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 troubled sea so deep, troubled none no sleep

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PostSubject: troubled sea so deep, troubled none no sleep   Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:50 pm

Name: Remy Wojciechowski
Age: 24. Birthday on January 8th.
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
fc// (if there's one): caity lotz

Country of Origin: United States of America
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Greenpoint is a popular polish neighborhood, so she was very used to surnames like her own. Many of the residents are also polish immigrants, so she used her language skills often. She lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment with her parents and her dog.
Race: Caucasian (more specifically, polish)
Skin color: Fair, with freckles.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120lbs
Body type: Fit

Legacy of: Mars and Neptune.
Parents: Kasia and Dawid Wojciechowski. Being the only two polish kids at camp, they bonded early on. Kasia was a daughter of Mars, and Dawid was a son of Neptune. After finishing camp they decided to move to Brooklyn, New York, in a neighborhood nicknamed “Little Poland”. They opened up a small bakery and tried to live their life as normally as possible.

Personality: When she was young Remy was known to be rather spirited. She was always very active, and always found ways to get herself in trouble. She’s always been one to hold her chin up and work to get out of any problems she found herself in. She’s always put her whole heart into things. Because of this she can do things that are unreasonable, or stupid. On the outside she promotes this devil-may-care attitude, that hides her true feelings. She usually pulls it out when something is bugging her. That being said, Remy has always been protective of others, and always tries to take the blow for others.
Talents: Fighting, lying, baking traditional polish meals, riding motorcycles
Flaws (at least three): see above

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): A pocket knife that turns into a imperial gold gladius. The pocket knife is in the shape of a fish, and the gladius is activated by pressing the eye of the fish. Remy keeps it on a chain around her neck.
Abilities: Remy can breathe underwater. Occasionally she can talk to marine animals, but usually just mammals like seals and whales. She has a special bond with sharks though. In battle Remy is 20% stronger and takes less damage from blades and fire. During this she also can’t be put to sleep by magical means.
earthshaker: Remy inherited the earthshaker trait from her grandad. She can create an earthquake in an area with a 5ft radius around her. The earthquake is about a 4.5-6.0 on the richter scale and can knock people off her feet. The earthquake lasts for 3 posts, and can only be done 1x per topic.
transform: Remy can change shapes. Unfortunately the power wasn’t very strong in her bloodline, so she gets 2 choices. A porpoise (something from neptune) and a woodpecker (something from mars). She rarely uses them.
Side effects: The chaos of neptune and the anger of mars doesn’t make for a very safe cocktail. Because of this, Remy often finds herself holding back violent impulses. She calls it animal instincts, her need to fight and occasionally take flight. It takes a lot of energy to control, and when she is going through a phase, she usually finds herself snippy and impatient.

History: Growing up, Remy’s parents always seemed so normal. They owned a little bakery called Wojciechowski’s Bakery. It was a small shop, but it was loved throughout the neighborhood. Hipsters would come in often, looking for a taste of little poland. Remy had grown up speaking polish and english. She attended one of the local elementary schools. But once she turned 10, her parents became uneasy. They took her on a trip to California, telling her who they really were, and who she really was, along the way. They dropped her off at the wolf house.
Remy trained with Lupa, working hard and becoming stronger. Eventually she was deemed ready, and began her trek to Camp Jupiter. She survived and was welcomed into the 3rd cohort.
Remy spent 5 years in the legion, until at the age of 15, her mother contacted her telling her that her father had been killed. The police had labeled it as an animal attack, but how often do animals wander into brooklyn? Remy decided to leave the legion, to help her mother take care of the bakery. She attended one of the high schools in town, and after school would come home and help her mother at the bakery.
When she was 17, The Greenpoint Crew, a polish gang, showed up at the bakery. They threatened to hurt both Remy and Kasia if they didn’t let them use the bakery as a front for their operations. Kasia refused, but Remy cut a deal with them. Leave her mother alone and she would join them.
For the next year Remy worked with the Greenpoint Crew. Her skills and violent nature, along with her unassuming appearance made her valuable as an enforcer. But soon she started to feel guilty. The Greenpoint Crew realized this, and in an attempt to control her, killed Kasia.
Distraught with grief, Remy spent two years formulating a plan to leave. It ended with her faking her death, stealing one of the crew’s motorcycles, and heading west.
The next four years were spent on the road. She’d go from town to town, performing odd jobs and then moving on, usually as a way to keep monsters off her tail.
2 months ago, her monster attacks started to get more frequent. After a particular close call that left her with a large gash across her back, she decided to return to camp jupiter “for the time being”.
RP Sample (required for first form): nah
Notes: I got a b3 legacy slot from a mystery box.

Weaknesses: won’t always listen to logic, usually jumps headfirst into things
Pets: Her parents had a jack russell named Borys. Remy doesn’t know what happened to it though.
Likes: Packzi, motorcycles, sharks, puppies, being cool, the ocean, socks
Dislikes: Monsters, the greenpoint crew, grape jam, greek yogurt, snow, daffodils
Hobbies: motorcycles.
Dream job: living
What do they want the most in life right now?: to be alive.
Secrets: She was in a gang for three years and killed some people.
Worst fear: Snakes, and her actions catching up with her.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: 1. Living 2. Good with travel 3. Must be able to deal with the fact that she was forced to kill people for a gang
Insecurities: people finding out she killed people, her anger and violence
Former/current relationships: none.
How parents met: They were in the legion together.
Time in the Legion: ~5 years.

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PostSubject: Re: troubled sea so deep, troubled none no sleep   Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:31 pm

Awesummmm, Approved
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troubled sea so deep, troubled none no sleep
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