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 Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio

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PostSubject: Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio   Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio Icon_minitimeFri Apr 07, 2017 9:07 pm

Ariadne Scorpio

Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio Peyton11

Name: Ariadne “Ari” Caitlyn Scorpio

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

FC: Peyton List

Country of Origin: United States of America

Place of Birth: Haines City, Florida

Race: Caucasian (American)

Skin color: Fair

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Light brown

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Body type: Slim but athletic

God parent: Bast

Mortal parent: Lionel Scorpio (descendant of Qa’a)

Personality: Ariadne, normally referred to as “Ari” by all, is a confident teenage girl who’s not afraid of taking charge or putting up with her twin brother’s antics. She’s intelligent, mature, and feels as though she always has to “be the adult” when she’s around the other kids. She’s doesn’t like it when the others fool around, but she’s not against having a good time, mind you. She likes to have fun just as much as the next young magician—but she just likes to make sure things don’t get out of hand. She always listens to other people’s opinions and tries to hear both sides of a story when there’s conflict. She has a lot of self-confidence—though not to the point of arrogance—and she likes to see that trait in others, so she may sometimes try to help others find confidence in themselves. Whenever she’s not forced into the role of leadership, Ari is friendly, easy-going, and great at laughing at terrible jokes, though she sometimes has tendencies where she just likes to be alone.  She is very protective of the other magicians—especially the other Scorpios—and has what AJ has deemed a “mother cat” tendency.

Talents: Juggling, gymnastics, drawing, jump-rope (if you don’t think that this can be a talent then there’s a lot you need to know about life and the world that we live in), writing short stories, competing in eating contests, and leading others

Flaws: Ari is way too overprotective of her insecure younger twin brother, AJ. If you so much as look at him the wrong way, you may find an awful donkey curse coming your way. Though she’s normally good about listening to everyone’s opinion, she can sometimes act very closed-minded and ignore the advice of others. She also curses a lot more than a leader-figure for teens should.

Weapon(s): Ari has your typical standard-magician staff, which can expand and retract when commanded, and wand. She also has several knives that she can summon from and send to the Duat at will without expending any energy; it is impossible for her to lose these knives unless they’ve been stolen or destroyed, sort of like Percy’s sword.

Abilities: Ari can communicate with cats and/or any other feline. She also has excellent agility, speed, and night vision. She can also leap up to twelve feet in the air with a running start.

Powers:  **Note: all powers make Ari feel extremely tired after using them.

Battle Avatar: Ari has typical magic like the other magician kids. However, due to the fact that she is a daughter of Bast, she can also summon a battle avatar that stands at thirty feet. She can hold this form for five posts with a cool-down of ten posts.

Slipping into the Duat: Like her mother, Ari can slip into the Duat without using portals. She can do this once per post with a five post cool-down. To take up to three people requires and eight post cool-down. To take up to seven requires a twelve post cool-down and makes Ari feel like dying for the rest of the day. Taking more than that without assistance is f*cking impossible and asking her to do so will grant you the Evil Cat Eye.

Shape-shifting: Ari can change into the form of any feline of her choice for five posts with a ten post cool-down.

History: Ariadne and Aaron Scorpio were born to the goddess Bast shortly before she took on the role as Sadie Kane’s protector and Lionel Scorpio, a magician from a famous Egyptian family. Due to the fact that Egyptian demigods are a huge no-no to the House of Life, Lionel kept his children hidden from the House, enrolling them in a normal school and never speaking of their heritage. They lived peacefully until around the time that Set built his Red Pyramid and the Kane children rose to stop him. The Scorpio twins discovered the novel a mortal man named Rick Riordan had published, claiming it to have been a transcript of a recording he’d received from two teenagers who claimed to be Egyptian magicians. The Scorpios felt that something was up and asked they father, who finally revealed the fact that Ari and AJ were of the blood of the pharaohs and children of Bast. The Scorpios, realizing that they wished to become magicians like their father once was, sought out the locker mentioned by the Kanes and were given the directions to the Brooklyn House, where they’ve resided in ever since, taking part in the both the attack on the Twenty-first Nome and the final battle with Apophis.

Notes: Memorized 42 digits of pi on a dare

Weaknesses: Chocolates (give her chocolates and she will do anything you want)

Pets: Woodrow, the sassy, sexy, snarky cat that owns both of the twins. He may or may not be able to talk and he may or may not be able to shift into other feline forms. He also may or may not be obsessed with Sigourney Weaver.

Likes: Chocolates, Ryan Reynolds, Supernatural, any movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Marvel, knitting, writing short stories

Dislikes: Vampire romances, the Divergent trilogy, George Clooney, firecrackers, dogs, getting wet, loud noises, cherries

Hobbies: Writing, reading, coming up with songs that she’ll never share, listening to orchestration

Dream job: Being an author full-time

What do they want the most right now?: A relationship with Ryan Reynolds and a cat that doesn’t talk would be great. A white baby grand piano

Secrets: Is actually nervous about getting into a relationship

Worst fear: Drowning

Ideal boyfriend: Someone who is both ready to listen to what she has to say but not afraid of putting in his own two cents and is ready to take on the role of leadership every once in a while

Insecurities: She thinks her body isn’t very attractive

Former/current relationships: Like that’s any of your goddamn business

How parents met: The Scorpio family is one of the most famous Egyptian families in existence besides maybe the Kanes. They are all the descendants of Qa’a, a favorite pharaoh among the gods. Bast, around the time the Kanes first released her from her eternal battle with Apophis, met the magician Lionel Scorpio. Before Julius Kane lost custody of his daughter and before she was Sadie Kane’s protector, Bast often met with Lionel due to an attraction both felt for each other. Bast gave birth to Lionel’s twins before she became the protector of Sadie Kane.

Time in Brooklyn House: Four years
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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio   Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio Icon_minitimeFri Apr 07, 2017 9:46 pm

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Ariadne Caitlyn Scorpio
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