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 Laelia Atrius - Roman Demigod/Legacy Mix

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PostSubject: Laelia Atrius - Roman Demigod/Legacy Mix   Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:17 am

(FC: Zoe de Grand Maison)

Name: Laelia Vita Atrius
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

Country of Origin: USA
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): St. Louis, Missouri
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Very Pale
Hair color: Red-ish/Orange
Eye color: Blue/Grey
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Angitia, Roman goddess of Magic/Witchcraft, Healing, and Snakes
Legacy of: Suadela, Roman goddess of Persuasion, Seduction, and Love
Mortal Parent: Magnus Atrius - Son of Suadela

Personality: Laelia is very... manipulative. She doesn't care much for the wellbeing and wants of other people. She's absolutely ruthless when she wants something and isn't afraid to get her hands a bit dirty. Unfortunately, because of this, she's also pretty sarcastic and antisocial. This personality really doesn't change around her friends or family, considering her father is the same way and she doesn't think very highly of a few of her 'friends'.

Talents: Hand-to-hand combat, Ballet, Piano, Painting, Drawing

Flaws (at least three):
- (Kinda gross and graphic flaw) She has small scars around her lips from where her step-mother sewed her lips shut.
- She's extremely untrusting. This can be a really bad thing when she's in trouble.
- She uses a lot of people. While this can kind of be considered a good thing, it's really not. This causes many fake friendships and relationships with others.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): IG throwing knives, IG hasta (thrusting spear)

- Can talk to snakes
- Can do little tricks with magic

- Persuasion: Similar to charmspeak, except can't force the person to do anything. It can convince the person that something is a good idea, but it is ultimately up to the person whether they do it or not. Can be used for four posts and needs an eight post cool-down.
- Healing: She can heal minor bone breaks and fractures and minor wounds, such as cuts or minor burns. She cannot do anything extensive, like heal a huge gash or heal a shattered bone. Can be used in one post every ten posts.
- Infatuation: While she can't make anyone fall in love, she can't make people look at someone just a bit different. She can make someone think 'wow, I never noticed how pretty/nice/etc. they are'. Can be used for five posts and needs a fifteen post cool-down.
- Magic: She can cast spells and small-scale illusions. Can be used for 5 posts and needs a fifteen post cool-down.

History: Laelia was born in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the crime capitals of the USA. Her and her father lived here until she was about five years old, and they moved to another pretty bad city - Detroit, Michigan. This was the city her father met her step-mother, a young Spanish woman named Estela Reyes. The two got married almost a year after they met. Laelia knew, just at six years old, that she despised Estela. The woman was rude, bratty, and mean. Needless to say, these feelings of hatred were returned by the woman. Estela also hated Laelia and made sure the little girl knew it, too. When Laelia was eight years old, Estela had gotten severely intoxicated while her father was away on business. Laelia started crying, and Estela snapped. Out of nowhere, the woman had Laelia pinned down and was trying to sew the child's mouth shut. Laelia's hands were flailing, and she managed to claw Estela across the face and running away as fast as she could to her room, pulling the string out of her lips.
Once her father got home, the two of them moved again, leaving Estela, but he didn't divorce her. This time they moved to Chicago, Illinois. After a few years living there, her father sat down with her and explained everything to her. Who her mother was, who his mother was, and who they were as a result. When she was ten years old, her father finally sent her off to Camp Jupiter, alone.

Notes: Just a note from me, I ended up giving her knives and a thrusting spear out of sheer symbolism. With her weapons, just like her personality, are more likely to be used by stabbing you in the back than fighting you face-to-face.

- Her freaking boa. She loves that thing so much. She practically wears her as a scarf.
- Her apathy. Depending on the person, she's more than likely to let someone get hurt than risk her own safety for them.
- Wrath. She can get extremely angry. Her rage is absolutely terrifying.
- Selective Muteness. After the incident with her step-mother, she's been very content with not speaking to anyone outside of her extremely close friends and family unless she absolutely has to.

Pets: Brazilian Rainbow Boa named Corusco

Likes: Reptiles, Cherries, Black Berries, Action films, Comic Books
Dislikes: Romance, White Chocolate, Short Books, Animal Fur

Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Ballet, Video Games, Reading

Dream job: To go into business
What do they want the most in life right now?: Some true friends

Secrets: That she uses people
Worst fear: Spiders

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who can handle her personality, someone who's intelligent and funny
Insecurities: The scars around her lips
Former/current relationships: None

How parents met: Her parents met in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father was twenty-five at the time, and had just left Camp Jupiter for good a few years back. He was in a bar, not really looking for anything, but ended up meeting her mother there. One thing led to another, and Laelia was born.

Time in the Legion: Eight, almost nine, years
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PostSubject: Re: Laelia Atrius - Roman Demigod/Legacy Mix   Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:19 am

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Laelia Atrius - Roman Demigod/Legacy Mix
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