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 the chances of finding ourselves home again

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sakura haruno
sakura haruno

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PostSubject: the chances of finding ourselves home again   Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:01 am

oh, you waste it all
name: taleisin emmett heap the fourth, but he just goes by taleis
age: 18
gender: nonbinary, uses he/him and she/her interchangably
sexuality: pansexual and polyamorous
fc: shamir bailey

skin color: black
hair color: black
eye color: brown
height: 5'9"
weight: 140 pounds
body type: average, slightly toned muscles

country of origin: america
place of birth: olympus
race: african american
god parent: fama, roman goddess of fame and rumor
mortal family:

  • taleisin emmett heap the third - his dad. he was a professor at ucla, but got fired about a year after taleis was born because he had too many irregular absences from work. when taleis was three his dad was driving drunk and ran over a young girl, killing her. he got arrested and taleis moved in with his aunt and uncle
  • alexa dubois - taleis' aunt, his dad's sister. she's an editor for vogue and travels a lot for work, and while she took taleis in when his dad got arrested she's never been particularly fond of taleis
  • rob dubois - taleis' uncle, his dad's brother in law. he's the c.e.o. of a big land development company. he also has to travel frequently and was far more obvious in his distaste for taleis
  • sofie dubois - cousin, one year younger than him. they don't get along
  • lourah dubois - cousin, six years younger than him. their interactions are more neutral
  • lucy dubois - youngest cousin. eight years younger. very very close

history: taleis grew up in los angeles, first living with his dad but moving in with his aunt and uncle at three years old after his dad's arrest. despite his somewhat traumatic beginnings and shy demeanor as a young child, as soon as he began school taleis flourished socially. he took to socializing like a fish took to water, as if he had always been extremely extroverted and fond of social situations.

while taleis tended to charm every single person he met, his aunt and uncle never were that fond of him. his father was the family disappointment, and taleis only stood as a reminder of his dad's failures. as a result, taleis learned to entertain himself, oftentimes ending up muddy and bruised with scrapes on his knees, but still smiling nonetheless.

he had hoards of friends, and while none of them were particularly close friends, he still loved them fiercely. he chatted with everyone, from the high level popular kids to the kids on the bottom of the social ladder, only veering away from anyone who was rude.

while he was distant from his aunt and his uncle and his oldest cousin, taleis formed a very strong bond with his youngest cousin, lucy. they spent hours and hours together ever since she was just a baby, before his aunt and uncle could convince her that he was the devil himself.

at fifteen years old, taleis got recruited by lupa and her pack while he was hiking by himself. somehow, miraculously, he passed her tests and was able to make it on to camp jupiter.
former/current relationships:  taleis had a handful of relationships before camp, but nothing serious. since arriving at camp jupiter he hasn't dated anyone
time in camp: three years

personality: taleis is basically a big softy. he loves freely and without restraint, giving half of his heart to complete strangers and falling half in love with people he meets on the subway. he gets attached very, very easily and cares deeply about more or less everyone, except for those who act needlessly cruel. even then, taleis still cares some for them. he's probably the least roman roman there is; taleis could barely hurt a fly and mostly just charms the socks off of everyone he meets
talents: he's good at photography, fashion designing, very good with people
flaws: he would sacrifice anything for those he loves, has a low image of himself, is very reckless, gets his feelings hurt fairly easily
weaknesses: he would sacrifice anything for the people he loves and feels far too intensley
likes: parties, anything that causes a thrill, ballgowns, expensive clothes, wine ice cream, fancy champagne
dislikes: snobs, needlessly rude people, wearing boring clothes, pretending to be someone he's not
fears: the people he loves leaving him, being alone, hurting people, the dark

weapon: an imperial gold sword
abilities: none
powers: none

hobbies: baking, knitting, sky diving, photography
dream job: fashion designer or editor for a fashion magazine
secrets: he's not nearly as put together as he pretends to be, and he's terrified of what his future will be
pets: none
ideal significant other: taleis would kind of like to date someone who's stereo typically "rebellious," but secretly a big softy. a guy or gal who wears leather jackets and rides a motorcycle and acts all tough, but really cries at those ads about animals without homes and smiles when you hold their hand in public
notes: MY BOY!!!

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Gay Admin
Gay Admin

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PostSubject: Re: the chances of finding ourselves home again   Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:09 am

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the chances of finding ourselves home again
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