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 Updating Old Characters

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PostSubject: Updating Old Characters   Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:04 pm

Name: Cassia January Bouvet

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

fc// (if there's one): Margaret Qually

Country of Origin: the United State

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Cassia was born in Los Angeles and lived there until she was 5.

Race: Cassia is Caucasian. Her last name makes it clear she is French. Cassia's grandparents immigrated from France when they were in their 20s, so Cassia's mother is purely French.

Skin color: Cassia has very light skin that seems ghostly.

Hair color: Cassia's hair is dark brown. Her straight hair falls to her shoulders.

Eye color: Her big eyes are brown.

Height:Cassia stands at exactly five feet and nine inches. She never wears heels.

Weight: Cassia is very skinny. She is only one hundred and twenty pounds.

Body type: Cassia is very skinny. She is only one hundred and twenty pounds.

God Parent: Thanatos

Mortal Parent: Indigo Paris Bouvet Wilson is a model. She has a very thick French accent, though it only is for show. Her parents immigrated from France, and she decided to copy the accent. Indigo grew up in California, and went to top schools. She was never a good student, and relied on her pretty, delicate face. Indigo had the most beautiful blue eyes, and she always enjoined pointing out her pretty face. Indigo was fifteen when she met Jared. He was a handsome young man, yet her parents never approved. Jared was an artist, and they had other plans for Indigo. She was to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, Jared died in a car accident, and Indigo was so distressed she ran away. Indigo was eighteen, and had recently graduated high school. After running away, Indigo got into modeling. The loss of Jared ruined the girl. Before he died, she was sweet and caring, but now it was as if she never had a heart. Indigo was obsessed with getting Jared back, and constantly tried to communicate with him. She hosted séances and rituals. These caught Thanatos's attention. He grew curious about the beautiful woman who tried to communicate with the late Jared. Indigo lived near the Hollywood sign, near the entrance to the Underworld. He began to visit her constantly. At this point, Indigo had decided to put Jared behind her and forget about him, as much as it hurt. Thanatos truly loved Indigo, though Indigo pretended to love him as she was only interested in the money she believed him to have. He still loves her.

Personality: Cassia is somewhat vain. She tries to look good, but isn't too obsessed with appearances. She inherited her mother's stubbornness, and somehow has leadership skills. Cassia is good in crises. She's asses the situation and brainstorms for solutions. She is very opinionated and to outspoken. Cassia doesn't know when to shut her mouth. She isn't very friendly and avoids social interaction. Instead, the clever girl reads books. Cassia doesn't follow trends, just does her own thing. She has never listened to pop or rap music, or watched YouTube. The demigod shuts herself out from the world around her, and just focuses on herself. Cassia is free-spirited. She does whatever she wants, but she will also protect the few people she loves. Cassia doesn't see the world as how it is, but how she wants it. The girl knows what she wants and chases after it. She is a persistent dreamer. Most people don't like her, but they just don't understand her complex personality.

Talents: Cassia has always been very fast. She came in ninth out of a hundred at her cross country meets as a child. That always helped her in other sports. It takes a lot of union to tire Cassia. Cassia is also good at climbing things. She once had a very active nanny that would take her out to climb rocks and play sports. Cassia can jump very high. She is a very athletic person, and is quite smart. Cassia is also good at archery and adept at swordplay.

Flaws (at least three): Cassia is unreasonably stubborn. Once she gets it in her head that something has to be a certain way, she makes sure it is that way. Cassia sometimes refuses to listen to other people’s ideas. She insists she can do anything on her own, without help. She also always speaks her mind and doesn't know when to be quiet. Cassia will voice her many opinions, even if they are rude and insulting.

•If someone she knows dies, Cassia becomes aware of it. It is as if a voice inside her whispers that the person died, where and how.
•When Cassia visits a place where someone has died, she immediately realizes it, and knows the person's identity. If •Cassia sees a weapon, she immediately knows who it killed. All she knows is the person's name and face, and she would have to do research to learn more about the person.

•Cassia can summon skeletons. She can summon them for up to five posts, with a ten post recharge time.
•Cassia shadow travels. It takes one post to travel, and it takes five posts to recharge for one to five miles, and seven posts for six to ten miles. If she travels eleven to twenty miles, it takes ten posts to recharge. When she travels twenty one to fifty miles, it takes twelve posts to recharge. Traveling fifty-one to one hundred miles takes fifteen posts to recharge. One hundred to one hundred fifty miles is nearly impossible, but she can do it on rare occasions. It takes twenty posts to recharge. Cassia can also carry objects under fifty pound and five people, though it is three more posts to recharge per person.

•If Cassia is in a place where someone died, she can see the death. It is like a vision where she sees and hears everything without being noticed. It takes  posts to recharge.

•Cassia can communicate with the dead. She can speak to two at a time, and it takes 5 posts to recharge.

History: Young Indigo was not happy to welcome her first daughter. She was a rich model who didn't want to take care of her. Cassia was raised by a number of nannies and shipped off to boarding schools. In fact, she hardly spent time with her mother. Cassia's mother had married another man when Cassia turned 5. Indigo took the last name Wilson. The marriage was not a happy one. Carson was only interested in Indigo because she was pretty. Indigo married Carson for fame and attention. After all, he was a famous actor. Cassia had to learn to live with Arabella, her stepsister that is 8 months younger. Carson hated Cassia because she wasn't his child and Arabella constantly made fun of Cassia. They constantly ridiculed her. Carson was always happiest when Cassia was at boarding school. Cassia was happy at boarding school too. There, she could escape the stepfamily, and the constant fighting. The girl played many sports. She played  soccer, basketball, cross country, swim, tennis and volleyball. Cassia didn't have any friends though. When Cassia was 8, they welcomed Kai into the family. Kai was a bratty and spoiled child, like Arabella, and Cassia was indifferent towards him. At age 10, Cassia was suprised when someone seemed interested in being her friend. Thayne was a satyr in disguise, and Cassia’s best friend. When Cassia was twelve, one of her teachers turned into a monster, but Thayne protected Cassia. He took her to Camp Halfblood. She felt betrayed that he was her friend by duty, and hasn't spoken to him since. Cassia was glad to go to camp and is a year round camper.

RP Sample (required for first form): “I just don't understand where the pirates came from!” Cassia complained to her hellhound. The two sat on the grass, Channery’s head resting on Cassia’s lap. She scratched behind the dog’s ears, knowing how much the hound liked it. “The book kept getting boring, so the author kept having to add something interesting. Yet it was all over the place! A mess!” Channery wasn't paying attention to anything Cassia was saying. She was watching squirrels. Channery stroked her dog and only friend. “Did you hear about the new campers?” Cassia could care less about the new arrivals. Some people wanted new friends and others wanted new people to fight and bully. Not Cassia. She slammed a book on the grass. Cassia had just finished it and she hated it. The story was horrible. She pulled out a small leather notebook that was full of strategies. “I really want to win capture the flag tonight,” Cassia whispered. She was really competitive. Cassia yawned. She hoped she would be able to stay up for capture the flag, but she was getting tired. Sometimes Cassia would go to sleep right after dinner. She promised herself she wouldn't this night. Cassia had no friends. It was rather lonely. She didn't miss her family though. Cassia would rather be alone than with Arabella. The sun’s rays hit her skin. She smiled. Cassia was getting hungry and the position of the sun spoke to her. “Time for dinner,” she said to Channery.

Notes: Nothing to go here.

Pets: She has a small hellhound named Channery, who is her only friend.

Likes: Cassia likes her half-brother and her hellhound. She also really likes her father, even though he abandoned her. Cassia really likes to read. She worked hard to master reading in English just because she really likes reading. Dancing is an enjoyed hobby by her. She doesn't dance with choreography, but just for fun. Like most underworld kids, she likes darkness and the nighttime.

Dislikes: Cassia dislikes her whole mortal family, except for her stepfather. Liars and cowards anger her. She also hates it when people try to make her decisions. Movies and television shows annoy her. Cassia would much rather read.

Hobbies: She played  soccer, basketball, cross country, swim, tennis and volleyball. Cassia enjoys rock climbing and reading.

Former/current relationships: Cassia has no friends.

Ideal Boyfriend: Someone who would reach out to her.

Secrets: None, she's just shy.

Insecurities: Her loneliness makes her insecure.

How parents met: Indigo was obsessed with getting her late boyfriend back, and constantly tried to communicate with him. She hosted séances and rituals. These caught Thanatos's attention. He grew curious about the beautiful woman who tried to communicate with the late Jared

Weapon: Cassia fights with a bow and arrow. The tips of the arrows are Stygian iron. In case she has to fight close combat, Cassia also carries around a small Stygian iron dagger. The handle is covered in jewels like rubies and sapphires. It is mostly for show, as Cassia hates fighting close combat.

Time at Camp: 4 Years

Dream job: Author

What do they want the most in life right now?: Write a book.

Name: Jasmine Vivian Callaghan
Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

fc// (if there's one): Audrey Hollister

Country of Origin: Jasmine is from the United States.

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): She was born in Washington, Connecticut.

Race: Jasmine is Caucasian.

Skin color: Jasmine has light skin.
Hair color: Her hair is in between auburn and red.

Eye color: She has hazel eyes.

Height: Jasmine is five feet and six inches.

Weight: She is 117 pounds.

Body type: Jasmine is just a little tall and is on the smaller side of average.

God Parent: Hermes is her father.

Mortal Parent: Jasmine is the daughter of Calista Callaghan.

Personality: Jasmine has an outgoing and friendly personality. She self-centered, but is still genuinely nice. People realize that and tend to like her. Jasmine is clever, but certainly no genius. She is street smart, not book smart. The girl is a mischievous prankster. Jasmine is fun-loving and is a liar and a thief.

Talents: Jasmine is extremely skilled at stealing and pulling pranks. She also has great navigation skills. Jasmine is very quick and smart when fighting. She is also extremely good at lying and acting.

Flaws: Jasmine never takes anything seriously. Even in desperate situations, she is still cracking jokes. She isn’t very honest, and tells a lot of lies. Jasmine is also a bit self obsessed. She thinks very highly of herself, and she is her favorite topic.

Weapons: Jasmine fights with a celestial bronze dagger, as she relies on her quickness.

Abilities: When Jasmine wants to go someplace, a voice inside her guides her towards it. Every lick she touches unlocks for her. She is also super quick and agile. Jasmine has enhanced stealing and pranking abilities. She can speak any language since Hermes is the God of travelers. Jazzy can also speak to snakes.

Powers: She doesn't have powers, just abilities.

History: Jasmine’s grandparents wished her mother to marry a man named Victor. The woman did when Jasmine was only 2. Victor was a kind man, and he loved Jasmine very much. He would always play with her and doted on her. Victor was unable to have children, so Jasmine was the greatest part of his life. He was a Doctor and was quite rich. Jasmine and her mother were well taken care of by Victor. It was very sad when he died. Jasmine was only 4. At least he left them a mansion and some money. Calista didn't use the money properly though. They lived a lavish lifestyle until they ran out. Calista and Jasmine were very close. They often watched movies together. The two sold their house and lived on the money earned until Jasmine was ten. Calista had never worked a day in her life. Now they were forced to work as servants. It was the only job available in the small town. Jasmine worked a little in her free time. It was hard for the rich girl to start serving and doing tasks. Hermes visited them a little to see how they were doing. He was horrified at how little they had. Calista recognized Hermes, but never told Jasmine who he was. She just assumed him to be Calista’s boyfriend. When Jasmine was 14, a satyr decided it was time to take her to camp. Jasmine loved pranks, and would have gotten expelled if the principal wasn't the satyr watching over her.

RP Sample: Jasmine woke with a start. She was having that dream again. In the dream, Jasmine stood at the edge of a cliff, about to fall off. She begun to lose balance before tumbling downwards. Just before she slammed into the ground, she woke up. Her heart raced as she began to relax. It was over. It was fake. Jasmine pulled a camp shirt over her head and laced her boots. The leggings were too small, and they barely reached her ankles. Luckily, she covered them up with the boots. Jasmine winked at Tolo, who was sleeping on her bed, before grabbing her dagger and heading out to fight. She was supposed to fight against her friend on this morning. Jasmine jogged towards the arena.

Notes: Everyone calls her Jazzy.

Pets: A small dog named Tolo, which is Galician for foolish. Tolo earned her name by eating Jasmine’s food. Tolo is a miniature schnauzer. Schnauzers are considered to be clever tricksters, making them a perfect match for Jasmine.

Likes: Jasmine likes playing pranks and practical jokes. She also likes her mother, dog, and many friends. Jasmine likes music, especially pop. She loves TV and movies.

Dislikes: Jasmine hates reading. She absolutely despises it. Another thing she dislikes is fashion. She just wears jeans and a T-shirt. Jasmine despises rude people.

Hobbies: Jasmine likes to play pranks.

Former/current relationships: Jasmine has many friends and used to date a son of Apollo.

How parents met: Calista Callaghan was born to an upperclass family. They were Irish, as many people guessed, considering Calista’s ginger hair. Of course, the girl’s first name wasn’t Irish, but her last name was. She was shipped off to fancy boarding schools, where she was quite the prankster. Calista was notorious for stealing from the other girls. On occasions she got caught, but Calista managed to talk her way out of them. Calista always wanted to travel the world, and she planned to once she graduated high school. One day, Hermes was delivering a message in New York, and he bumped into Calista. He was immediately charmed by her fun loving personality. It was the summer before her senior year in high school. Hermes remembered her name. A month later, he noticed his company was delivering a present to Calista for her eighteenth birthday. He read the message and realized she was having a party. Taking the form of a boy her age, he attended the party. After that party, he spent time with Calista. They really loved each other, and saw each other frequently.

Ideal boyfriend: Someone with a sense of humor.

Worst fear: Heights

Time at Camp: 5 Years

Secrets: She is afraid of heights.

Insecurities: Afraid of being called weird and annoying.

Dream job: She has no idea what she wants to be.

What do they want the most in life right now?: Become head of Hermes cabin.

Name: Aquila Marina Fabius

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Faceclaim: Jasmine Cephas Jones

Country of Origin: the US

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town):Olympus

Race: Biracial (She has some black ancestors and some white ancestors.)

Skin color: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 120 pounds

Body type: Slim and muscular

God Parent: Trivia.

Legacy of: Her father is the son of Bellona.

Mortal Parent: Aemilianus Fabius

•hard working


Flaws (at least three):

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): Aquila has an imperial gold sword, that she is quite skilled with.

•Aquila is extremely skilled with all weapons and battle strategy.
•She can see through the mist.
•The girl can physically grab ghosts.
•Aquila can manipulate the mist.

•She can summon up to five ghosts for four posts. It takes seven posts to recharge.
•Aquila shadow travels. It takes one post to travel, and it takes five posts to recharge for one to five miles, and seven posts for six to ten miles. If she travels eleven to twenty miles, it takes ten posts to recharge. When she travels twenty one to fifty miles, it takes twelve posts to recharge. Traveling fifty-one to one hundred miles takes fifteen posts to recharge.
•She can use magic to heal. It takes ten posts to recharge.

History:  Aquila was born to in New Rome. Her father was a legend, as he once was the centurion of the first cohort, actually offered the part of praetor, and is a son of Bellona. Her family lived in New Rome for longer than anyone could remember. In fact, Fabius was the name of one of the most ancient Roman patrician families, whom Aquila is believed to be a direct descendant of. Aquila’s father was strict, and he raised her to follow in his footsteps. He would have her do workouts very often, all because he wanted her to be a praetor. As a child, Aquila hardly received love from her father. She was an only child, much to her dismay. Aquila always wanted a little brother, but her father was all she had. Aquila joined the legion at age 10, and proved to be adept.

RP Sample: Aquila tied her hair back into a ponytail and drew her sword. She looked at her opponent with determination. Aquila would beat him. The fight started, and she dodged a quick blow. She swung, but her opponent blocked it. After a series of swings and blocks, Aquila held her sword up to the opponent’s neck.

Notes: Nothing!

Pets: A husky named Pugnator.

•being in charge

•being wrong
•relaxed people
•anything that isn't perfect


Former/current relationships: Aquila prefers to focus on her fighting and career in the legion than her social life. She only had one relationship in the past, and that was with a son of Mars. (Carter.)

How parents met: Aemilianius was born into a well respected family in New Rome. He had always dreamed of being a praetor, and trained himself since he was a child. Aemilianus was never close with his father, who was always drunk. He believed his father was a disgrace, and set out to make up for his father. Aemilianus was happy to join the legion at age 10 and quickly rose in the ranks. He became praetor at age 16. In a quest, he visited Olympus and caught the attention of Trivia. When he left the legion at age 20, Trivia came to see him, and she visited him another three times.

Time in Legion (Romans): Six years

Ideal Boyfriend: Someone who can challenge her.

Worst Fear: Failure

Insecurities: Insecure about everything, from her fighting abilities to appearance.

Secrets: She met a mortal boy on a quest and is now in love with him.

Dream job: Becoming Praetor

What do they want the most in life right now?: Become the most well respected soldier and make her father proud.

Name: Elvira Kalila Sanitatum

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Country of Origin: The US

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): New Rome

Race: Caucasian

Skin color: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 9 pounds

Body type: Slim

God Parent: Aesculapius

Legacy of: Venus

Mortal Parent: Mariah Sanitatum



Flaws (at least three):
Weak in battle

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): A bow with imperial gold arrows.

People tend to like her because her grandmother is the goddess of love.
When she or someone within five feet of her feels pain, it is not as extreme as it should be.
She can tell what injuries a person has had just by looking at them.

Elvira can heal faster and better than most other campers. Her healing has a five post recharge.
She can change her appearance for up to five posts with a seven post recharge.

History: Elvira was born in New Rome. Her mother was a former member of the fifth cohort. They were not known to be tough. Elvira’s mother was a very loving woman, and she always taught her daughter to be kind. They were very happy, though they didn’t have much. Elvira’s mother took great care of her daughter. Elvira was all the woman had, and she was all she could want. Elvira’s mother was proud of her when she joined the legion at age 10. Though Elvira wasn’t good at fighting, she proved to be a great healer.

RP Sample (required for first form): -

Notes: The world’s biggest cinnamon roll

Pets: Elvira has a white cat named Thiang.

Her mother/family
Being useful
Helping others

Feeling unwanted or useless
When people are rude
Feeling guilty (she blames herself for everything)

Doing good deeds

Former/current relationships: Elvira has many friends and has dated many boys. However, her relationships don’t seem to last long.

How parents met: Mariah was born in England. That was where she grew up. Her mother was Venus, so she lived with her dad. He took her on a trip to New York when she was 10, and there she wandered off and found Lupa. The wolf took her to Camp Jupiter, where she joined the fifth cohort. Aesculapius was in love with the beautiful daughter of Venus, so he traveled to New Rome to meet her when she left the legion. His visits became frequent.

Time in Legion (Romans): 6 years

Ideal Boyfriend: Someone who is caring

Worst Fear: Being disliked

Insecurities: None; she's happy with herself

Secrets: None

Dream job: Healer/Doctor

What do they want the most in life right now?: Make friends

Name: Adelheid "Heidi" Meyer

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality:  Hetreosexual

fc// (if there's one): Erin Heatherton

Country of Origin: the US

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Frankfurt, Germany

Race: Caucasian and German

Skin color: White with freckles

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120 pounds

Body type: Tall, and curvy

God Parent: Triton

Mortal Parent: Leonie Meyer

•a huge gossip

•getting people to like her

Flaws (at least three):
•mean when she feels threatened

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): a celestial bronze spear

•speaking to sea animals
•controlling water (moving it with her mind)

•can heal with waters (takes 5 posts to recharge)

History: Heidi did not live a quiet childhood. Her mother was quite famous, and made sure her daughter got in the spotlight. She made her model as a child, and Heidi came to enjoy it. Heidi was quite proud of herself. She grew to believe the world revolved around her. Though she was only in a few toy ads, Heidi thought she was a celebrity, even though she wasn't. Her mother constantly told Heidi she was superior, and she believed it. When a monster caught her scent, he found it easy to track her. The monster, disguised as a student, attacked her, but luckily a teacher was a satyr. The satyr took her to camp.

RP Sample (required for first form): -

Notes: Speaks with German accent.

Pets: a small Yorker named Lucie


•annoying people


Former/current relationships: has dated just about every boy in camp that she thinks is worthy of dating her and is currently single

How parents met: Leonie Meyer was a model since childhood. She was extremely beautiful, and her parents supported her career. At one point, she was Miss Germany. Leonie was doing a photoshoot on the beach, and Triton happened to witness it. He took the form of a very handsome young man, and approached the beautiful young woman. They ended up with Heidi.

Time in Legion (Romans): has been in CHB for eight years.

Secrets: She’s not as famous as she pretends to be.

Ideal Boyfriend: A strong, handsome and charismatic hero.

Worst Fear: Not being popular

Insecurities: Insecure about her appearance.

Dream job: Model

What do they want the most in life right now?: Make everyone like her.
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PostSubject: Re: Updating Old Characters   Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:26 am

Approved. Next time, though, don't put all of them in the same post, make seperate topics for each form. (I assume you mean 90 pounds in Elvira's form, btw, not 9)

I believe that you've already received coins for all of these remakes' original form, but shoot me a PM if I'm wrong.


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Updating Old Characters
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