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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Friends On The Other Side

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PostSubject: Friends On The Other Side   Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:02 am

Zander Michael Day (male, son of Odin)- Zander is like any other stereotypical demigod; he dislikes his godparent merely because he hasn’t yet him yet and probably never will. The young adult is nothing shy of entertaining but tends to stick to himself and simply draw or game the day away. He loves drawing and listening to many different kinds of music and when a muse hits for artwork he’ll lock himself in his room for days on end. He’s one helluvan antisocial person and its very apparent when everyone else is at dinner and talking while he’s sitting in his chair with his knees pulled to his chest and doodling on a sketch pad, every now and then eating some of the food in front of him. He works out often even if he isn’t one for training but rather because he spends so much time sitting still for either gaming or drawing that he knows the consequences of not taken the right course of action. On the other end of the spectrum, Zander is a very angry person in the sense that if someone makes him too angry he will literally begin shaking and proceed to punch and pummel the other person or creature until they’re on the brink of death. He also battles with depression which is why he’s found solace in his artwork and video games, taking out the negative emotions with those rather than out on other people or himself. Zander has been known to self harm in the past but he’s been clean for a good few years, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cross his mind or isn’t a touchy subject for him.

Claudretta Mila Abaroa (female, Daughter of Aegir)- Claudretta, or Seahorse by her siblings, is a very flirty person. She enjoys using her hypnotic powers to get what she wants from whoever she finds and in turn had broken and swooned many hearts. She is by no means an air head though and makes a point of proving it when people think otherwise. It’s a spectacle when people actually get her annoyed and at that point all hell breaks loose. She may not look it but the water dweller is a very stubborn person who won’t let people change her mind, unless of course they’re her mother or father, even then she had a habit of remaining unwavered.

Roderick Mihail Jakab (male, Son of Hel)- Roderick is a very intense person. He is hardly ever seen doing anything other than training or watching the others train and spends much time at home with his mother seeing as his father left him when he was unborn. The teen acts very stern in his everyday life and wears his royal title of Prince very well. His regal and dark nature doesn’t come without a reason however. Roderick has a bad case of chronic depression no doubt due to the loss of his childhood friend from Helheim, even if she was already dead. The two were as close as two friends could get and did everything together so when she finally had to depart from Helheim Roderick took it harshly. The boy also suffers from frequent night terrors which makes him so determined on training and becoming stronger physically if he can’t be mentally. The boy is also a bit insecure about his appearance and lineage due to not only being an elf but one from the dark world of Helheim.

Evandrus Brendan Schneider (female, daughter of Loki)-
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Friends On The Other Side
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