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 Dimitri Midnight

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PostSubject: Dimitri Midnight   Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:38 pm

Name: Dimitri Midnight, would be considered Dimitri Arlington if he'd known his biological father.

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent(s):
Robert Arlington (Biological father): Dimitri's biological father works as a marine biologist, commonly getting work in the field. To Dimitri's story, he isn't important, as they've never met. His personality is a pretty blunt one, and he always does what he can to move forward in his work and life.
Richard Midnight (Adopted father): In what seems to be his mid fifties, Dimitri's adopted father still wakes up with the sun every morning to tend to his land. Richard is one of the most hospitable people you could ever meet, and any chance he has, he passes on wisdom to his son. Richard is hard working, honest, and proper, in his personality.
Jillian Midnight (Adopted mother): Jillian, aging somewhat close to her husband, still has vibrant bright blonde hair. Some might think she'd dye it, but no one knows where she'd get the dye in such a small town. Dimitri simply thinks she just somehow never greyed. She takes every opportunity she can to tease the people she cares about, but in the end, they all know it's out of love. Jill always has a smile plastered on her face, and can brighten even the worst of days.

God Parent: Cymopoleia, she's a daughter of Poseidon that didn't have major mentions in many parts of mythology. Though, like her father, she inherits sea domain. Dimitri hasn't met her to date.

Age: 17

Place of Birth: Unknown to Dimitri, he was born on a shore in a beach near the Atlantic ocean.

Hometown/Last Residence: Dimitri last lived, and for as long as he can remember, on Midnight Farm. It was a tiny farm located in a small town in South Carolina. It was very low in terms of population, and thrived mostly on its small community. Surrounded by dirt, trees, lakes, and crops, the small community of Mayfields was all Dimitri knew for a majority of his life.

Race/ethnicity: Dimitri would be considered American and Caucasian if it was a simple observation. However, his father, being half English and half Greek, Dimitri takes that on as being twenty-five percent of each. Though, he doesn't resemble either in forms of accent or culture. The culture he takes stems off of a very small community, where everyone knows each other, and the vibes were all very kind. He tends to take a straight forward and friendly approach when it comes to people, due to everyone he grew up around. He also lived in a culture that encouraged to work hard, due to his farming chores.

Accent: Dimitri grew up in a community in the southern part of the United States, and because of this, his accent developed to be the same as those around him. While his accent isn't thick, it still very much resembles a typical southern accent, with less of a drawl than most. He'll commonly cut the g's off of the end of words, and use the term "Lord" a lot, despite a clear understanding that mythology is the truth.

Skin Tone: Dimitri isn't pale by any means, but he also has no natural tan. He commonly spends a lot of time in the sun, however. So it isn't uncommon for his skin to be tanned.

Eye Color: Dimitri's eyes resemble more of a light brown, described as more of a hazel.

Hair Color: Dimitri's hair is a somewhat dark brown.

Hair Length: He never lets it grow long enough for it to get in his way, however, he never cuts it so short that it isn't useful to him. He typically keeps his facial hair down to stubble, though he doesn't grow it in great amounts anyway.

Height: Dimitri has a somewhat tall stance, standing at six feet.

Weight: Dimitri weighs 165 pounds, roughly.

Body Type: Dimitri is in fairly well shape, though his body isn't an athletes body, any extra weight he carries is mostly muscle. This is due to his habits of working in the farm, sometimes all day.

Appearance: Dimitri likes to wear clothes that are functioning over fashionable. Mobility, comfort, and in cold situations, warmth, are his three most important aspects. He has a large liking to boots, as they were all he ever wore as a kid. He typically wears jeans as his only leg wear, unless the situation calls for otherwise. His shirts vary, but he's generally not picky about them, whether they be snap-button shirts, or just plain old t-shirts. On Dimitri's face, he has some skin the feels slightly dry, as a result of always being out and working. It isn't visible unless you're viewing up close, but Dimitri doesn't pay much mind to it. He also has a tiny scar near the left side of his left cheek, though he can't remember where he got it from.

Weapon: Dimitri doesn't have any formal training in wielding weapons, and as such, owns only what's available at camp.

Armor: If Dimitri was ever on a quest, he'd certainly use armor. In any other scenario, Dimitri generally wouldn't wear any. Armor he would wear would be somewhat light, something he could move quickly in still. Leather and kevlar would fit the bill best. At the moment, however, he doesn't own any.

Pet(s): None

Talents: Dimitri is a great visual learner, if someone teaches him and demonstrates it, he'll generally pick up on it fairly quickly. He sometimes picks up on small tricks people preform in front of him.
Skills: Dimitri learned an array of small skills from his farming chores. He carries a know-how on the subject of seeds, how to grow them, and tend for the plants. He also knows how to care for some farm animals, including horses, which he knows how to properly ride. When it comes to primitive survival, Dimitri is no expert, but he certainly would stand a chance in the wold.

Personality Flaws: Dimitri is prone to being homesick when no one he cares about is around, as he never spent a day away from his family and friends when he was younger. Dimitri cannot bring himself to lie to people, he'll either be honest or tell them they aren't getting an answer. Commonly, Dimitri also suffers from going long lengths to make anyone he cares about happy. In addition, he's also far too proud of his home, and gets massively insulted when someone speaks ill of his family or those he cares about.
Physical Flaws: Dimitri has a large scar on the back right side of his neck that he got in a horse riding accident as a younger child. It generally goes unnoticed, however, if you look, you'll see the part of it that his hair doesn't hide. Moving his hair out of the way reveals just how large it is.

Strengths: Dimitri generally holds a belief that if you keep going, things will work out in the end. His strong convictions keep him moving, and encouraging others to keep moving, until the end. His general kindness could be considered a strength, as he attempts to display it as commonly as possible. His willpower to keep going is almost a sense of stubborn nature, however, he uses these convictions when they're needed, not when he desires personal gain.

Weaknesses: Dimitri doesn't know anything about combat, and for as long as he could, has tried to avoid it in all ways possible. Along with this, comes into play his lack of knowledge when it comes to the field of weapons. He also isn't sure how to live in a modern city setting, just stepping into a city fills him with a sense of wonder, but also a sense of not-belonging.

Likes: Dimitri likes the sun, and just being outdoors while the sun is up, but still outdoors even when it's night time. Dimitri likes animals to a degree, but especially horses. Dimitri likes bodies of water of any kind, even if he's just sitting by a lake. Above all else, Dimitri likes having people he cares about around. Of course, he likes his home and his family. Dimitri also likes learning new things, especially when they involve enjoying the fruits of his labor, as that's how he grew up. And he has a soft spot for black coffee.

Dislikes: Dimitri dislikes being a demigod, in some aspects, as it means he's in danger and can't live a normal life. Dimitri dislikes people that would harm others, at least when not in sport and not needed. Dimitri dislikes people who are cruel, to other people and animals. He also has a particular lack of fondness for people who judge others and hold that judgement as lesser compared to themselves. And, he has a dislike for people with attitude problems, should they be seriously dark or out of hand.

Fears: Dimitri holds a deep fear of losing his parents, or anyone else he cares deeply about. He fears monsters as well, as they're just inhumane. (That has nothing to do with his lack of fighting experience, as he'd die fighting a monster rather than cowering from it.) He also fears never being able to live a life worth living, due to the condition of being a demigod.

Personality: Dimitri is a very kind person, it's a trait he's always carried with him. Always picking work over doing nothing walking that extra mile has taught Dimitri to stick to his conviction. He gets along with people fairly well, and is always willing to try something new, so long as it doesn't go against him or what he stands for. Generally being as non-combative as possible, Dimitri is aware it won't last forever, which worries him. Dimitri is always willing to lend a hand and do what's right, and when he's not doing that, you'll generally find him with a horse or by a lake.

- Human Finns: Dimitri is able to breathe underwater with no difficulty. (No, he doesn't have actual gills.)
- Water Powered: When at least halfway submerged in water, Dimitri experiences a rise in awareness, energy, and stability. His powers also become much easier to use.
- Waterproof: Dimitri can will with his mind for water to simply roll off of him as though it was water off of a duck's back.
- Sea Communication: Dimitri can talk to deadly sea creatures, such as sharks, whales, and ironically, jellyfish.

- Hydrokenesis: Dimitri can will water with his mind. He's able to move around and manipulate up to 10 gallons at once. He can do this 8 times per thread with a cooldown of 5 posts.
- Holy Water: Dimitri, while manipulating water, can use it to harm or heal. When using it to heal, Dimitri can seal minor wounds or cure minor poison. Should he use this ability on a massive wound or an amputation, at best he can slow the bleeding. The same goes for poison, should it be major enough to kill, he can only delay the poison. When he wills the water to harm, it creates a minor burn along skin. However, should it reach an open wound, it burns similar to salt or a citric acid being pressed into it.

Summer or Year Rounder: Year-Rounder

Years at Camp: Less Than One

Life Before Camp: Dimitri grew up in a very microscopic community, on a farm called Midnight Farm. His biological father had met with the goddess Cymopoleia, and as usual with demigods, Dimitri was born. However, Robert, unable to rightfully care for his child, gave him away. He was given to an older couple shrouded in mystery, Mr. and Mrs. Midnight.

The surname was a strange one, however, he didn't question it. After all, he lived in such a shrouded community, he didn't even know it was weird. Dimitri never once spent a day away from home as a kid. He found his happiness being home schooled and working in the farm. While he didn't learn social norms, he did learn plenty about purpose and fulfillment, and grew quite the attitude in terms of stubborn happiness.

He had no worries, and lived a busy and happy life. When Dimitri was 14, another child was given to his adopted parents, only a year younger than him. She was mysterious, and her accent was funny. Dominika was taken in by the midnight family, and naturally, Dimitri ended up spending lots of time with her.

Dominika was by far Dimitri's best friend from there on out. Life was church, work, and fun. Dimitri couldn't have been any more happy or fulfilled. Then, a couple years later, Dominika disappeared one day. All Dimitri heard was commotion, and then she was gone. Dimitri trusted his parents that they couldn't explain what happened, but he didn't see her again.

The next year was full of uncertainty, but Dimitri continued on with his old life. Just when he'd finally felt the groove of things once more, a satyr showed up at his door. His parents sent him off, and he was inbound to camp.

Notes: Faceclaim is Landon Liboiron. (Form converted and edited from CHB)

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Dimitri Midnight
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