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 Karla Shannon

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PostSubject: Karla Shannon    Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:04 pm

Character Form (Greek and Roman Demigods)
Name: Karla Shannon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
fc// (if there's one):

Country of Origin: Ireland
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Dublin
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Light blue
Height: Four foot nine
Weight: 79lbs
Body type: Skinny

God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Marcus O'Conner Shannon

Personality: Karla comes across as grim and taciturn, all to often the latter is to the point of insult. She is renown for her stubborn nature, usually coming across as completely unyielding. She rarely confides in others, preferring to harbour her own thoughts and keep her own council in order to guard against the threat of treachery or disloyalty, even among her own half brothers and sisters. There are few within the camp who will call her friend or even claim to be close to her to any degree. Yet no can raise faults about her battle strategy or siege plans, partly because they are usually very good and... Partly because Karla tends to not tolerate such opinions. Karla's word is her bond, she aims to keep as well as make good upon any vow or promise she makes. Her grim personality commonly resulted in Karla's victories and triumphs being largely ignored, particularly by other campers. This is in part to them being unremarkable in the slightest, but the worst aspect for her was with them usually being unthanked. As a result of this, slowly she is becoming bitter, spiteful with even fragments of loathing slipping in towards her fellow demigods.

Whilst she may not speak much, Karla is exceedingly good with words as the few campers who managed to engage her in a meaningful discussion know or those who have read her writings. She is very smart, writing interesting and insightful books on battlefield tactics, doctrines and organisation. In her eyes organisation as well as logistics are often overlooked as they may be of little interest to many, but without it wars can be lost, victories turned into defeats and needless losses suffered.
Karla is much more talkative during any situation with the potential for conflict, such as capture the flag, monster hunting or quests. It varies from her providing relevant advice to her yelling out orders to hold the line against the approaching team of demigods.

What Karla desires most in life is to live a peaceful life, however such a life in rare for a demigod and so she threw herself into the mastering the arts of war instead.

The daughter of Athena was not always this way, this taciturn with everyone. She did once have quite a few friends at the camp, none of who she were closer to than Jimmy and Anya. Jimmy was a son of Ares and Anya a daughter of Apollo, the three friends got on incredibly well, forming tight bonds of loyalty and friendship. They commonly worked together as well as completed tasks and challenges set for them.
Karla's life and personality were forever altered when both of her friends fell on a quest, with only the child of Athena returning to camp alive. She carried in her hands both the necklace of beads from her fallen friends, Karla insists upon wearing the beads of her fallen friends, though she wears them as a bracelets so she still carries her friends with her.

The pain of losing her closest friends hit her hard, Karla had lost friends before but... Without Jimmy or Anya, life just felt like it was not worth living. Though she eventually overcame her grief for her lost friends, Karla decided to shield herself from such pains again by not allowing anyone to get close to her. She keeps this to herself however as one of her closest guarded secrets.

Talents: Sword fighting, horse/Pegasus riding and playing the violin.
Flaws (at least three): Taciturn, stubborn to a fault and judgemental.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): Celestial bronze Dory (spear) Kopis (sword)
Abilities: Weaving, can ride/fly Pegasus

History: Born in Dublin, Ireland to the military theorist Marcus O'Conner Shannon. She grew up with a caring father who supported his daughter, but never really revealed much to her about his own past. Her father was like her a reclusive individual, who did not want to let his only child out of his sight, in direct result of this Karla happened to be home schooled by various tutors as well as her father himself. Karla grew to dislike this near solitary existence, rapidly losing affection towards her father. At the age of eleven the daughter of Athena discovered the truth about herself when a Satyr named Carl arrived at her home. It took several days to convince her father that she needed to leave and go to Camp Halfblood. Though he was eventually convinced, he did not want to let his child go.
As a result he came with her as far as he could, there the pair exchanged a difficult goodbye. Despite their differences and her isolated upbringing, he was still her father and she still felt something towards him. Karla would miss her father.

Life at camp was a shock to her initially, the noise, the number of other people, some of who were a similar age. It was during this first day that Karla met her two closest friends, Anya and Jimmy, who arrived only a few days before her. The three of them became close friends very quickly. Karla was claimed only a handful of claims after arriving, she was a Child of Athena, which meant she lived in a different cabin to the one where new campers stayed in until a god or goddess claimed them. Karla greatly enjoyed the idea of living in a cabin with her fellow children of Athena, the place was brilliant, a perfect sanctuary for intelligent minds.

Karla adored fighting in capture the flag as well as the occasional monster fights in the forest. Out of her friends, she happened to be the brains of the bunch, where as Jimmy brought the muscle and Anya archery.
The loss of Anya and Jimmy on a failed quest hit her hard for they were an integral part of her life for several years. She took their beads and made them into bracelets so that even in death, they would still be the three of them fighting against monsters. She eventually overcame her grief and loss following the death of her friends, Karla made the decision to not allow herself to form close friendships with anyone, in order to better protect herself from pain when, not if they are killed.

RP Sample (required for first form):

Weaknesses: Unwilling to ask for help, unwilling to back out/back down, refusal to see herself as wrong, stubborn.
Pets: None
Likes: Military history, fighting, writing theories on siege craft,
Dislikes: Being wrong, being seen as weak, spiders, people who ask her too many questions, public displays of affection.
Hobbies: Reading military manuals, meditation, writing theories on military strategy, battle practice.
Dream job: Military Theorist.
What do they want the most in life right now?: To be at peace.
Secrets: Deliberately does not let others get close to her so that if/when they die it won't hurt her as much.
Worst fear: SPIDERS, failure.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Doesn't know
Insecurities: Afraid of letting people get close to her, hates showing weakness.
Former/current relationships: None
How parents met: Karla does not know how her parents met, her father never shared such information with her.
Time in camp (Greeks): Five years
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Karla Shannon
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