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 Emilio Sebastiën Giacometti

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PostSubject: Emilio Sebastiën Giacometti    Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:30 pm

Name: Emilio "Milo" Sebastiën Giacometti
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
fc: Charlie Rowe

Country of Origin: Italy
Place of Birth: Reggio n'ell Emilia
Race: Sono l'Italiano, he is Italian
Skin color: White
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eye color: Partial heterochromia, Brown with a tint of green
Height: 5'11 (180 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)
Body type: Lean and Tall

God Parent: Venus
Legacy of: Neptune
Mortal Parent: Mateo Giacometti

Milo has grown to be courteous, altruistic and empathetic. Milo is also very ambitious and can sometimes be blinded by his ambitions. He feels satisfied when he inspires other people, and it has become his life goal to inspire other people. He likes talking and thinks twice before he comments on something, but he can be a bit judgmental.
Milo relies on his knowledge rather than intuition and takes time to digest his knowledge to understand it deeply.  He has tiny problems accepting the differences between him and other people. Milo is well aware of his weaknesses and strengths. He has a rather optimistic view on life and may appear almost angelic to other people due to his warmth and welcoming nature.
But he of course has his other side as everyone does. He is emotional and clingy, paired with sensitiveness it's not the best combination. Milo is definitely an escapist and self-pitying. Treat him good, and his seductive words will sound like heaven. Treat him extremely bad, his words will sting and hurt like venom. He often looses touch with reality, and dwells on his mental soap opera. Dwelling in the past and creating imagined problems are also part of his negative side. He also has a problem with anxiety and stress, and he is very afraid of failure. He also has a tendency to idealize people and look at the world with his 'naive lens'

Milo and romance sound good together. He fits nicely to the stereotype mold of Italian men and finds it enjoyable to sweep people from their feet. It's like a game to him. He's caring, affectionate and compassionate. He never forgets the anniversary and brings you flowers and chocolate, with extra cuddles on top. But if you DO break up with him, he will tail you around and cling to you. He becomes jealous and overprotective.

He's also kind of a closet geek. It just doesn't play well with his picture perfect life so he just does it secretly. Milo constantly obsesses over fictional people which is part of his emotional attachment related problems. He also enjoys books, comics, music, and movies.

¤ Cooking and baking self explanatory
¤ Public speaking
¤ French and Italian
¤ Swimming

Flaws: Stated in his personality

Weapon: An IG sheath knife from his father.


¤ Speaking to underwater creatures
¤ Speaking to Venus' and Neptune's sacred animals
¤ Recognizing people's sexuality and sometimes even love interest by touch
¤ Can withstand any water pressure
¤ He can breathe underwater

¤ He can heal injuries. Healing small injuries have a 2 post cooldown, medium ones 4 and major ones 7. His nose starts usually bleeding a lot if he heals major injuries.
¤ Hydrokinesis, he can control up to 33 gallons of water (125 l), 10 gallons have a 3 post cooldown, 20 has 5 and 30 has 7
¤ Amokinesis, he can make two people fall in love for 3 posts, this can be resisted. 4 post cooldown.

History: He was born in the temple of Venus and Rome, before being sent to his father who lived in Reggio n'ell Emilia. Emilio grew up in a very strict household. His father Mateo was the son of Neptune and greatly respected. Mateo wished for Emilio to surpass him and trained him hard. Emilio never did surpass him and wasn't interested in war or anything like that. He was always the 'weird' kid. He rather played with girls as a child, his favorite color was pink, he liked books and series, and was a huge escapist. Mateo was not happy about this. He never showed any affection or love for his son and was only focused in his training. Emilio would escape in the 'other' world and silently distance himself from others.

Emilio was told about his heritage when he was about 7 years old and weird things started occurring to him. This continued for many years. After he could no longer control his powers, his father 'dropped him off' to Lupa, who trained him to control his powers.

As he grew up, he started getting a lot of attention because of his looks and Milo was so happy to get friends he started to obsessing with attention, which his father nor mother never gave him. He became obsessed with his looks and what other people thought about him. After a while he learnt that none of his friends were really interested in his personality and were just fawning over his looks and Venus-like aura. One day though he met a girl named Katarina Steiner (Tigerli's character), who didn't really care about his looks and was a real friend with common interests. Emilio calls her with various affectionate nicknames such as 'Kit Kat', even though this resulted in people teasing her and rumors about them dating.

Weaknesses: He's really easy to prank, coffee makes him go cray-cray
Pets: none
Likes: Disney princesses, anything sweet, including people, spring, easy-going people, anlmost any music
Dislikes: Sardines, cold weather, elevators
Hobbies: Series, books, cello
Dream job: Comic book artist
What do they want the most in life right now?: To inspire others
Secrets: Him being a geek
Worst fear: Fear of failure
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who would love him just as he is
Insecurities: Not being enough for people
Former/current relationships: Too many for us to count
Time in Legion: 6 years
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PostSubject: Re: Emilio Sebastiën Giacometti    Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:19 pm

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Emilio Sebastiën Giacometti
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