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 Sebastian Luciano De Luca - son of Athena

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PostSubject: Sebastian Luciano De Luca - son of Athena   Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:11 pm

Name: Sebastian (Suh-bas-tee-in) Luciano De Luca
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
FC: Grant Gustin

Country of Origin: Italy (Florence)
Place of Birth: Olympus
Race: White
Skin Color: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 165 lbs
Body Type: Athletic

God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Luciano De Luca

Personality: Sebastian is, as a son of Athena, very studious, but that’s where is similarities to his family mostly stop. This Italian is very energetic and aggressively flamboyant. He loves talking to people. Sebastian learns less from the books and more from the world around him. Sebastian is a Ravenclaw. He loves languages and stories. He likes stories because he likes worlds where anything is possible, and lets him be more practical about our world. This son of Athena wears his emotions on his sleeve. Sebastian is fast witted and sassy.
Talents: Sebastian speaks/ can read/ can write 10 languages fluently. He can speak Italian, Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, French, Gaelic, German, Russian, and Polish. He can also make his way through conversations in countless other languages. Sebastian is an impressively good cook.
>>Has issues understanding things illogical in real life, despite loving them in stories
>>Wears his emotions on his sleeve
>>Sebastian doesn’t like to take stands on big issues until he sees what others have to say

Weapon: Sebastian has a twin pair of Celestial Bronze sword that he has named Castor and Pollux after the Greek’s famous twins.
>>Retains information simply
>>Photographic memory
>>Natural strategy intuition
>> Sebastian has the ability to translate any written language to Italian. He can only do it when he is reading it, though. This ability led to his love of languages, and now has fully learned 10 and is learning more.
Powers: N/A

Weakness: Sebastian doesn’t like to grapple with things he doesn’t immediately understand.
Pets: N/A
Likes: Sebastian loves stories: books, movies, musicals, plays. He loves learning about other people and going other places. He loves Florence. Sebastian’s favorite color is green and he likes Qdoba burritos.
Dislikes: Sebastian hates the color yellow and isn’t a big fan of rap music. He also doesn’t like cauliflower, but mostly because he is allergic.
Hobbies: Sebastian likes watching movies and musicals as well as reading books. Sebastian also spends a lot of time studying, especially languages.
Dream Job: To work at Pixar Animation Studios, specifically to write a Pixar film set in antiquity.
What Do They Want the Most in Life Right Now?: To see the world and ask people about their stories.
Secrets:  Very insecure
Worst Fear: Magic
Insecurities: Sebastian doesn’t feel that confident in how he looks. When he was younger, he got teased a lot, at first for his buck teeth and massive overbite, and then just in general for his looks. As he grew up, he grew into his looks, and got braces to fix his mouth situation.

History: Sebastian (Suh-bas-tee-in) was born on Olympus and was delivered to Luciano De Luca of Florence, Italy. Sebastian was a fast witted kid who was quick to want to learn about the world. He grew up the son of an archeologist and got to see the world around him. As much as loved travel, he loved nowhere than his hometown of Florence. Sebastian had a very tight-knit group of friends in Florence that he had from birth until he left for Camp Half Blood. Sebastian always knew that he liked guys, but always found it easier to lie about. In all honesty, everyone knew. Sebastian’s dad moved to upstate New York so he could send Sebastian to camp but still be nearby.
RP Sample: N/A
Notes: Italian accent

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Luciano De Luca - son of Athena   Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:53 pm

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Sebastian Luciano De Luca - son of Athena
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