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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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PostSubject: Caden   Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:30 pm

Name: Caden Logan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
fc// (if there's one): Ross Lynch

Country of Origin: USA
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Los Angeles, CA
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Tan
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 176 pounds
Body type: Fit, fairly muscular

God Parent: Poseidon (remaking my B3 here)
Mortal Parent: Rhea Logan


  • Carefree
  • Fun-loving
  • Free-spirited
  • Kind of ditzy
  • Always relaxed
  • Doesn't take anything seriously
  • Risk-taker
  • Lives life to the fullest (#YOLO)
  • Charismatic, confident (#swag (I'm so sorry))

Talents: Surfing, swimming, running, basketball, building sandcastles, singing, playing guitar
Flaws (at least three): Ditzy, doesn't take anything seriously, never worries about consequences of his actions, thinks he's invincible to something tragic happening, hates grass

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): CB throwing knives

  • Breathing/talking/seeing underwater- anyone he has contact with gains this ability
  • Talking to water-life
  • Falling from any height and landing in water will leave him unharmed- anyone he has contact with gains this ability
  • Can turn invisible underwater- anyone he has contact with gains this ability
  • Automatically knows to work any boat/water-related vehicle
  • Talking to horses
  • Able to give himself and others complete drying off
  • 20% stronger/more injury-resistant underwater
  • Travels 5x as fast via water


  • Caden can create small waves or earthquakes that last 3 posts, with a 4 post cooldown.

History: Caden was born in LA, CA. He lived with his mother for the first seven years of his life, often going to the beach and just being a kid. He was attacked by a cyclopes around this time, prompting a satyr, Gerald (+10 for using one of my own characters in a backstory), to save him and take him to camp. Caden has been at Camp Half-Blood for 9 years now.
RP Sample (required for first form):-
Notes: N/A


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PostSubject: Re: Caden   Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:40 pm

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