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PostSubject: silver spoon   Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:26 pm

Name: Paisley North Harlow. A lot of thought went into Paisley’s name. At the time, her mother didn’t have access to pinterest or nameberry or other places that are devoid of normal names. She also couldn’t have her child possess the same name as any of the other children of the ladies in her book club. The issue was that there were about fifty women in her book club all of whom were pregnant or already had children. So names like Ava, Sarah, all variants of Caitlyn, and Katherine were already taken. So Paisley was eventually found. After the birth Charlotte realized she hadn’t decided on a middle name, so she chose North, since she had insisted that her hospital room face north so she could have a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. Age: Paisley was born on April 11th, 1998. This makes her 17.
Gender: Paisley is a cis female.
Eyes: Paisley has light brown eyes that look like she could kill you
Hair: very long and blonde, darker at the roots, and bangs
Height: 5’2. She doesn’t like those short jokes.
Body Type: Petite. Doesn’t mean she can’t take some dudes down though.
Skin Color: Fair
God Parent: Dionysus. It’s rather fitting too. Although the parties that Charlotte frequents are not the ragers that one would expect Dionysus to appear at, they were parties all the same. Gala’s filled with people donating their money to the charity of the week. Ladies clad in cocktail dresses and the men in suits. Charlotte was wearing red, and her husband had just told her that he would have to skip tonight due to a work thing. Whether or not that work thing included his redheaded assistant, she wasn’t sure. What she did know was that the man at the bar drinking a dark liqueur looked like he was alone too. Many drinks later they ended up in a hotel room with a do not disturb sign on the door handle.
Mortal Parent: Charlotte Harlow (nee Prescott). She came from old money, living on a fortune created by a man that had passed long before she came along. By the time she was twenty she had traveled the world, trashed a couple hotel rooms, bought and sank a yacht, and returned to New York with her parents begging her to settle down. With no choice but to listen to their pleas, she chose a man named James Harlow. Unlike her his money was still crisp, his father had recently opened up a hotel chain that had grown big and been bought out. James soon moved into real estate, buying land quicker than in a monopoly game. Although the Harlow name was nothing compared to Marriott and Ferrari, the money made up for it.
As Charlotte settled down as best she could, she didn’t follow her friends into fashion or professional shopping. She found her time best suited locked up in an art studio painting. Her paintings are pretty good too. Although they usually find themselves being hung in one of the estates, she has donated some to a gala or two.
Country of Origin: Paisley was born and raised in the upper east side of NYC. Although they frequented a home in the hamptons, her main residence was a condo in the upper east side.
Pets: With parents that are never home it’s hard to keep pets.
Talents: Paisley has a way with getting what she wants. When she was younger it was temper tantrums, nowadays it’s through fear and occasionally manipulation. On the other hand, she’s rather sincere. She doesn’t often say things she doesn’t mean. She’s also very skilled at combat, something that some people don’t believe after seeing her well polished appearance. The truth is that not only can she kill people with a sword, she can also use the heel of her shoe or perfectly manicured nails. It’s just up to her to decide.
Weapon**: A celestial bronze xiphos. Paisley likes it because it’s not as bulky as a longsword but can also pack a punch. It’s often strapped to her side or, when attending school, packed away in her bag.
Personality: Everyone says that Paisley is certainly her mother’s daughter. She takes her family name and fortune to heart, wearing it proudly on her lapel. Money was nothing more than a tool to get what she needed. Friends could be bought, dreams were always within reach. It was no surprise that she always wanted more. She was never satisfied at the bottom of the pile. She would work endlessly if need be, just to climb rank. She needed to be respected, she needed to be feared. She knows it’s the only way she won’t get stomped on.  It was clear that everyone in her life wore masks of normalcy. Smiling when greeting someone they abhorred, insisting that they come by next week for brunch. And once they were out of earshot, eyes rolled and insults were flung. Paisley had seen it more often than she could count. It became hard for her to figure out who was sincere and who wasn’t. Even if they smiled to her face, how could she know that their words wouldn’t turn bitter as soon as she turned her back? Paisley hated that, vowing to never become that person. She was always brutally honest, her emotions rarely veiled. She figures it’s easy for everyone this way. Especially when she can’t help but believe that the people she’s friends with talk behind her back. Her trust must be built up, constantly questioned, and finally solidified. And she can only hope that those people who know her well enough for her to let down her guard, don’t betray her. Because she wouldn’t know what to do then.
Flaws: Paisley is brutally honest. She isn’t one to wax poetic, she will tell it like it is. Yet this can lead to feelings getting hurt. She’s rather paranoid about the people around her not liking her. It can only be expected since she grew up in such a toxic environment. She gets rather bored easily. Whether it be people, places, or things. A boy has never really gained her attention romantically for more than a week, which makes dating rather hard. She’s also plain brutal, she won’t go easy on anyone. Especially in combat. Either you can take her or you can’t, plain and simple.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Hangovers happen less often. She finds this a gift because sometimes she just wants to party. She’d probably guess that they happen about 50% less often than normal.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): When Paisley was very young, and in the middle of a temper tantrum, she suddenly observed the glass of water in front of her turn dark purple. Upon further inspection it turned out to be grape juice. The nanny that was watching her screamed something in french, and the only word Paisley could understand was Jesus. When she was twelve, she had a sip of her father’s favorite 1994 Merlot, and then got mad when she figured out it tasted awful. During this revelation the water bottle in her hand turned the same shade of red that was in his glass. 1994 Merlot. Upon arriving at camp and further developing her power she has discovered that she can turn water (up to about 16oz or 2 cups) into wine or grape juice. The only prerequisite is that she must have tasted the wine or grape juice beforehand. She can do this about 5 times a day, (with a 3 post cool down), before getting rather tired. She’s kinda disappointed that she can’t turn water into vodka or gin because at least she could make a martini out of that.
Life Before Camp*:
Charlotte had no idea that the baby in her arms was not James’ until Dionysus waltzed into her hospital room three days after Paisley was born wearing a grin that could only mean trouble. He explained the situation to her and James, and was very lucky that James was not a violent man. He also requested that she be sent to camp when she was around 13 years old so that she didn’t die via monster attack. After giving them the location, he was gone without so much as a goodbye.
It would’ve been understandable if James had tried to divorce his wife for her infidelity, yet with a business deal in the near future that would rely on his appearance, he agreed to keep it quiet. It also had nothing to do with the fact that he and his assistant did meet in hotels when he was supposed to be working. He raised Paisley as if she were his own daughter. Which meant hiring a nanny as soon as possible.
Paisley’s life was filled with a record amount of nannies. There was Frida, the german nanny who spoke little english. Bethany, who ended up stealing one of Charlotte’s diamond bracelets. Gabriella, who taught Paisley portuguese and was her second longest running nannies, before quitting after having children of her own. Natalie, Melanie, and George, who were all gone within a week for one reason or another. Patrick, who taught her about renaissance paintings and took her to the MET every week. And her last nanny, Katarina, who taught Paisley russian and now works at the house in the hamptons as a caretaker (a rather easy job since the family visits once every couple months). Paisley saw her nannies more often than her father. She only caught glimpses of her mother as she went into her studio where the music was turned up and the door locked.
When everyone that surrounded her belonged in the 1% of the 1%, normal life was only viewed on a television screen. She’d often catch glimpses of them on the street, as her nanny held her hand tightly since she was prone to getting distracted and wandering off. They seemed happy enough, happier than the people she knew. She decided at one point that there was a balance point when it came to money. Before you crossed it you could never buy the stuff you wanted. After you crossed it you could never want the stuff you bought. The amount of money the people she knew owned seemed more like a curse. There was never any goal to life, once you got everything you wanted. You would wake up, and wonder if there was any worth to it if everything came at beck and call.
School life for her was less of learning and more about building connections. Your parents would push you to make friends with the girl who’s father owned the company that your father wanted to buy. Friendships were created by family. Not to say that they were any less real. She made some great friends there. Some that she would even call friendships today. But as people got older they seemed to get cattier. Social hierarchy was built upon who your parents were. Paisley often found herself near the top, but not close enough. Of course, that’s when she started to upset balances and make waves by climbing higher than she was ever supposed to go. Bold ambition, that’s what her father called it. Having the guts to go for it. That praise was all that Paisley wanted. So she kept going. She would do anything to make her father proud of her. Anything for her mother to look up from her painting and to look at her with a smile that meant something. She was done with the porcelain dolls, and wanted the real emotions back.
When Paisley was thirteen her parents sat her down and explained that she must not tell any of her friends about this. Her mother explained that her father was really a greek god. That she had to go to a camp for people like her. She’d attend a very nice private school in the area, and if anyone asked that’s why she was there. She was gone the next day, dropped off and claimed within the hour. She knew was supposed to feel abandonment, but she only felt apathy.
RP Example*: pass
Any notes about your characters: fc is carlson young

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PostSubject: Re: silver spoon   Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:26 pm

Awesoome, approved
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