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 Abigail Johnson

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PostSubject: Abigail Johnson   Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:01 pm

Name: Abigail Johnson

Mortal Parent:
- Amanda Johnson (Legitimate): Her mother, Amanda, grew up in the slums of Los Angeles, and as a result both children in the same place she had grown up in. Amanda shows great signs of being a good human being, including working as hard as she had to for her children. Of course, having a god enter the poor mortal's life, she became slightly unhinged in some aspects, though is still considered a healthy woman in terms of physical and mental health. Soon after Abigail's brother, Andrew, was born, Amanda linked back up with Lincoln, Abigail's father, and married him.
- Lincoln Johnson (Legitimate): Lincoln was the father of Abigail and her brother, though illegitimate, when he married their mother. Abigail was very skeptical and protective of her mother when it came to this man. While her skepticism and dislike died down slowly, she still doesn't show signs of affection to the man, though perhaps in a light she respects him.

Age: 21, but she became a hunter when she was 18, and so maintains that same appearance.

Place of Birth: While Abigail was very young when she used to live in the slums of Los Angeles, she does remember a good portion of how things were like before her mother married Lincoln. Primarily the amount of people outside cursing all day and night.

Hometown: While she in theory could always go back home to Los Angeles if she needed to, she couldn't ever see herself doing so. Her parents are confused as to her whereabouts, and she spends her life with the hunters. Her home is wherever her tent should lay for the duration of the moon chariot's passing.

Race/Ethnicity: Legally, Abigail is considered simply Caucasian. However, her nationalities leave her to be one-fourth English, one-fourth Dutch, one-fourth French-Canadian, and one-fourth Italian.

Accent: Abigail always speaks in a straight forward manner, no matter who she may be speaking to. Her accent is one of a typical westerner, though it carries very little in subtly. The only person she'll change her tone for are people she has great respect for, such as the huntress herself, Artemis. Of course, Abigail's normal tone isn't disrespectful, it just sometimes comes off too strong.

Skin Tone: Abigail has a more pale skin tone, it tends to stay that way too.Her skin is difficult to tan. However, this is only aesthetic; her skin will not tan from the sun but the sun can still damage her skin the same way. When she gets sunburned, it is just as visible as it would be on anyone else. She can become tan, but only from careful methods such as a spray-on tan.

Eye Color: Abigail has blue eyes, though they are by no means a deep shade of blue. They take on a more light hue, almost looking grey at some angles. Though, rest assured, if you get a good look, they're clearly blue.

Hair Color: Abigail has dirty blonde hair, from her highlights to her tips. She has an oath to never dye it unless it becomes absolutely necessary at some point.

Hair Length: In theory, keeping your hair short is a good idea when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. However, Abigail enjoys having her hair at least down to slightly under her shoulders at all times. When it gets longer than this, she'll usually cut it herself. Though, you'll often find her with her hair up anyway.

Height: Abigail isn't the tallest person, but she isn't the shortest either. She stands at five feet and seven inches.

Weight: Abigail is 135 pounds or so. A good portion of this is muscle mass.

Body Type: Looking at Abigail, you wouldn't be able to tell how strong she actually is. She looks like a tiny girl, slim and such. But under that there is an instinct to survive and hunt; and the muscle to support that life is there. While she relies much more on agility and certainly wouldn't beat a child of Ares in an arm wrestle, her physically demanding lifestyle has given her a body with some muscle in it.

Appearance: Abigail doesn't wear casual clothing ever anymore, except for the rarity of visiting Camp Half-Blood with the hunters. While she's at camp, she dresses as casual as they come. Pajama pants, large sweaters and shirts, sneakers, and even flip flops if the weather is right. She'll wear bright colors during these visits too; blue, green, red, yellow, even orange. This is strictly during camp visits.

When Abigail is not at camp, she dresses for her duty. She wears boots, fatigue pants, thermal shirts, camouflage, and other clothing that is practical for hunting and survival. She'll also commonly wear something around her neck useful for survival, like flint and a tiny blade that are bound by twine and made into a necklace. Whenever she is on the hunt, expect her hair to always be tied up, and if it comes to getting muddy to catch her prey, she has no second thoughts about getting dirty to fulfill the hunt.

Weapons: Abigail's most prized possession and favorite weapon is her bow. It's made out of strong wood, stained black. While the weapon has no silver in or on it, she's had it as long as she's been hunting. She generally always carries her bow on her, even on visits in Camp Half-Blood, and along with that her quiver of arrows, which usually consists of a dozen or so arrows. She also always has her folding knife on her, a silver skinning knife with a blade only about two and a half inches long, but also an inch wide at the base. The knife curves up as it reaches the tip. Abigail also owns a bowie knife, seven inches in length that she keeps in a sheath usually on her belt. This is the one weapons she might occasionally not have on her.

Armor: Abigail does own armor, though she's very bi-polar when it comes to wearing it. After all, wearing the armor is an investment to her. A greater defense with the penalty of slight movement hindrance. The armor she does own, and generally wears on hunts, is black leather. She has the chaps, boots, chest, shoulders, and body. Though she refuses to wear a helmet, as it could potentially sacrifice peripheral vision and optimal hearing. In the right setting, she may occasionally wear a coif.

Pet(s): Aganetha was formerly Abigail's pet. Aganetha, though known as and referred to as Netha, is a wolf that Abigail tended to for her first few months as a hunter. Although she claimed Netha as her own, she later gave it away to her brother, Andrew. While Netha is now loyal to Andrew and stays with him, Abigail still holds love for the wolf, which travels both ways. But, Abigail does have no pet as of the current moment.

- Good Shot: Abigail is a great shot with that bow of hers. This, however, was not something that came natural to her in the slightest. This took her endless nights of practicing until she got the sure-shot attitude she has now.
- Hunting: Hunting was also something she was poor with when she was younger. Learning to track and stay silent to animals was extremely frustrating to her. Like learning to shoot her bow, staying quiet and tracking were also tools she worked hard to obtain.
- Survival Instinct: When it comes to acts like making fire, cooking with just the bare essentials, finding and filtering water in the wild, and making shelters, Abigail worked hard to find a sense of mastery in her survival experience. However, because most of it was more of a field of knowledge than skill, it was easier for her to become skilled in, and saved her some frustration.

- Witty Comebacks: Not many things come natural to Abigail. But whether or not it was her early childhood listening to people insult one another, Abigail always has something witty to say to someone trying to insult her.
- Manipulation: Although she would never admit it, and isn't proud of it, Abigail knows how to get what she wants. Throughout her life in high school, she learned how easy it was to make people do as she pleased with just words. Though, she feels far too guilty to use this to her advantage.
- Animal and Plant Identification: Whether or not she just has a good memory, it's one of the few aspects of hunting that came easy to her. Once she's identified a plant or animal, whether it's with the help of a hunter or a book, she tends to remember it in the future, despite the abundant amount in her head.

- Scar: Abigail has a scar on her right index finger, scaling the entire length of it. While it's only on her finger, it's hard to miss if you're looking towards her hands. She got it at camp during a Capture the Flag accident her second year.
- Stubborn: Once Abigail has made up her mind on a subject, changing it is no easy task. This is mostly because she refuses to fall back from a choice, thinking she'll look weak for it. Nonetheless, it gets her into some tight spots.
- Carelessness and Recklessness: Abigail doesn't fear death, but only the afterlife. Because of this, she acts out in ways that might be considered foolish. There is no foe that she believes she can't handle. Even if she'll clearly die, she'll believe she has it under control.
- Judgmental: This is a big part of Abigail's way of thoughts. She measures people by what they are rather than who they are. Their god parents, their talents, and their work ethics. When she considers someone weak, it generally leads Abigail to have a lack of bond with them.
- Hardened: Abigail over the years has developed a way of thinking that has dangerously effected her social life. That she must pull her own weight and then some in order for her to be a worth-while member of society. This cold and calculated way of thinking immensely makes it difficult for her to make bonds beyond acquaintances.

- Focus: Abigail is rarely side tracked; a rare trait when so many of her peers have ADHD-like behavior. Abigail maintains focus and integrity on hunts, and whenever her mind is set to something at all. This includes a knowledge of her surroundings as well, and helps her suppress anything that might be bothering her when she's busy, whether it be physical or mental.
- Combat Efficient: Whether it comes to learning new weapons or taking the pain of wounds, Abigail succeeds. Ironically, weapons only ever come easier to her when they are melee weapons. However, when it comes to her knives and blades, they feel very natural to her. Her pain tolerance is far beyond those of some. Of course, taking deep cuts will cause her to fault as they will anyone, but her conviction to fight is to the dying breath.

- Not Accepting of Help: Abigail works with the hunters of Artemis gladly. However, a fine line lays between what it is to work with people and to have people help you. Should Abigail go on a hunt with other hunters, she'll gladly work with her fellow sisters. However, if she is locked in a task, duty, or hunt alone, she will not want others to step in and do her work for her.
- Small Girl: Abigail certainly isn't the smallest. However, she takes on her enemies as though she was Ares herself, so long as her bow isn't in play. While she excels in hand to hand combat and melee weapons, strong enough hits will take her down quickly. A good pain threshold does not make up for her size. A whack from a cyclops will take Abigail down.

- Work: As odd as it is, Abigail craves fulfillment. To hunt, gather, and supply make her feel like she's contributing. Whether it be gather, tracking, hunting, making fire, cooking (though she isn't a gourmet chef), or even setting up camp, she enjoys pulling the weight she feels needs to be pulled.
- Knick Knacks: You'll likely never be able to catch Abigail on this, as she believes in traveling light, but she loves knick knacks. Random items and objects, that have no particular use. As such, the rare times she ends up in thrift stores, she secretly immensely enjoys herself. Though, this is a secret from everyone she knows besides her brother.
- The Snow: Call it an unfair advantage she has; the snow doesn't effect her the same way it does everyone else. Having that advantage makes her slightly smug, though she immensely enjoy hunting in the snow. Especially surprising those who think they have the jump on her, thinking the snow might be a hindrance to her.

- Immature Boys: While Abigail doesn't necessarily agree with Artemis's aspects on males, she respectfully follows the rules set in place without question or doubt. Naturally, this leads Abigail to have a natural dislike for males; though she doesn't dislike them at her core.
- Weak People: Abigail doesn't segregate between genders when it comes to the subject of the weak. Abigail strongly believes that in the world, a person must pull their own weight and then some to be a productive part of society. When someone isn't pulling at the minimum, their own wight, they're simply a slug on society. Only when society has been rid of slugs can it mover forward.
- People Who Try To Figure Her Out: Abigail hates it when she's feeling analyzed, despite doing it to others. This really only ever effects her when people are trying to figure out how to make her like them. She feels as though she isn't considered a person at that point, but more of a puzzle. It makes her feel frustrated and angry.

- After Death: Abigail fears the unknown of the Underworld. She fears that the weight she has pulled in the world is not enough to earn her a place in Elysium. And while she doesn't fear not having the luxuries of Elysium, she fears having the punishment of the Fields of Punishment. Likewise, she fears enslavement and lifetime imprisonment.
- Burning to Death: Abigail is afraid of being burned to death. Any scenario where she's lit on fire, and simply must wait through that cruel pain to pass scares her to death. She's unsure why she's afraid so much of it, as fire is a tool she greatly enjoys, though she guesses it's a trait of being the child of Boreas.
- Loss of Family: Her only real family left is her brother. Their mother and father are alive, but Abigail feels she can't ever go see them again. Her conviction to the hunters means she very rarely gets to see her brother. On the inside, she feels regretful to be so neglecting to her only true family. She occasionally has nightmares where she returns to Camp Half-Blood with the hunters, and learns that Andrew has died.
- Loss of Limb: Abigail needs all of her limbs to be a proper part of society. To pull her own weight and then more, she must be a whole person. To think about living as someone without an arm, or a leg, or worse, as a vegetable, does not sit well in her stomach.

- Judgement: Abigail judges a book by its cover, no questions asked. When it comes to even other mortals or demigods, she will judge them initially by their god parent. She naturally has more respect for children of the big three and stronger gods, like Athena and Ares. When it comes to other gods, she'll go so far as to have names ready for them, should she consider that god a producer of weak children. Examples of this include calling the Demeter cabin "wheat people." Other examples include calling the Hermes cabin "carrier pigeons" and "disabled doves" for the Aphrodite cabin. This expands to other mortals, demigods, and even animals in some cases.
- Morals: Abigail by nature is not kind nor cruel, she feels her duty comes first. She wouldn't ever let anyone die, male or female, so long as she could save them. However, she wouldn't go out of her way to hug them and assure them after saving them. Doing the right thing isn't always Abigail's way; especially when it comes to apologizing or consoling a person. She never has any idea what to say someone who is emotionally or mentally traumatized.
- Social: Despite Abigail's dislike for the weak, and judgement towards the many, she actually has no problem talking to people whatsoever. So long as she finds them a productive member of society, she can easily strike up casual conversation. She can even make jokes and laugh with them, though that's generally where the barrier ends, at acquaintances.

- Blessing of Artemis: Like all hunters, Abigail has the blessing of Artemis. It's a passive supernatural enhancement that improves dexterity, speed, and accuracy. Especially with a bow.

Years as Hunter: Three Years

Life Before the Hunters: Abigail grew up in a slum-like area in Los Angeles. The stories of her dad weren't the most glamorous things to hear. She could tell just how hurt her mother was to not have that man in her life anymore. However, it didn't stop her mother from providing for her. The slums taught Abigail a good amount about the way of life, and how the strong often took what they wanted from the weak. Abigail became possessive of her mother, barely having time to see her. Around the time she was five, her dad re-entered her life. And Abigail felt more happy over jealousy, that her mother was happy. However, this wasn't before her little brother Andrew was born to a god.

Growing up, Abigail rarely saw things that a mortal would see. More mortal violence happened in the ghettos than divine violence, but she witnessed both. Surely enough the years passed. Abigail never truly liked Lincoln; she knew her mother wasn't far from becoming unhinged if another man came and went in her life. This man, Lincoln, ended up marrying her mother. And while he had riches, it didn't make Abigail like him. She felt as though her mother was a target people were aiming to strike, and it made her angry to think about. But life continued, and it wasn't far different from most kids. It wasn't until she started seeing things that didn't quite make sense that things went south.

Sometimes she would see animals that weren't real. Other times she would see people that weren't real; people with not human legs. She felt afraid, and confessing these things to her mother only made her mother look at her oddly, though with some understanding. She struggled to continue with her life, until one day a strange girl befriended her. Their bond was short; but the girl had turned out to be a member of a secret organization. She claimed to be a "demigod" and a "hunter of Artemis." She soon finally understood who and what she was.

It wasn't long until her brother started seeing the same things as her. Speaking with hunters in camp, she determined that he most likely was a demigod. But, while things weren't dangerous for him, she decided to let him live a normal life while he could. She continued her life with the hunters. It was very quickly afterwards that she obtained Netha, her former wolf. And it occurred to her that Andrew was now of age to become a demigod. She decided to make the trek back home herself, with permission from Artemis, to bring her brother safely to camp. She was then to return to the side of the hunters. Netha, however, had other plans, and stuck with Andrew. Abigail was happy with this result, it was almost like leaving a body guard for her little brother.

Afterwards, her focus went entirely onto aiding in the hunt, providing and working to be an excelling member of her society.

Notes: Face claim is Rosie Tupper
(This form was converted and slightly edited from CHB.)

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Abigail Johnson
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