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 Katarina, Daughter of Himeros

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PostSubject: Katarina, Daughter of Himeros    Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:45 pm

Name: Katarina Ziechcinska Wioleta Los (Katy for short)
Appearance age: 17
Actual age: 86
fc// (if there's one):

Country of Origin:  Poland
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Warsaw
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Blue
Height: Five foot eight
Weight: 133 lbs
Body type: Slender, athletic

Greek, Roman, or human?: Greek
God Parent (if one): Himeros
Mortal Parent(s):  Maria Ziecnista Los
Legacy of (if one):

Personality: Katy tends to be very flirty and sometimes overly affectionate to those she interacts with. She comes off as overly friendly despite her never being one to trust easily, even her fellow Hunters. She often takes risks and rarely pauses to think things through before she is off on some hair brained scheme. She does have a nurturing side but it is rarely ever shown, even too the other Hunters. She dislikes being in crowds as she can't keep an eye on what everyone is doing, she can suffer from panic attacks particularly if she is in a crowd for a long period of time. Her loyalty stretches to herself and the other Hunters, she would need a lot of convincing to fight for someone else. Katy is mostly honest but sometimes one gets the feeling that she doesn't reveal all she knows about a situation or an event. Katy can be quite sympathetic at times yet usually she holds off from sympathy because she feels quite awkward giving it. She is normally quite stable unless in a crowd in which case all bets are off as to how she will react. She is generally courteous to everyone unless you've earned her dislike. She tends to be brave unless it comes to crowds or cats.  
Talents: Excellent fighter with a spear, can play the guitar perfectly, great climber and good singer.
Flaws (at least three): Panic attacks in crowds, afraid of cats, overly flirtatious.

Weapon (Silver): Zhuge crossbow (Repeating Crossbow, fires silver tipped bolts)
Abilities: Flirting and innately being beautiful (regardless of what happens, she appears attractive)
Powers: Once a per Katy can kiss someone and they will be paralysed by the kiss for thirty seconds (one thread), going all floppy. They are able to breath and move their eyes but that is it. The kiss only effects those who are attracted to her, so those that are such as heterosexual girls and homosexual guys will not be affected by it. Some can resist the kiss typically those who are in love or married, this is done by focusing on their love one. If this is done then it will just be a meaningless kiss, but the power will still have been used up. Children of the various gods of romance and love are immune to it. Those who actually love her, the true love within them renders them immune to the kiss. If a person is affected by the paralyzation can be cured of the affliction by the kiss of someone that they love or desire, likewise if someone who loves or desires the afflicted can cure them of the paralyzation. It goes away all at once at the end of the thirty seconds or as soon as the person is kissed. Some individuals who are very strong willed may be able to resist it's affects same with those who are asexual or aren't attract to Hunters.

When did they pledge themselves to the Hunters?: 1948
History: Katy had been at the Camp for three years before she joined that Hunt. Before the Hunt she found it difficult to make friends with most of the other campers, especially those that loved to make pranks. This was because whilst growing up her Mom pulled a humiliating prank on her which drove a deep and bitter wedge of resentment between the two. What the prank may have been no one knows, she has told no one about it and seems set to keep it that way. Katy was distrustful of some of the other cabins, particularly the Apollo kids because they loved to make many pranks which earn them her dislike. Shortly before she joined the Hunters, Katy found herself hounded by both ladies and gentlemen intent of winning her heart, whilst such attention was nice it happened to be a curse because she happened to not be interest in any of them. Such is the curse of being very beautiful and the daughter of the God of Sexual Desire. To Katy being attract is a curse as some people just want her for her looks rather than for her personality. She had wanted something meaningful, true and what she saw as proper not just a mindless fling. However she only ever seemed to attract the type that wanted something for an hour or a day, rather than a life time.

Katy was a decent fighter, not the best but prone to making reckless attacks which sometimes caught her allies just as much as her enemies off guard. A few months before joining the Hunters, Katy began to use some of the campers who liked her to her advantage, she would play them off against her enemies or those she had sufficient cause to dislike. She stopped it eventually however, hating how dishonest such an action was. Even so she still made for a great distraction for those campers who found themselves attracted to her and sometimes in a war game such as capture the flag that could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

Katy joined the Hunters when they came to camp one day, she has been a Hunter for about sixty nine years.
RP Sample (required for first form):

Weaknesses: Flirtatious
Pets: A Sparrow Hawk named Dimitri
Likes: Flirting, being with other hunters, playing guitar
Dislikes: Being caught flirting, left alone with anyone who is not a hunter, mushrooms.
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, coming up with new songs
Dream job: Being a hunter
What do they want the most in life right now?: To be free of her desire to find love
Secrets: Wants to find love though she will never admit it.
Worst fear: Falling in love
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend:
Insecurities: Crowds, hates how prone to flirting she is.
Former/current relationships: None
How parents met: She doesn't know, though her mother hinted that it might of been a one night stand.
Time in camp (Greeks)/the Legion (Romans)/Hotel Valhalla (Norse)/Brooklyn House (Egyptians): three years
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PostSubject: Re: Katarina, Daughter of Himeros    Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:02 pm

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Katarina, Daughter of Himeros
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