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 An Valkyrie~

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PostSubject: An Valkyrie~   Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:04 am

Name: Elthea Rae Quinton
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Species (human, elf, etc.): Human

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: England
Place of Birth: In a small village, not far from London
Race: White
Skin color: Light
Hair color: Light brown hair
Eye color: Forest green
Height: 1.66m
Weight: 68 kg
Body type: She in the middle, neither tin nor big.

God Parent: Eir, Norse goddess of medicine
Mortal Parent: Brian Quinton, a healer.

Personality: Elthea Rae have a need to help everyone she sees, no matter what. She always does her best to help her friends and family, she would do whatever it takes to save a life. She is kind, polite and at only rare occasions speaks back at people, but if you first gets on her bad side she will hold a grudge against you for a long time. She has a hard time to forgive and forget the wrongdoings of others, but eventually she can come around. She may appear weak or so like as she rarely speaks up for herself if someone is picking on her, but she would rather smile and let it go then to start a fight. She is a very peaceful person on the outside and the inside, but she will stand up for what is right.
Talents: She is a great healer, knows her way around with medicine
Flaws (at least three): She holds grudge for a long time, a bit to obsessed with justice (almost black and white outlook on this) and of course she can get lost in work and ending up to overwork herself.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Longsword made of Nordic steel.
Abilities: Knows any herb and what use it have for medical purpose, she heals fast. She also can grow wings as any other Valkyrie.
Powers: She can heal wounds:
Small wounds take 1 post, have a cooldown for 2 post, can be done 6 times per topic
Medium wounds take 1-2 post, have a cooldown for 3 post, can be done 3 times per topic
Large wounds/fatal wounds take at least 3 post to heal, and can be done once per topic.

History: Elthea grew up in a small village with her father and what she believed to be her mother. She had an older brother and a younger one, they were a happy little family. Her father was a healer and her mother did everything in the home. They were kind of rich as her father was a well-respected healer, using herbs and all the methods known at that time. Her older brother was going into the army and she was just going to be married of to a nice family, having kids and live as a happy wife. Elthea on the other hand would rather learn about herbs and work with her father. She was allowed this with a promise of marrying her of when she was old enough. Everything went as planned until most of her village got sick, even her father. Elthea was a loving child and new now quit much about herbs, like something inside of her already knew it. To save her village she did everything in her power, and to the surprise of many she was successive. Everyone survived because of her medical skill, and for this she was offered a place as a Valkyrie by Odin. She took this and from that day and forward she has been one.

Weaknesses: People who are hurt.
Pets: None
Likes: Books, herbs and her friends
Dislikes: Injustice
Hobbies: Walking in the forest, training or being with friends.
Dream job: Doctor
What do they want the most in life right now?: The knowledge to heal and cure every wound/sickness.
Secrets: She hate to take medicine
Worst fear: Being betrayed by her closest friends or losing a person she could have saved.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: A kind hearted strong man or woman who would do anything to save the people around him/her. If him or her are nice and kind Elthea would be very happy.
Insecurities: Her judgment in important matters, often life and death situations.
Former/current relationships: She was together with her former fiancé. Other than that, she never thinks much about this.
How parents met: Brian met Eir when he was out looking for some herbs for a new medicine he was working on. Eir helped him find it and Brian fell in love with her because of her vast knowledge about medicine and herbs. Eir found Brian charming and he was after all a man caring for both herbs and other people’s wellbeing. After some meetings, they had some fun resulting a daughter.
Hotel Valhalla: Elthea tries to socialize with most people here and of course she trains, but most of the time you can find her helping around in the infirmity if someone is hurt or she is out recruiting new Einherjar or just catching up with the outside world.
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PostSubject: Re: An Valkyrie~   Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:18 am

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An Valkyrie~
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