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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Vi Carelton - Daughter of Enyo

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PostSubject: Vi Carelton - Daughter of Enyo   Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:56 pm

Name: Vivienne Leah Carelton
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Ginger
Height: Five feet and five inches.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Skin Color: Pale
God Parent: Enyo
Mortal Parent: Morty Keaton
Country of Origin: United States of America
Pets: None.
Talents: Cooking, singing, and combat.
Weapon**: Single handed light weight sword. It has a celestial bronze blade.
Personality: Vi is a head strong girl. She's as stubborn as a bull. You could definitely define her as an activist archetype. She will form her opinions on people and situations quite quickly and not really give room for anyone to change her mind. In that regard she can be seen as hostile at times or uncooperative and hard to work with. The daughter of Enyo will fight for her opinions until her dying breath. She will voice her opinions for everyone to hear and she'll do it with a blunt force. She would consider herself levelheaded and refuses to let anything infiltrate her strong morals, ideals, and thoughts.

Confidence is something she is described to have. She is confident in all her actions and choices, she makes them on split impulses figuring out what would be best. She doesn't beat around the bush or try to waste anyone's time. She takes confidence in her actions in the way she executes an attack or she formulates a plan. She can often conjure up a pump up speech on the whim as well. Vi is very crafty with her words and at times she can have a silver tongue. She knows what to say and when to say it. She knows fairly well how the human mind works and often times she will play head games with them. Quite the manipulative girl, but she knows how to get the best out of people. She knows how to push them to the point of growth and development. Breaking out of comfort zones being her specialty.

Vi is a reckless girl. She will do things for the pure thrill and adrenaline rush. She does before she thinks and honestly it'll probably be the result of her death one day. She doesn't see the joy in playing life safe. If she has to dance with the devil than so be it. Along with her head strong personality, the daughter of enjoy has a sarcastic sense of humour and often times she'll make references to different things from the mortal world, finding them humorous.  
Flaws: She is extremely reckless and has no sense of fear. She believes she's invincible and that nothing can break her. Her teeth are a bit crooked and she's needed braces all her life, but has never gotten them. Another flaw that Vi has, is that she's hard to work with on a team. She usually is used to working by herself and fending for herself that working with others isn't really something she's done nor knows how to do.
Powers: Being the daughter of Enyo Vi is able to predict an attack from behind with her battle intuition. This works about seventy percent of the time, but despite that it is never promised she can block the attack. She just knows it's coming. This battle intuition can only be used with a max of fighting two enemies at once.
Battle intuition: This power is also used in fights mostly for evading attacks. Her body naturally does it if she's watching the attack patterns of her enemy. Doesn't usually kick in until three posts in during a fight. Only works with soft blows or light jabs.
Life Before Camp*: Well the story of Enyo and Morty being a thing isn't really a long one. They just ended up hooking up one night and the result of that was Vivienne. Morty wasn't expecting a child. He wasn't in the best condition to have one. He was living from pay check to pay check at a low income book store. The problem was, he had been something more than this. He had worked in a scientific lab, but after something had happened a year or so back, he's been diagnosed with PTSD. He needed to work in a more stable and quiet environment which is why he ended up in the bookstore. It wasn't something ideal he wanted when he raised a kid, but he didn't have any other choice.

Morty put his heart and soul into raising his daughter and making sure she had everything she could possibly need. To make sure she was fed even if that meant he wouldn't eat that day himself. He would give her his blanket if it got too cold in the house because he couldn't afford heat that one winter. If anyone deserved the father of the year award it'd be Morty. He had unconditional love for his daughter.

Vivienne when she was younger was very forgiving and accepting of her father. She loved him to pieces, but as she grew older and started going to school, she started hanging out with a certain group of kids. They made her feel ashamed and embarrassed of her father. To the point their ideals influenced her. She didn't see her father as a good one. She didn't think he was amounting to anything or doing anything with his life. She thought he was pathetic. She thought he was a loser. He wasn't strong at all he was weak. Of course she had no idea on what he had dealt with in his life. She couldn't possibly know, but even if she did at this point it didn't seem like she could be the type to have much sympathy. Not with how she grew up with peers.

It wasn't until she was fifteen that she had her first verbal fight with her father. It was over a boy she had brought home. He was trouble and her father knew it. He wanted him out of his house. Vivienne thinking she was in love with this guy, like many teenage girls think they are, she cut off ties with her father and told him she was leaving and never coming back. She was done with him, and that he shouldn't try to contact her.

From there Vi moved in with her boyfriend at the time. He was an eighteen year old who had a job working in construction. He had a small studio apartment and they lived together for at least a year. However, the man she thought she loved began to be abusive. Mostly physically abusive. He was getting mad at her on her sixteenth birthday because she couldn't be bothered to get a job and she wasting her time not going to school. Those fights escalated into fights about smaller things. It was a continuous cycle, until one night she sneaked out.

Walking in the dark cold December night was when she had her first encounter with a monster. Something she had never seen before. That night she almost died, she was on the brink of death when a satyr came to save her. A story that is never gone into detail much. Vi doesn't want people knowing of her weak moments. She doesn't need people to pull leverage up on her. Ever since December of 2016 she's been at camp.
Any notes about your character: She can play two different instruments. Piano and guitar.
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PostSubject: Re: Vi Carelton - Daughter of Enyo   Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:00 pm

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Vi Carelton - Daughter of Enyo
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