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 may the way that i go be regrettable, gruesome

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sakura haruno

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PostSubject: may the way that i go be regrettable, gruesome   Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:14 pm

Name: simcha yoshida, with a guttural h in simcha. like chanukah, or challah
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
fc: hayley kiyoko

Skin color: brown
Hair color: naturally dark brown, currently bleached white
Eye color: dark brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 pounds
Body type: skinny and all around flat, with subtle abs and muscles on her arms and legs

Country of Origin: america
Place of Birth: olympus
Race: japanese american and ashkenazi jewish
God Parent: astrape, greek goddess of lightning
Mortal Parent: arieh yoshida
History: simcha's dad was a professor at the university of washington, teaching electrical engineering. they lived in seattle with her grandparents, who spoke very little english.

see, her family's history had always been important to her. her grandmother, esther, fled to japan during the holocaust. simcha's grandfather was the neighbor of the family who took her in, and he gave her japanese lessons. the two were never that successful and eventually moved to america in an attempt to find a better life, where they had little success. but they managed to save enough for their son, arieh, simcha's dad, to get a good education and become a professor.

education was always held in high regard in her household, but education was something she was never good at. she prefered playing soccer, or going camping, or climbing up and down the structures at the playgrounds, pretending they were her personal mountain. but there were obligations, too: her daily violin practice and weekly lessons, extra reading practice and studying that carried on throughout her school career.

she did her best to work in time for her rugged and fun activities, beginning to teach herself how to throw axes at eleven, the summer before sixth grade. she spent as much time out with her friends and packed in as much camping as she could over the summer.

so really, the lifelong shame has been building her whole life. she hated violin and was never any good at it, she was late learning to read and the letters always swam in front of her eyes, she yelled in class and got too rough on the playground. she was never smart enough, never talented enough, never polite enough. she knew how much her grandparents struggled and how hard her dad worked to make sure she could succeed, but she was never enough.

the only way she could cope was by acting like she didn't care, even though every bad grade hurt like a blow to the chest. her dad's disappointed gaze across the table discussing her grades was a knife between the ribs, her grandparents muttering in japanese like glass in her throat. she learned to swallow her shame, hide it behind layers of aloofness and binders full of half-assed work, because if she actually tried the certain failure would only hurt so much more.

she found out she was a demigod in the standard way, a satyr showing up at her school and eventually breaking the news to her and bringing her to camp. it was a relief. a whole summer away from judgement, from failure, from being the family disappointment. she started out just going for the summers, but around her fourth year she decided to go full time. school was too much, and there wasn't a point, anyway. so at camp she stayed
Former/current relationships: simcha has always been painfully single
How parents met: arieh and astrape met at the space needle during a thunderstorm. it was more or less deserted, except for the space needle staff, and the two started talking on their way up the elevator. from there things just naturally progressed and they dated over the course of about three months before breaking up. nine months later, there was a baby
Time in camp: simcha has been at camp for six years

Personality: simcha presents herself as a laid back joker type, very relaxed and comedic but super kind and uplifting, never really making fun of anyone. still, she exudes an air of confidence and intimidation similar to your childhood best friend's cool older sibling who would sneak you an extra soda at dinner. underneath her cool, laid back exterior, however, simcha is really stressed out and almost constantly anxious about her future and letting her family down
Talents: simcha's really athletic and has incredible upper body strength. she's pretty good at soccer, and she also likes to roller skate. she's great at climbing trees, which is where she got most of her upper body strength, and setting up campgrounds. she's also pretty awesome with an axe, and while not at the level of the hephaestus kids, she knows her way around a forge and can make a decent weapon. she also knows how to play the drums
Flaws: she's very stubborn and opinionated, very often refusing to admit that she's wrong or holding her stance to the point where it hurts those around her. additionally, she's very bad at opening up to others, often keeping friends at an arm's distance emotionally. she'll be close to them, of course, but never tell them about her true emotional troubles, particularly the fact that she suffers from overwhelming anxiety in respect to her future, constantly afraid that she might not make it in the world and disappoint everyone around her. she's very sensitive to other's opinions of her, and while she may not show it through her laid back attitude it does have a huge toll on her emotionally, which has led to her not trying very hard so she isn't as hurt when she lets people down
weaknesses: sensitive to criticism and doesn't try very hard as a defense mechanism, paralyzing anxiety
likes: forging weapons, scary movies, ghost stories, camping, drumming, parties, general lumberjackery
dislikes: wearing dresses, violin, quinoa, music snobs, book snobs, movie snobs, just snobs in general
insecurities: she's very insecure about her intelligence, as she's never done that well in school, and what she'll do career-wise
fears: disappointing those she holds in high regards, having high expectations put on her, failing

Weapon: simcha's got a handful of weapons, most of which she made herself. first is a sword, the first one she got upon arriving at camp. it's pretty standard; about two and a half feet long, double edged, celestial bronze. then she's got a small celestial bronze hatchet she found in the back of the weapons shed, mostly good for throwing. the first weapon she made for herself was a celestial bronze knife, about three inches long. then she made herself two twin hand axes that she keeps in holsters strapped to her waist and a battle axe
Abilities: light manipulation: during her time at camp, simcha's learned to harness her Electrokinesis for light creation, creating a beam of bright light. as she's been practicing for five years this doesn't take nearly as much out of her as it used to and unless she's been using any of her stronger powers, it takes nothing out of her
lightning redirecting: simcha has the ability to redirect lightning through her body and shoot it at a target, but only during a thunder storm when she's within half a mile of the "center" of the storm by calling the lightning to her. similar to light manipulation, this power doesn't take too much out of her as she's been practicing it for a long time, but she can't use it if she's been using her stronger powers
Powers: lightning bending: very similar to the attack from avatar: the last airbender, simcha has the ability to bend lightning. this power is more difficult, as it requires her to more or less create electricity from thin air and it's newly developed. she currently has three "slots" to do this, with each slot holding a ten post cooldown period; so, if she did it three times in a row, eight posts after the third use she'd have the first one back, nine for the second, and ten for the third. she can do this fifteen times per topic
lightning absorption: very rarely necessary, as a last minute effort when she can't get ready to redirect lightning when it might strike someone or something important, simcha has the ability to call the shock to her and absorb the energy, keeping anyone else from getting hurt. however, since simcha's only half god, her body doesn't have the ability to hold all of the energy and causes her to go into a power overuse comatose. her body doesn't get damaged, but the strength required to use this power is so great that she goes into a coma. she can use this one time per topic, and passes out for the rp equivalent of a week and a half. simcha doesn't know she has this ability
electric bomb: when she's completely out of options and emotionally overwhelmed in battle, simcha has the ability to turn herself into a living electric bomb, sending out a sphere of electricity from where she stands to a radius of 100 feet, with the blast being strongest closer to her; however, just like with lightning absorption, this power takes all of her energy and sends her immediately into a power overuse comatose. she can use this one time per topic and passes out for the equivalent of a week. simcha doesn't know she has this ability

hobbies: camping, metal work, soccer, hiking
dream job: she knows it's not realistic considering her competition, but simcha would love to continue to make weapons for demigods; however, she does enjoy working with metal in general to make jewelery and statues, as well as performing (normally her wicked axe skills). more realistically still, she'd really like to work with kids, maybe at some sort of backpacking summer camp
secrets: her biggest secret is her anxiety, which she covers up with a fake laid back attitude
pets: none
ideal girlfriend: simcha's not too picky; she's never had a girlfriend, so she'll take what she can get. she mostly wants a hiking buddy, someone not too uptight but balances out her more irresponsible side
what she wants most in life: to make something of herself and make her family proud
RP Sample: the woods at camp aren't much good for hiking or camping what with all the monsters around, but simcha always enjoys a chance to lop off something's head with a battle axe. it gives her the same kind of rush she'd get from looking down a mountain and realizing there was no civilization for miles, just her and the woods and the steep, steep incline.

but nothing's out today, nothing simcha could throw hand axe at and get away with it. when she was young and new to camp she tried her whole lumberjack routine out in the woods and the nymphs were not fans, which is like. to each their own, or whatever. simcha can adapt to the sword arena or the archery course, but it's just not the same. there's nothing like being out in the woods.
Notes: really gonna drive this home cos it's one of my fav. words in hebrew, but the cha in simcha is NOT pronounced like cha cha slide. it's like you're saying challah, or chanukah, or pesach, or any other hebrew word with a guttural h in it!! and i Will mention that it's a guttural h every time she says her name so i s2g if i meet any of you and you call her simcha cha slide. Die.

word count: 1777, and i also did ALLLLLL the extra sections so. gimme that Sweet Sweet Coin
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PostSubject: Re: may the way that i go be regrettable, gruesome   Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:12 am

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may the way that i go be regrettable, gruesome
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