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PostSubject: (ZOSIME ARGYRIS) - (APOLLO)   Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:42 am

Zosime Argyris

Name: Zosime Argyris
Appearance age: 17
Actual age: 2,379
fc// (if there's one): Aiysha Hart

Country of Origin: Greece
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Athens, Greece
Race: Greek (Mediterranean-Caucasian)
Skin color: Olive
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Amber-brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Body type: Curvy and athletic

Greek, Roman, or human?: Greek
God Parent (if one): Apollo
Mortal Parent(s): Aphrodisia and Timotheus Argyris (stepfather)
Legacy of (if one): None

Personality: Zosime is a very serious, no-nonsense kind of person who 1.) won't laugh at your joke, 2.) won't even think your joke is funny, and 3.) will question your morality just because you tried to lighten the mood with a joke. Despite being a daughter of Apollo, she comes across as quite cold and distant--even amongst the other Hunters of Artemis. She's one of the oldest girls in the service of the moon goddess and knows a thing or two about surviving in a big, bad, unforgiving monster-riddled world. She bears a certain animosity towards males (which is quite common and is to be expected by nearly all girls in the Hunt) and will barely even acknowledge one's presence even if it's her place to do so. Since she's actually Greek and watched Rome conquer her homeland, she holds a sort of grudge towards the Roman demigods with the exception of the children of Apollo and the girls that join the Hunters. Despite all of the unappealing things about her, she's a good leader, fearless, and extremely protective over the other girls in the Hunt; she would rather give up her long life than see even the newest member hurt. Her loyalty towards the Hunt, however, pales in comparison to her devotion to Artemis, her aunt. If Artemis is the surrogate mother of the Hunters, then Zosime is like the godmother: always scolding, always nagging, and always way too overprotective--whether it be over an adorable teenage boy or sitting to close to the fire pit.
Talents: Zosime, due to both her parentage and her two thousand+ years in the Hunt, is an excellent archer that rarely misses. She is also a good leader that is good at encouraging those under her command. She is a good hand-to-hand fighter and rather handy with a knife when necessary. She has superb tracking skills and can stalk anywhere unheard and nearly unseen. She is good at caring for wounds and sword fighting. During her time in the Hunt, she has forced herself to learn several different languages, including English, French, Latin, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and German.
Flaws (at least three): Zosime is unsympathetic and rather unkind at times and she knows it. She despises men and is suspicious of the Romans and she favors the Greeks. She is very old-fashioned and hasn't changed with time and isn't aiming to. She's overprotective of the other Hunters to a point of fault.

Weapon (Silver): She has a silver bow with silver-tipped arrows. She also has two CB hunting knives. Though she only ever uses it during battles (such as the Battle of Manhattan), she owns a CB xiphos that she is almost never seen with.
Abilities: Like all Hunters, she can summon her weapons and dismiss them by will. She can also talk to the wolves of the Hunt.

She has nigh supernatural archery skills due to her lineage. She will only miss a target if it's magically protected, teleporting, or moving at increased speeds.
Powers: Zosime can heal minor wounds without supplies or assistance with a cool down of four posts. She can heal medium wounds with a cool down of six posts. She can heal a major wound with a cool down of ten posts. Each time she heals, it taxes her strength; using it too many times will cause her to all but lose consciousness (since she's been doing this for literally over two millennium). She cannot heal a near-fatal wound without supplies or assistance and if she does, she will immediately enter an extremely weaken and pretty much useless state that lasts for about five posts with a cool down of fifteen posts; she cannot do this more than once in an RP.

When did she pledge herself to the Hunters?: 345 B.C.
History: Zosime Argyris was born to Aphrodisia Argyris around January of 362 B.C. Timotheus and her mother had already had three older sons and the former was quite shocked with the unexpected arrival of his supposed daughter; despite this, Zosime was raised in a loving home.

Zosime had a typical childhood other than the fact that she had a rather extensive education; besides learning the basic womanly duties of a female living in that time, she was taught the history of the gods as well as reading, writing, the maths and philosophies of the time, and the arts. When she was around 12, her mother informed her of her true father: Apollo, one of their most revered gods.

Like many other girls, Zosime was betrothed to a young Greek man when she was around 16; this particular suitor's name was Clytius. She was obsessed with the idea of fulfilling the duties of an Athenian woman and often fantasized about the perfect life the happy couple would live. She only met her betrothed about three times before everything turned sour.

One day, while on an errand with her mother, Zosime witness Clytius fondling another woman. Heartbroken, angered, and embarrassed, Zosime publically swore on the River Styx that she would never be with a man. Artemis, hearing of this and admiring her niece's gall to make such a vow, came to her and offered her a lifetime of servitude in her Hunt. Zosime, still quite vulnerable, accepted without hesitation. She has been in the Hunt ever since and has yet to break her oath.
RP Sample (required for first form): None
Notes: She swore on the River Styx that "no man shall ever be allowed to even graze [her] lips."

Weaknesses: Zosime doesn't perform well in extreme cold.
Pets: Not so much as a pet moreso than her companion, Grace the wolf has been by Zosime's side for nearly a decade now.
Likes: Singing, reading/writing/listening to poetry,  star-gazing, art, classical music, wristwatches (the greatest of all mortal inventions, in her opinion), the Greeks, tracking, going on a hunt, studying other cultures
Dislikes: Men, Romans (other than Hunters and other children of Apollo), giants, baboons, cold environments, the ocean, the constellation Orion, cats, joking around, being idle
Hobbies: Zosime loves to play the harp
Dream job: What is this--this "dream" job? Zosime has all she could ever hope to desire in the Hunt.
What do they want the most in life right now?: She desires the safety of the other, younger Hunters.
Secrets: Every couple of centuries or so, Zosime meets a man she finds attractive--which causes her to act even more hostile towards him (in on case she killed the unlucky male).
Worst fear: Failing the Hunters and Artemis
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Zosime has sworn an oath and she intends to keep it.
Insecurities: She knows that she is rather unkind but she is uncertain on how to change this.
Former/current relationships: Besides her betrothal to Clytius, Zosime has never been involved with anyone.
How parents met: Aphrodisia had fallen severely ill with some unknown disease to the point where she was nearly dead. She cried out to the gods to save her, claiming that her life had yet to be fulfilled. Apollo heard her prayer and, after listening to her beautiful voice cry out pleas and praises to the Olympians, visited her and healed her of her affliction. The Athenian woman offered to give the god anything as payment and sacrifice. What it resulted in was the creation of their child, Zosime. Apollo and Aphrodisia never met again after that one night of weakness on both sides.
Time in the Hunt: 2,362 years
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PostSubject: Re: (ZOSIME ARGYRIS) - (APOLLO)   Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:26 pm

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