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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Thyra Axelsen

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PostSubject: Thyra Axelsen   Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:24 pm

Name: Thyra Axelsen
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species (human, elf, etc.): Human

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: Norway
Place of Birth: Trondheim
Race: White
Skin color: Light
Hair color: Raven dark
Eye color: Blue silver ish, like the stars
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 55kg
Body type: Slim and thin

God Parent: Nott (goddess of the night)
Mortal Parent: Rune Axelsen and Ingeborg Rytter(stephmother)

Personality: Most of the time she is quiet, relaxed and likes to just look at the skies especially the stars and the moon letting herself feeling closer to her mother. She loves to take naps at the days and be awake at the night. She is also shy around strangers, but if you are kind towards her she will trust you quite easy always believing the best in people. She is kind and loving at heart, but can act cold if she doesn’t know you. She gets nervous quit easily and if things get to out of hands she tends to just run away. She likes to train alone away from people, as she doesn’t have to worry about others making fun of her.
Talents: Fast runner, a fast reader, fight with a battle axe.
Flaws (at least three): Shy, runs away from uncomfortable situations, naive.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Battle axe, Nordic steel.
Abilities: Can see in the darkness and have quit good control of her own dreams.
At night, all her senses can be empowered for up to 4 post and has a cooldown on 6-9 post after use. This can be done two times per topic.
She can fade into darkness for up to 3-6 post depending on how much light there is around and this can be done to times per topic with a 8 post cooldown.
She can summon starlight to guide her path holding this up to a max for 8 post depending on the size and strength in light. This have a maximum radius of shine to 6m or she can have a single beam (like a flashlight) shining up to 8 m in any direction. This have a cooldown from 4(if only used for 1-2 post)-12 post. Can be used from 1 to 4 times per topic.

History: Thyra grew up in Trondheim with her father and stepmother. They were a happy family leaving in a small house and a tiny garden just outside of the town. Her father was a fisherman and her stepmother was a teacher working at the school Thyra went too. Thyra had always been a shy little girl, but she cares about others like there would never be another day. She has best friend named Ingrid and they were as best as best friends can be. Thyra did everything for Ingrid, like literally, and Ingrid did the same for her. One day this two were out for a walk in the busy street chatting and having fun when the saw a little child walked out in the street. Ingrid was the first to reacted and jumped out to save the child. Thyra who was watching saw a big truck driving fast towards the child and her friend jumped inn without thinking twice pushed her friend and child aside and only a half second later she was hit by the truck. The last thing Thyra did was to smile a reassuring smile to her friend before closing her eyes. This earned her a place as an Einherji, she didn’t save a lot of people, but she did it out of bravery and showed that everyone can help. So from there on it was living in Valhalla to train.

Pet: A white kitty named snow-drop.
Likes: Reading, training, the stars and moon, being with her trusted friends.
Dislikes: Conflicts, new people, mean people, too much sunlight.
Hobbies: Reading and starwatching.
Secrets: She is afraid of being a disappointment.
Worst fear: Seeing her loved ones dying.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone loving and caring, a very gentle person who cares for everyone. She would probably be attracted to an outgoing and friendly person.
Insecurities: Her shyness and small frame.
Former/current relationships: She haven’t found anyone yet as she has always been to shy.
How parents met: Rune is from and old family with brave warriors a long time ago, a family praying to Nott and Njord to guide them. They still do, but more as a tradition, however this caught the eye of Nott. A young man sailing the seas and still praying to the old gods. Rune was also one who fished at night, not in the boat, but by the land watching the stares above him. Nott wanted to know him better, so at night she would visit him by the ocean and they would talk for some time before she would wander off again. As days turned to month she became pregnant with a child. When this happened, she told him the truth, this shocked him, but he was also happy. But nothing last forever, not the happiness nor Nott, as soon as she had given birth to the little girl she left the baby in care of the father.
Notes: Speaks Norwegian and English.
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PostSubject: Re: Thyra Axelsen   Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:06 pm

Approved, yay!
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Thyra Axelsen
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