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 Joel Yanero

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PostSubject: Joel Yanero   Joel Yanero Icon_minitimeSat Apr 08, 2017 6:10 pm

Joel Yanero

Joel Yanero PihRtlrgIgrJK

Name:  Joel Christopher Yanero

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

FC: Ryan Reynolds

Country of Origin: United States of America

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town):  New Rome

Race: Caucasian

Skin color: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 6’2”

Weight:  175 lbs.

Body type: Athletic

God Parent: Vertumnus, the Roman god of seasons, change, and plant growth

Legacy of: Feronia, the Roman goddess of wildlife, fertility, health, abundance, travelers, and other minor functions

Mortal Parent: Ruth Yanero, daughter of Feronia

Personality: To his mother at least, Joel was born to be an anomaly. He was a Roman legionnaire who knew nothing of discipline, a son of Vertumnus who cared not for nature, and a legacy of a goddess of fortune who brought all the shoddy luck to the table. Honestly, a lot of people believe that Ruth was mistaken when she had claimed her son’s father to be Vertumnus instead of Mercury, and some of them still doubted the truth even after Joel was claimed by the Roman god of seasons. Joel is a jokester, a prankster, a natural comedian, and, most importantly, bad at following orders—which was made all the more ironic when he became a part of the Second Cohort. He’s very friendly and outgoing, though he’s only loyal to a very select few.  He’s extremely bad at taking orders—even from his NRU professors, who can’t really even force him to do anything. How Joel is not flunking college and is instead passing his classes with flying colors is beyond anyone, mainly because few are aware of the fact that Joel does have a serious side to him in only the grimmest of situations (such as Appalachian Literature).  He adapts very easily to his surroundings or situation, though the issue seems to be that he chooses not to. Joel doesn’t really hold grudges against anyone and generally gets along with just about everyone….unless he’s being annoying, that is.

Talents: Adaptable (sometimes), sword fighting, fencing, parkour (he learned from the Internet), playing the guitar, gardening (though he’ll never admit to it), hunting, tracking, good memory, making bombs, rewiring/reprogramming, computer coding, ruining everything, and baking pies

Flaws(at least three): Joel is unpredictable and often acts on spur-of-the-moment ideas or emotions. He’s also bad at taking orders from anyone and often talks back to his superiors. He’s not exactly a guy you can count on to come through in a situation unless there’s something in it for him. He tends to drink until he’s literally falling-down-on-the-ground-helpless drunk whenever he goes to parties and isn’t good at controlling himself. Joel is also a terrible team player and works better on his own.

Weapon(s):  Joel has an Imperial gold spatha that is about three and a half feet in length named Risus and an IG scutum (shield) as his main weapons—the sword turns into a plain steel-looking ring and the scutum turns into a watch. He also has two IG pila (javelins), an IG pugio (dagger) and several plumbatae (darts).

Abilities:  Joel is not affected by the conditions of any weather. It can be below 0° F or above 100° F and Joel’s body temperature will remain the same. He can also always find his way out of the woods or a forest.  Due to the fact that Vertumnus is a shape-shifter, Joel can tell if someone is in a form they’ve chosen or if they’re using the Mist to disguise themselves.

Powers: Joel can cause accelerated growth in the wildlife around him. In a fifteen-foot radius, it takes a one post activation and a five post cool-down.  For a thirty-foot radius, it takes a two post activation and an eight post cool-down. Any larger takes a five post activation and a ten post cool-down with a risk of passing out.

Joel can manipulate the temperature of the area around him from up to 300° F to -100° F. He can do this once per post with a cool-down of eight posts. Doing this too many times per a topic causes Joel to become fatigued.

Joel can shape-shift into either an older form of himself or a younger form of himself once a post with a cool-down of ten posts.  Children of Hectate, mortals who can see through the Mist, or other magic-related gods/immortals or demigods can see through this.

History:  Joel was born in New Rome to Ruth Yanero, a demigod daughter of Feronia. Do to the fact that he was born in the capital of the Roman demigods, he grew up completely aware of his heritage, the dangers of being a demigod, and his duty to the Legion and New Rome. As a child, Joel quickly discovered that he had a natural talent for pulling pranks, making explosives, and grating against everyone’s nerves. Sure, he got along with kids his age, but even they eventually grew tired of antics. If Joel was ever bothered by the fact that he had few real friends growing up, he showed it in the most peculiar ways: setting off firecrackers during class, taking apart and reconstruction computers and other devices (whether or not the owners gave their consent), climbing trees until the branches broke under his weight—pretty much just your typical rebel-without-a-cause behavior. While his teachers would definitely say he was a bright kid that actually performed well academically, you would never hear one without a story in which the smoke alarms went off or the chalkboard lit on fire(?). When Joel finally joined the Legion, he was placed into the Second Cohort—to his and everyone else’s great surprise. Perhaps the praetors had hoped that the high standards of the Second Cohort would beat some sense into him. Well, whatever their reasoning was, it didn’t work. Somehow, Joel managed to not get kicked out of the Legion or be killed until he turned 18 and “retired” (best day of everyone’s lives right there).  Of course, the trouble in New Rome didn’t end there, because good ol’ Joely-boy decided to enroll in NRU where he is currently working to get his master’s degree in English Literature and English Education because he wants to become an ELA teacher….and gods help the school that hires him and the children who are forced to learn from him.

RP Sample (required for first form): Joel thinks RPing and fanfiction are insults to literature, so....

Notes:  Joel has, during several of his own “adventures”—which is basically a nicer way of saying that he left New Rome to go explore the Big Bad World—met different members of the Hunters of Artemis. Despite his nature, Joel actually restrains himself around these Hunters and tries his best to respect them….possibly because one of them has tried to kill him several times. His meetings with the Hunters are actually the few times Joel has ever shed his immaturity and acted like a true Roman.

Weaknesses: Joel refuses to go into the air at any point—whether it be in a plane or on a pegasi—due to his fear of heights

Pets: Once he had a goldfish named Larry. Then he decided to use Larry for an experiment. Ruth has forbidden him to ever have pets again.

Likes: Pizza, hacking, reading English literature, poetry, fooling around, goofing off, jumping off of buildings, making explosives out of Christmas lights, crying over the characters in West Side Story, and making new pie recipes

Dislikes: The Roman Legion, flying, planes, pegasi, ships (the kind you ride in, not the romantic pairings), cheese, Stephen King novels, his mother, The Breakfast Club, and anything with nuts in them
Hobbies: Annoying people, reprogramming his computer, collecting pens (his favorite being Parker 51 fountain pens), and reading

Dream job: Being an ELA teacher for high school students

What do they want the most in life right now?: A hamster that he can name Rambo

Secrets: Once plotted with his chums to recreate the Great Fire of Rome (though his mother said no and that was the end of that)

Worst fear: Being put into a position of leadership

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Joel’s good with basically anyone that’s able to put up with him

Insecurities: Knows that he’s immature and that he annoys people but he doesn’t know how to change

Former/current relationships: Joel’s been with quite a few girls, but they all dumped him. Said something about him being “not serious” or “dedicated” and crap—which Joel has no idea what they meant by it.

How parents met: While Ruth has refrained from telling her son the details, Joel has speculated from what he’s heard from others that Vertumnus and his mom got hitched near the lake in New Rome with all the ghosts and nature creatures watching.

Time at the University: Five years
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Joel Yanero
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