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 Dominika Orlov

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PostSubject: Dominika Orlov   Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:16 pm

Name: Dominika Galine Orlov
Age: Sixteen, born July 1st 2000
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
fc: veronika vernadskaya

Country of Origin: Russia
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California.
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/Russian
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: Five foot seven
Weight: A hundred and twenty six pounds.
Body type: Athletic
Appearance: Dominika takes after her biological mother quite a bit. All the women in the Orlov family have been known to be tall, blonde, and have light eyes. The daughter of Jupiter can often be seen with her hair up and out of her face, as well as her arms crossed and folded over her chest. She has a cool demeanor, and can often scare off people with her resting face alone. She prefers to wear pants and shorts and simple basic t-shirts. It is rare you catch her in a dress unless it’s for dancing or her figure skating. Other than that, count your blessings if you see her in a dress. Usually she has a necklace on, which is covered up by her shirt. Said necklace was her grandmother’s and is a pendent. The pendent is a ruby gemstone with the shape of a Larkspur engraved in the gem. It’s the only thing of her grandmother’s that she has, and she hasn’t shared the existence of it with anyone yet.

God Parent: Zeus
Mortal Family: Mother;  Anya Orlov is a dance instructor and she is the age of forty. She was born in 1976.
Step-Father; Pavel Volkov is the hideous beast that lives in Dominika’s former home. What he does for a job is still unknown.
Half-Sister; Viktoria Volkov is an adorable three year old who looks a lot like the Orlov side of her family rather than Volkov. She’s a hyperactive spoiled brat at this point.
Grandmother; Inga Orlov is the mother of Anya. She was a medic in the War of Attrition which ultimately the Soviets were on the losing side. Other than that, she worked as a nurse until she was about 45.
Unknown Family; Dominika has some family members she is unaware of. Such as Great Grandpapa, three biological uncles and one biological aunt. As well as several cousins.

Likes: Dominika is a fan of the cold. She loves winter for the warm jackets to dress up in, or simply for being able to put on skates for outdoor rinks. She loves to skate and dance and is something that had consumed a good portion of her life. Another thing that Nika has taken a fondness too recently is reading. She enjoys a good book once in awhile or even a self help book that her mother has given her. The demigod has also taken a liking to baking and would like to do a lot more now that her grandmother has passed. A bunch of little things that she likes, is fluffy pancakes with maple syrup, anything blue, honesty, and a few others.
Dislikes: Dominika still isn’t a big fan of people touching her. She doesn’t like physical contact with people she hardly knows, but she is slowly learning to let some things slide. Nika also doesn’t like idiotic people and she simply just doesn’t have the patience for them. Dominika is also not a fan of North American summers. They get too hot for her sometimes, and thus she’s not a huge fan of the sun. She also dislikes not having complete mobility due to being down a leg. General dislikes are, scented candles, sugar coated candies, orange flavoured chocolate, and turtles. She has no explanation for the turtle dislike thing, she just doesn’t like them.
Personality: Dominika is a hard person to follow. She has an outer defense that is there to serve as her protector from those who may want to do harm to her. She doesn’t trust very easily, but she is slowly starting to open up again and be a lot like her old self.

On the exterior Dominika is aloof and cold. She doesn’t give very good first impressions and she’s generally very distant. Most times you’ll get one word responses from her if any response in general. She can be quite blunt in her every day persona to passers by. If she thinks you’re being an idiot she’s going to tell you straight out to your face that you’re being dumb and you don’t know what you’re doing. With this the daughter of Jupiter seems to get stuck in her way, that if she’s right, she’s right. Generally she hates to be disproved that she’s wrong and will still fight you and be stubborn insisting that she is indeed right, even if she knows she’s lost.

Nika is a bit head-strong and easy to tick off. She has no patience for those who are a complete waste of space and time. Her willingness to never give up is also a big thing for her. Her determination is strong and if she believes in a cause so deeply she will fight for it until she’s put in her grave. It is very difficult to persuade her otherwise.

However the cold and distant demigod, does have a soft spot. It is easy to tap into once she has been able to let her guard down around you and begin to trust you a bit more. She will help anyone in need. If someone needs help she is there, even if she isn’t that fond of you. Someone dying on her account of putting feelings in the way is something she couldn’t forgive herself for.

Her true personality is what lies underneath the exterior. Dominika has so much passion and love to give to people she deems deserves it. She is caring and helpful to them, and often times you may think she’s insulting you, but that is her form of a compliment. Nika isn’t the best at complimenting people very well or even accepting compliments for the most part. There is a young girl still inside that gets flustered when a boy compliments her or she gets nervous around them here and there. It’s quite the sight to see someone so aloof be so cutesy and nervous with another person.

Fears: Ironically Nika is afraid of thunderstorms. Nika is more of a wind user in terms of powers and ever since she was little thunder would terrify her and she would run for her covers and far away.
Flaws: Visually, Nika’s nose is way too narrow for her face and sets the balance off a bit. She is too independent and stubborn that she will not take anyone's help no matter how many times you offer it to her. Nika finds it incredibly difficult to trust others and her guard is up constantly. Dominika is very pessimistic, and can only tend to see the negatives in life and often goes there first.
Talents: Dominika doesn’t have a whole lot of talents. Although to reiterate, she is talented at dancing, and has always seemed to have an affinity for it. She knew how to dance before she could even form full sentences, and it wasn’t a huge struggle to pick up. Oddly enough another talent of hers when she was in school was chemistry. She was fairly good at knowing how certain chemicals reacted to others and she picked the science up quite quickly. Faster than most would be able to.

Weapon: Spear with a celestial bronze tip. A celestial bronze dagger.
Electric pulse: She can create little mini pulses of electricity that can either be used to mark a path or it will be used to help light up her way.
Rumbling Thunder: Much like her father when she is angry thunder will rumble. For Nika it will only do that when clouds are already out.
Shock wave: She can make mini shock waves for pranks, such as going to shake someones hand and shocking them at the same time. She can make small little shock waves, and sometimes then can travel a bit. You don’t want to stand too close when they happen.
Dominika has grown with her powers significantly since she has arrived at camp and has only begun to grow as a big three demigod. She has seemed to have taken to aerokinesis a lot easier than atmokinesis or electrokinesis. Has a higher affinity for it and seems to be her strong suit. Atmokinesis being somewhat similar to aerokinesis is her second strongest, followed by her weakest area, electrokinesis.
Levitation: Nika is able to use the gusts of wind to lift her body up and she is able to fly around. She can go up to about one thousand five hundred feet. If she does it to the extent she will only get a little fatigued since she’s been practicing for awhile now. It will last about 8 posts in total per thread.
Swift As A Coursing River: During battle Nika is an agility based fighter. She is quick and it is what gives her an edge as she doesn’t have very brutal offensive attacks. It allows a wind gust to flow a small few centimeters below her feet or near her hands and arms for quick movements in battle that are difficult to avoid. This can last for about 6 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Purification: She is able to purify the air from hazardous molecules by removing them. Making the air breathable instead of polluted with toxins. It takes a lot of concentration and often times she comes out with massive headaches. Can last for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Deoxygenation: To tie in with being able to purify the air and removing hazardous molecules, she can also remove oxygen molecules in a small 4 foot radius. It’s not a big radius, but it’s a strong power to possess. She has never been able to kill with the power as it takes lots of concentration to begin with. It lasts for about thirty seconds, probably enough to stun whatever/whoever she’s fighting and make them gasp for air. Although this is a power only ever used in desperate need. It can only be used once in a topic and often leaves her with migraines that no medicine can touch. She goes into a fragile state with this one.
Nitrogen Explosives: “Generate explosive and propulsive energy via nitrogen.” - (Superpower wiki’s words) She can create about seven of these within 2 posts, but will need a cool-down of 4 posts. She can only create twenty-one of those per topic. Even going to her max wears her out and she begins to feel nauseated and could potentially collapse from exhaustion.
Tornado: She can summon an EF-2 tornado that will go up to the speed of 200 km/h. Can use for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 10 posts.
Thermal Manipulation: Dominika can tamper with the temperature so long as it’s always within five degrees of what it already is, in either direction.
Thunder Calling: She is able to summon a bolt of lightning per a thread and it is able to hit three monsters.
Weaknesses: Dominika has a few weaknesses. A big one for her, is her hand to hand combat. She doesn’t throw very many good punches, and just is quite fragile in hand to hand. Likely to get her butt handed to her. Another one, is her mobility. She’s very limited to how she moves seeing as she only has one leg. If you were to get her prosthetic off of her, she would be unbalanced and could be a big factor in her losing. Lastly a weakness for Dominika would be the people who she holds close to her dying or being targeted.
Strengths: Dominika has great perseverance. She has the drive and dedication that most wouldn’t have. Her life has given her a bunch of bad eggs, but she is still able to go on with life and keep going strong. She gets knocked down a lot and even though she gets a little discouraged, her willingness to go on is always appreciated and noted. Another thing Dominika has is her loyal nature to those she devotes her time to. Not many can get passed her wall, but if they do and she is loyal to you, she will fight alongside you until she dies. She will be there for you when you need her, and she’s all ears.
Skills: Dominika has the skill to wield a spear. It took her multiple times practicing with different types of weapons, but the spear is the one thing that had stuck. She has been able to use it in short distance combat and long distance combat, however short distance is better than her long distance. Another skill Dominika possesses is her aim. She has been working on her accuracy for some time now and feels like she is getting better and better at it as each day goes by. She has quite the sharp eye. Quick thinking is still a skill that she has. She normally is able to form a plan in her head within seconds and be able to follow through with it. It’s something she has worked at for almost a year now and she seems to be getting good at it.
History: Back before Nika was even thought of her mother Anya was a beautiful Russian woman who was passionate about dancing and loved the art of it. It had always been her dream to compete in dancing competitions and make it big with her dancing. Anya was cut short by her father who told her she couldn’t dance and wasn’t allowed to dance. That was when Anya was sent away to boarding school for academics and was trained to want to be in a better profession. It was then that Anya didn’t really have a close relationship with her father. She had a strong hatred towards him and wanted nothing to do with the man. Her mother on the other hand had tried to argue with her husband about sending their daughter off to an academics school, but it was no use. Her mother Inga had encouraged her daughter every visit to keep practicing her dancing and that she was still pulling for her.

Due to the outcome of this, the family was a bit split. Anya’s older brother was moved out by this point and had his own problems going on. He vanished from the family for quite some time. It was her other older brother Nikolai that was almost a carbon copy of her father and despised what Anya was doing to the family. Elena and Alexi were too young at the time to have an official say in the matter, not one their father or mother would listen to.

Inga and her husband Dimitri spent hours upon hours arguing about Anya’s dream. Dimitri didn’t think it was practical and was a strict man. He wanted to see his daughter to become more, and not follow in the footsteps of her oldest brother Grigori.

Unfortunately the family only drifted further apart when Anya met Pavel when she was the age of sixteen. They were infatuated with each other and she wanted to spend every day with him that she possibly could. They hit it off, but Dimitri never approved of the man. He thought his daughter could do so much better, knowing of Pavel’s reputation. Either way, Anya ended up pregnant and had a baby boy. She named him Roman, and spent the first year with him, before her father came in and paid Pavel to leave with the child and let Anya have her life.

Four years later, Dimitri passed. The family remained divided, and Anya was done with the school, and she refused to do any career she was trained to do. She went back into practicing dance and doing local competitions, until she became bigger and bigger and finally got to go to America for a competition. She placed in fifth in that and went home to train some more. Another four years passed and she found her way to America again for a competition, where she met a striking young man. They hit it off, and eventually, she ended up pregnant with the eye candy’s child.

After becoming runner up in the competition, Anya decided to stay in America for awhile and she got to travel around a bit and meet new people. She stayed in contact with her lovely attractive man for awhile but she never told him she was pregnant. Anya didn’t really show until she was about five months pregnant. Once she did start to show he backed away and slowly faded from her life. Anya had grown a bit upset but she was tough and didn’t need to depend on him.

After giving birth to Dominika in the hospital in America it was about the same time that her visa ran out and so she had to go back home to Russia. In Russia Dominika got to meet her grandmother who had often helped out with the raising of her. Every week-day from seven in the morning to seven at night Dominika was home with her grandmother and they would do a lot of fun things such as bake, read stories, paint, dance, and go play in the snow.

Things were great for Nika until she was about the age of seven and understood more about having parents and realized she didn’t have a father. It hurt her not to have one and she could never understand why he wasn’t around. She often jumped to conclusions often asking if it had been about her and if it had, why didn’t he want her?

At the age of eight things took an even darker turn. Her mother got a new boyfriend. This lasted for about two years before they hastily got married when she was the age of ten. Nika was happy to have a father but at the same time it wasn’t the father that she needed nor wanted. However Nika wasn’t aware of their past, and this man was Pavel from her past.

Developing at an early age, her new father was quite attracted to it. He was now taking place of Nika’s grandmother and watching her while her mother was at work. Eventually some things led to another and her new dad grew rather fond of her and he basically took her innocence away from her and that left her with even more trust issues than before and unable to feel safe in her home. Nika was terrified of men from that point on or really anyone getting physically close to her.

At the age of thirteen Nika, signed up for a program she paid in full for an exchanging of two people. One from Russia and one from America. Nika ended up living with the Midnight's on their farm with them. There was where she met a boy about a year older than her who went by the name of Dimitri and his two parents. Jillian and Richard. Spending time on the farm for 3 years taught her a lot about hard work and farming in general. It made her grow a love for nature and plants alike. Being with the Midnight's taught her how a true family worked and by this point she considered Jillian to be like a mom. Dominika had bonded with her first as she was weary with the men in the house for awhile.

It was a week after her sixteenth birthday when she was in the small town and a satyr had found her. She told the satyr that she'd have to consider it and talk to the people she was staying with. It was hard, but Dominika managed to say the words and mention it to Jillian and hoped she'd understand. It was a chance for her to seek out who her father was and figure out the other half of her self. Dominika left and has been at camp since. She's almost been there for a year now, however she was planning on possibly visiting the farm in the summer. It wasn't long after being at camp that she was claimed as a daughter of Zeus.
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Dominika Orlov
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