a century in the Lotus Casino. Sibby had grown up listening to Roman mythology as the history of her family instead of just fairytales, like other kids her age loved hearing.

Her mother, who had never remarried, was quite distant due to her time with the lotus-eaters. The twenty-first century had come as a shock to her, and she sometimes released her anger and doubt on the only other person who was around: Sibby. Due to this, Sibby was never confident in herself or in her own abilities.

Just weeks after turning 12, a Cyclops attacked the mother and daughter while they were visiting a park. Jasmine, who still had weapons from before her time at the casino and still remembered her training, gave a terrified Sibby a knife made of black metal and told her to run and, that if wolves found her, to go with them. Sibby obeyed, and she never saw her mother again. Later, when she was far enough away from the park, she felt a strange sensation, like someone had just ripped out a chunk of her heart: it was later confirmed that her mother had died at that moment.

As promised by her mother, Sibby was met by wolves. She followed them to the Wolf House, where she was later deemed worthy and was sent to Camp Jupiter, where she has resided ever since.
RP Sample (required for first form):
Click me! I dare you! I double-dog dare you! I TRIPLE-dog dare you!:
Notes: Unlike most Apollo kids, Sibby is quite pale and, though she cannot get sunburned, she also does tan very well.

Pets: None
Likes: Novels, TV shows, chocolate, practicing archery, watching horror movies, joking around, playing Pac-Man, racing, learning about other cultures, eating food, and Mike Myers
Dislikes: Social situations, John Travolta (except in Saturday Night Fever), raspberries, horses, Google Maps, sword fighting, and soap operas
Hobbies: Reading, watching TV, drawing, singing, and writing poetry
Secrets: Has memorized every Beatles song ever
Worst fear: Not belonging
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who understands her and accepts her for who she is
Insecurities: Her small figure
Former/current relationships: She's dated a couple of boys--though she no longer even talks to them anymore.
How parents met: Jasmine Smith had been born Elsa Scheiber in Hidelberg, Germany, in 1902. She had met her father, Pluto, about three times in her life and she hated the god. Ignoring the warnings she received about monsters who would love to sink their teeth in the child of a Big Three god, she went out on her own the day after she turned 17--and, of course, was immediately attacked by a monster. However, she was rescued by a "girl with silver arrows," who took her to the place of the lotus-eaters, knowing that Elsa would need time and a safe place to recover. However, when Elsa awoke, she found that she quite liked the abode of the lotus-eaters and remained there for over 80 years. She then met a youth who claimed that the year was "1999" and that the "new millennium" was starting soon; troubled, she started asking around the casino for the date and received hundreds of completely different answers. Elsa left the place of the lotus-eaters and entered a completely different world than she'd left it (for one, she was now in the USA instead of Germany).

Elsa, who completely changed her name to sound more American and took up a job as a grocery store clerk. For about a year she lived like this, and she became quite distraught and began drinking dangerously. One fateful night, the god Apollo, who was listening to a band play at a bar, encountered the wasted demigod who answered to the name of Jasmine. He quickly became enamored with her and they struck up a friendship--both completely aware of each other's identities. Eventually, they fell in love. Apollo stayed with Jasmine and the infant Sybill for the maximum amount of time he was allowed before returning to Olympus. It is unknown whether or not he is aware of Jasmine's death or if he mourns her.
Time in the Legion (Romans): Sibby has been in the Legion for three years.
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PostSubject: Re: (SYBILL SMITH) - (DAUGHTER OF APOLLO) - (LEGACY OF PLUTO)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:17 am

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