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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 The RP Invite to End All RP Invites

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PostSubject: The RP Invite to End All RP Invites   Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:03 pm

Hey! I would have made this and my character a long time ago, but I got distracted and busy with other things. Now! On to the character(s)!!

Liam Noel
The Son of Bia
Face Claim:
This is Liam, he is a cool dude. He is reserved, but not much, he is outgoing, but not much of that either. In one word he is an ambivert. He's creative, he like creative endeavors. He likes to write songs and stories, sing, draw (he's not good at it), and oddly enough tossing and catching things. You'll often find him tossing up and catching random objects. He little awkward socially, but it's just the right amount to make him seem cute, but don't tell him that he'll get embarrassed.
Click here for his form.

Justin Nelson
Son of Amun
Face Claim:
Justin is a shy, empathetic, and emotional person. He is a bit of an odd dude, he is very fearful about how people act about his likes and interests, and basically just him in general. He is a natural actor, he can change his personality like he changes clothes. He usually keeps on an indifferent and tough guy act. Though sometimes his facades slips and you can potentially see snippets of his actual personality, it takes a special type of person to crack his shell.

Lucca Antillio Campana
Son of Euterpe
Face Claim:
Lucca is an emotional, soft-hearted musician. He is very chatty and sociable, he is a daydreamer and very sentimental. He is a big go-getter and has a very optimistic out view on life, he views the glass as completely full, half of liquid and half full with air. He's nice to anyone and everyone unless they get on his bad side. To any friends or lovers he is extremely loyal to them, he would willingly give up a planet for them. He is over protective and a bit of a scatterbrain at times.

Nicolás Quetzal
Son of Tlaloc
Nicolás is a nice, loving, genuine person. He can get a little egotistical but that is just his drive to be the best, he doesn't want to be bullied like he was in school. He lived a pretty normal life until he woke up in camp Azteca, where he learned he was a demigod and his adoptive parents weren't his real ones. No one really knows this but He is deathly scared of the dark and death, He holds life in a very high regard and believes that everything shouldn't die unless the thing true deserves it. He is very loyal to his friends.

Nathen Huner
Son of Hecate
Face Claim:
Unlike most demigods, who were born in cities or Mount Olympus and where ever, Nathen was born in Tartarus and lived there for the 13 years of his life. His father and an aspect of Hecate, after he was conceived the Aspect of Hecate was kidnapped and taken to Tartarus to be imprisoned. He was then born there. He lived there imprisoned with the aspect until a bunch of questers came down, to save the aspect. When they found him there as well they saved him as well and brought him to Camp Half-Blood. He is very quiet and shy, he doesn't talk much and Alysra often talks for him.

Claire Sparrow
Legacy of Fortuna and daughter of Trivia
2nd Cohort
Frist thing the most people learn about Claire is that she's energetic, nerdy and fun. The second thing that people learn is that she is a twin to her brother Jake, and they share a youtube channel, SparrowsGaming, that has almost 4 million subs. She likes to read and role play, among other nerdy things. Anyway, she is a nice and sweet person, who does her best to make everyone around her happy, and will comfort anyone the best way she can if they need it.

I look forward to RPing with you guys!

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Posts : 90
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PostSubject: Re: The RP Invite to End All RP Invites   Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:14 pm

Added a new char, Nicolás Quetzal.


Liam Noel/Son of Bia/16
Justin Nelson/Son of Amun/15
Lucca Antillio Campana/Son of Euterpe/16
Nicolás Quetzal/ Son of Tlaloc/20
Nathen Huner/Son of Hecate/13
Claire Sparrow/Legacy of Fortuna and daughter of Trivia/2nd Cohort
Exotic Pet
Quest slot
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The RP Invite to End All RP Invites
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