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 Sofia Quintus

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Sofia Quintus Harry-potter-luna-lovegood-bells

Name: Sofia Quintus
Age: 120 Years Old (Became Ageless At 16)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Faceclaim: Evanna Lynch

Country of Origin: Deutschland (Germany)
Place of Birth: Olympus
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'3 "
Weight: 140 lbs
Body type: Endomorph

God Parent: Hebe - Goddess of youth.
Mortal Parent: Rudolph Fischer

Personality: Sofia is a very ironic personality for someone who lives with the title "daughter of Hebe." Despite her title-sake, her old age has worn on her, and she typically doesn't act with a whimsical nature like many expect her to. She isn't obnoxious, rude, or negative, in particular. However, everything she does is conserved and censored in.

Her personality is self-justified with her age. She feels that she'll eventually lose her mind if she just acts out or the same. She keeps her agelessness a secret, though she suspects that campers usually know, considering the amount of time her and her siblings have been there without aging a knick.

While somewhat protective of her siblings, she's also weary of them. She gets away from them when possible, but never for too long. Sofia lives with a dreaded sense of insecurity when it comes to finding a meaning for life. Without age, what's the point? There's simply no rush to do things because there's no time limit.

- Musically Inclined: Sofia has mastered a plethora of musical instruments. She can play the bass, piano, harp, accordion, guitar, drums, trumpet, clarinet, tuba, keyboards, and the flute. She also has a good singing voice, but doesn't use it publicly.
- Medical Knowledge: Sofia spends a great deal of time studying how mortal anatomy crosses over into the mythological world. Her many years of studying have left her in a position where she could outwit someone who had actually attended med-school. She enjoys this, mostly because it's so broad, she may never study every single aspect of it.
- Brewing: Sofia enjoys brewing her own coffee and tea, despite having it readily available in camp. She feels the taste is more distinct and better, with more health benefits to her. She's brewed more than the two, going so far as even brewing beer with kits, however, she doesn't do so around camp.

- Cursed: Sofia, along with her four siblings, were cursed for misusing their rare powers. Sofia can no longer age a day, and she's been under this curse for over a decade. In addition, she's also lost any powers she's had that had control over someone's age.
- Lack of Urgency: Some people experience a lack of motivation to do something. They'll push it off as "I'll do it tomorrow." Sofia experiences this quite commonly, as she has no reason to rush anything. It's a dream of hers to break the curse she lives under.
- Loyal-Less: Lack of loyalty, so to speak. Besides for her four siblings, Sofia has a hard time forming any kind of meaningful bond. She'll talk to people, and even work with them fine, but she has a sociopath-like symptom where her bonds are practically expendable.

Weapons: Sofia has picked up some know-how on several weapons, but practices mostly in small arms combat, using her stature to her advantage.
- Combat Knife: With a short blade made of celestial bronze, this is Sofia's go-to weapons. She rarely leaves the Hebe cabin without it.
- Mini-Crossbow: 30 years ago, Sofia made a deal with an Athena kid to make this for her. It's small, breaks down into parts, and has custom bolts, made of celestial bronze and strong wood.
- Flail: Shorter than most flails, this is still Sofia's largest weapon. The link between the wooden handle and clestial bronze blunt, however, is not a chain, but rather a band that offers resistance, which offers better force.

- Baby Fever: Sofia can effectively communicate with babies as though they were holding a conversation. This ability fades off when her subject beings to speak multiple words of any language.

Powers: A long time ago, when Sofia was cursed to no longer age, she also lost her powers to manipulate age in any way.
- Age Manipulation: Sofia was once able to manipulate the age of people, though not significantly. She was able to make someone a day or two older or younger. This power slowly got stronger, and eventually she could manipulate a month or two, every day. On either human, animal, or even plant. (This power was removed to her when she was cursed, and will not return to her.)
- Truth Lens: Once per topic, Sofia can see what happened where she is up to a week in the past. She can only do this when something alive is where it was and she's there to use the power on them. It rarely comes in handy, and she usually uses it on plants.

History: Sofia was born the first of five children on Mount Olympus. After that came her four siblings, two other girls and two boys. The phenomenon was strange, but their father, Rudolf, was able to at least claim their mother died. It was easy enough for him to explain his five kids. What was slightly less explainable was his age, and how it didn't move. For upwards of half a century, Sofia, and perhaps her other siblings, worked to keep their father as youthful as he was the day she learned of her powers, perhaps even younger. This lasted for years until it was put to a stop.

When Sofia was brought down, with her siblings from Olympus, Rudolph was in a state of stress. He was financially stable enough to handle it, especially because he had family, however, even receiving one kid with no warning would be a shock, let alone five. Initially, Rudolph and his family took care of the kids during their youth. This went on for roughly a decade, and the children grew up in a relatively good setting. They bickered and bonded, like any other set of siblings. This stopped the day Sofia learned of her powers.

Whether it was to protect them or himself can't be said, but Rudolph made the call to move his children and himself away from his relatives to a different part of Germany. This move was made just after Sofia began to exhibit the ability to modify age itself. Several forces urged Rudolph to migrate his children to Camp Half-Blood, but Rudolph refused. He loved his home and children too much to part with them.

When Rudolph began to show signs of his age wearing on him, he began to consider that it was time to part with his children. Sofia had other plans, and with the help of her siblings, began to work their magic on him. This magic was extremely rare, and for obvious reasons, meant to be used wisely. At first, they kept Rudolph the same age. Slowly, they began to make him younger and younger, to the point where age didn't have any hold on him at all. It go to the point where Rudolph began to wonder how much they could benefit from this.

The second other mortals began to receive these benefits, the gods had put a stop to it. It can't be said for sure what deity decided these kids were trouble, whether it was Zeus, Hebe, or someone else. But surely enough, one night when they were sleeping, a divine spell came over them, and they stopped aging. The only related material was a letter that read "Until you all learn the blessing of age, you will carry its burden instead." Their powers to morph age and age themselves were all taken that night, and anyone whom they had effected, plant, human, or animals, all aged back to their rightful time.

Rudolph had passed in the late 30's, and sensing Germany's impending danger, he changed his children's namesake to a false one to make them sound more Latin, or at the very least, foreign. The quintuplets lives through some serious times and conflicts, and at some point in the future, relocated to the United States of America. Eventually, they would be brought to Camp Half-Blood. To the present day, none of them have began to age again.

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Sofia Quintus
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