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 Clover Sulch

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PostSubject: Clover Sulch   Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:29 pm

Name: Clover Sulch
Age: 19 (I’d rather have her be 21, but I understand if that is not preferred on the sight)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian, although it's hard to tell as she flirts with most people
Species (human, elf, etc.): Half giant, half human

World of Origin: Muspelheim (born there but was later left on earth to be raised by their mortal parent)
Country of Origin: Britain
Place of Birth: Muspelheim
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Black with dark blue undertones
Eye color: Pale blue/ light grey
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145 lbs
Body type: Endomorph- curvy and pear shaped with defined upper body muscles.

Appearance: (Wanted to give a more indepth explanation) Curvy, athletic build. Her skin tone is fair, with dark freckles scattered all over her upper back ,  shoulders , across the bridge of her nose, and under her eyes. She sports a layered haircut of shoulder length, her hair is a flat black, has deep blue low-lights, and dark grey ombre. Her eyes are round and sunken in, they have a silver-blue color. Clover's face is rounded with plump lips, and an average nose. On her right eyebrow is a spiked, silver piercing. By her hairline, faint scarring can be seen upon close inspection. She keeps most of herself covered under clothing as bruises appear and disappears on her body like cloud cover (this serves as an allusion to her death).

God Parent: Not a demigod, their parent is a fire giantess
Mortal Parent: Charles Sulch, a well off business man who owned a textile factory

Personality: Loud, obnoxious, and ever energetic- basically an annoying, little turd.  Besides being annoying, she is a huge flirt and often makes the first move. Clover is an extrovert and is constantly looking for ways to get in trouble. While she is all those things, she also has very proper etiquette, something she picked up from reform school. She can be loud mouthed and immature when dealing with people she dislikes. With Clover being who she is, she generally does not care for other's well being or feelings, but there's the rare chance she does. She is very resourceful and capable of finding her way out of difficult situations. Clover is a rebellious individual with an authority issue. She may have psychopathic and/ or pyromaniac tendencies at times of boredom. Her loyalty can be questionable at times. A majority of these traits can be attributed to having her head struck upon her death.
Talents: Fencing, sewing (medical stitches too), hunting, starting fires (without use of her powers), annoying others (she prides herself on this), holding her own in a brawl
Flaws (at least three): Audacious, blunt, childish, dishonest, disloyal, erratic, and being too proud.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Rapier and an ornate dagger
Abilities:  Fire Proof, Heightened damage resistance, summoning of fire (casually, not for combat)
Powers: Being part fire giant, a majority of her powers revolve around the element.
Cloak: Flames envelop her body, making close combat near impossible for those without buffs against fire. 3 post duration with a 7 post cool down.
Rock Armour: Volcanic rock forms on her skin, creating a scale effect. Embers can be seen between to cracks of the rock. 4 post duration with a 6 post cool down.
Spitfire: Much like a dragon, Clover can spout out a blast of fire. 1 post duration with a 3 post cool down.
Flamethrower: Can create balls of fire by picking up handfuls of debris. 1 post duration with a 2 post cool down.
Meltdown: When down to her leg of health, an enormous explosion can follow. 1 use per thread/ topic.

History: Clover was born in 1818, before the start of the Victorian era. Her giantess mother had given birth to her on Muspelheim and brought her to Midgard so that she could be in her father's care. Clover was brought up in London, Britain. She was always a difficult child growing up and often got in to trouble at school and with the law. If she wasn't harassing her peers, she was committing small acts of arson. Due to her misbehavior, her father had no choice but to send her to a finishing school. It was there that she 'played proper' in hopes of leaving early. At the age of 16 she was sent back home under the assumption that she was cured of her shrewdness.
Unfortunately, her behavior grew worse as she had started affiliating herself with arising gangs. However the affiliation was of the negative sorts as she interfered with many operations. Clover's young heart just wanted to create chaos among those who helped create disorder. If there was a lull in mortal action, she would often seek entertainment from the supernatural beings that the mortals unknowingly cohabited with.
Being the nuisance she was, Clover would create trouble if she could not find it. This ultimately lead to her early demise, making her an unlucky lucky charm. A giant that was spending time in London had a falling out with Clover's mother, and had targeted the daughter after word got out on who she was. Had Clover been a discreet individual, the following events never would have happened. The girl's father, who was oblivious towards things outside of the mortal realm was taken as bait. Clover was woefully ignorant when it came to dealing with other giants. The resulting fight was Clover trying to defend her father and receiving a serious beating. At the age of 19 she was killed as her head was crushed.

RP Sample (required for first form): It would not suffice to say that the day was a little off. Free for all Fridays often brought a change of pace, but not even that event accounted for the feeling. It was the day of Clover's death which often put the happy-go-lucky arsonist in a very sour mood. To make matters worse, her floor mates had taken her rapier.
The field which the war games took place soon raised in temperature as the plant life that surrounded the young woman caught fire. Those that were able to endure her heat were greeted with a beautifully constructed dagger or a well placed boot. She was on a mission. A mission that meant taking down her floor in a blaze of glory. Luckily for Clover, her floor mates were seeking her out as well. An easy to do task as she left a trail of ash behind herself. Had the little trouble maker not have made personalized pranks for them, they wouldn't have taken her weapon or singled her out.
The battle was nearing its end. Stationed upon one of the fields many hills was a mound of smoldering remains and on top of them sat a soot covered Clover. Her rapier lay across her lap and her grey eyes burned with disdain. The fights rarely varied and even when they did, they lost their brilliance. Smoke tendrils curled up into the blue sky as Clover surveyed her surroundings. She was sure that she had disposed of those that occupied the same floor as her and even a few of their accomplices.
Her affirmations were soon shaken though as she heard the whistle of a loosed arrow. Of course she missed some one! The damned archer that rarely spoke. Thoroughly burned through her energy, Clover remained on her mound and waited for the end. The arrow landed in the center of her forehead and her last coherent sentence was, "I've been unicorned."
Notes: Most of the time Clover is too busy being a nuisance to be a serious threat. Therefore her powers aren’t used often. The only time when she is serious in a fight is if she has something against someone. This is a rare occurrence and serves to prevent her from being too overpowered.  

Weaknesses: Water, and fire retardant materials (her clothing is an exception as it isn't a restraint), Nordic steel, weaknesses that a giant would have.
Pets: She had a pet ferret during her childhood, but at the moment she no longer has a pet.
Likes: Old fashioned sweets (especially toffees), making others uncomfortable, and thieving
Dislikes: Being told what to do, sharing, being restrained, being in isolation, the valkry that brought her to Valhala
Hobbies: Needle point, baking, pacing the halls, making life difficult for others
Dream job: She would have liked to pursue smithing or bar-tending
What do they want the most in life right now?: To be given freedom from rules (or in other words; to watch things go up in flames)
Secrets: She is willing to trade another's life for her own success
Worst fear: Staying in the afterlife for all eternity (she isn't really a fan of being stuck in place and un-aging.)
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: One that understands that a relationship with her will never be long term or serious
Insecurities: The injuries that sometimes show on her body, hence why she is dressed very modestly
Former/current relationships: She's been too busy being difficult to have one
How parents met: Her father was visiting Pompeii as he was a bit of an adventurer when he was younger. It was there that he met a giantess in the guise of another tourist.
Time in camp (Greeks)/the Legion (Romans)/Hotel Valhalla (Norse)/Brooklyn House (Egyptians): Around 2 centuries. During her time there, Clover has gone through two floor transfers and currently resides on floor 23.
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PostSubject: Re: Clover Sulch   Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:22 pm

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Clover Sulch
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