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 Edith Pedersen

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PostSubject: Edith Pedersen    Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:42 am

Name: Edith Frida Pedersen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Demigod

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: Denmark
Place of Birth: Copenhagen
Race: Mixed
Skin color: A little tan
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119 lbs
Body type: ectomorph

God Parent: Odin
Mortal Parent: Astrid Pedersen

Personality: Edith is an easy-going, fun-loving, slightly introverted daughter of Odin. She would rather have her nose stuck in a book than going out to a party or going out with people in general. Edith is the type you will see in the library almost all hours of the day. She reads purely for pleasure, and due to this she doesn't have the best social skills nor does she pick up on social cues that well.

Eddie is quick to believe what people tell her, as she is quite the gullible girl. This could also be linked into the fact that she is incredibly trusting of people and she always wishes to see the best in people, especially when negative things are brought about. Edith loves to find the good in all things and can sometimes be a little bit of a door mat.
Sewing - From a young age Edith had been taught how to sew, and she picked it up quite quickly. It's one of her favourite pass times when she has fabric to do so.
Whittling - It's something she took up upon moving to America and she finds it quite easy and cheap to do. She has a bunch of little wooden figures lining her window sill.
Herbalism - Edith has never really believed in pharmacy medication. She feels there's too many unnecessary ingredients in modern medicine. She prefers to use natural herbs to make up her own remedies.  
Gullible - It is very easy for Edith to believe what others say. It can happen in small moments when someone tells her something, and she wont even have the slightest bit of skepticism. She'll just believe it, which also makes her a fairly trusting person.
Indecisive - When posed with a question on what to do, Edith often times feels too much pressure and she gets flustered. She'll never know which to pick and will prefer if other people decide.
Nosey - Growing up with mostly just her mother and brother, she didn't have much else to do, but try and invest herself in her family members' lives. She'll often poke her nose in other people's businesses when she know she shouldn't, but she likes to know things.
Weapon: A war hammer that has Nordic steel.
Ravenspeak - Like her father and her twin brother, she can communicate with ravens.
Star Navigation - Due to Odin's affiliation with the sky, Edith is able to navigate her way around using the stars. She has a good familiarity base with them and knows their geographical location.
Divination - Edith is able to see five seconds of someones future upon coming in contact with them for the first time. However she is never able to tell when it will be, and at times it can change due to different events that could happen.
Poetic Curse - Due to Odin being the god of poetry, she is able to make others talk in only haiku's for two posts and has a cool down of four posts.
Shape Shifting - Is able to change some of her physical features, such as her hair colour and length, eye colour, skin tone, and facial structures. She can't do much beyond that. She can do it for up to five posts in a topic and that's it.
History: Edith Pedersen was born to Astrid Pedersen along with her twin brother, Gunnar Pedersen. Their mother was a single mother living in Copenhagen for a small duration of their lives. Eventually the three of them had moved to a much smaller city in South Dakota.

Edith hadn't been too affected by the move. She had always been someone who had kept to herself most of the time, and in all honesty she didn't have a lot of friends. The demigod considered her mother to be her best friend, and easily adapted to the way the western world worked. She took up many different hobbies and was fairly good at entertaining herself with various books, her imagination, her creativity, and various other things. She was always good at self occupation.

When she was in middle school, she didn't have any problems making friends. She had a few, but she mostly kept to herself regardless. She'd always be seen in the library reading some sort of novel or manga for that matter. She was an okay student. She mostly got all B's and most of her interests stayed with English and some of the more creative classes as she went on into high school.

At the age of 14 was when their mother began to push mythology on the two. However, Edith being rather keen and in the library a lot had already read up on a lot of the myths in certain ancient civilizations and she always found them fascinating. For the most part, Edith had always considered them to be nothing more than fictional. Edith grew very fond of all the myths and legends and found herself especially enjoying the Norse mythology. It was through talking to her mother that she knew more about her background and who her father was.

When the two of them were in their freshmen year of high school, Gunnar had decided to go out with his friends. The whole time he was going to sneak off, Edith heavily suggested that he shouldn't. She knew it was dangerous to go out after dark and she didn't want him to get hurt, but there was nothing she could do. He had gone out regardless of what she had to say. Growing anxious, throughout the night Edith had managed to whittle a few different figures to try and keep busy and take her mind off of it. She worried deeply for her brother, but didn't want to rat him out.

It wasn't long until finally she caved and confessed to her mother. Edith went with her mother to the hospital, but stayed in the waiting room as advised by her mother. That night a life had been lost, but luckily it wasn't her brother. To this day whenever her brother isn't home, she worries that he isn't going to come back, and part of why she doesn't want to go out and leave is because she doesn't want to place that same worry on her mother about her. Edith can see how stressed out her mother can get sometimes, especially around the house now that she's getting older. Edith has found it her duty to stay home with her mother and help out whenever possible.
Notes: face claim - Courtney Eaton
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Edith Pedersen
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