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PostSubject: Quintuplet   Quintuplet Icon_minitimeMon Apr 10, 2017 3:59 pm

Quintuplet Harry-potter-luna-lovegood-bells

Name: Heidi Quintus
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
fc// (if there's one): Evanna Lynch (if that’s ok with everyone??)

Country of Origin: Germany
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Olympus
Race: German
Skin color: white
Hair color: blonde almost white
Eye color: blue
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 135lbs
Body type: thin

God Parent: Hebe
Mortal Parent: Rudolph Fischer

Personality: Heidi has always been an odd girl. Even before being cursed she’s always had a distant, far-off look in her eyes. People who know she’s cursed with immortality, tend to think her eyes just look ancient and wise. Not knowing that she’s always been like this. She tends to keep to herself, and is known to disappear for a few hours a day without telling anyone where she’s off to. She tends to speak only when she feels she needs to, but she is in no way shy or awkward. Heidi tends to be curious about small details that no one else would care for, and enjoys simpler ways than the current. She’ll often comment that she liked the previous decade better than the current one. She also has a habit for not caring about time, because the curse has given her endless amounts of it.

*seeing out-side the box
*music-preferably singing
*She’s good at making people smile or laugh. (Even if it’s just at her oddness)

Flaws (at least three):
*She tends to laugh during serious situations (it’s a coping mechanism)
*She’s cursed with immortality.
*Day dreaming too much.
*Has a hard time making herself understood.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): A long CB hunting knife is her primary choice of weapon, however as the years went by she became quite skilled in other weapons like swords and spears, even picking up on a bit of archery.

*Heidi can effectively communicate with babies as though they were holding a conversation. This ability fades off when her subject begins to speak multiple words of any language.
*Because her mother is the goddess of nectar and ambrosia, she (and assumingly her siblings) have a stronger resilience to the after effects of eating or drinking the stuff.

*At one point, Heidi could manipulate the age of people, though not significantly. She could make someone a day or two older or younger. This power got stronger as she got older, and eventually she could even manipulate an age by a month or two almost every day. (This power was taken away from her when she was cursed, and won’t be returned to her).
*Heidi can see what happened into the past of whatever happened in the general area of where she is. She can also do this for specific living people. It comes in handy only when having to recount fights with her siblings or other campers. She can only see up to a week into the past, once per topic.

Heidi was born the second youngest of a set of Quintuplets. She has two older sisters, one older brother, and then one younger brother. The five of them were born on Mt. Olympus, and were eventually sent down to live with their birth father, Rudolf Fischer. Her father, who loved them as much as he knew how to, was still extremely shocked to find he was the father of not one baby, but five screaming quintuplets. However, his own family helped him raise the five children and gave Heidi and her siblings a relatively normal and peaceful childhood.
Heidi tended to get along quite well with her siblings, she had never been one to care much about the, what she considered frivolous things her siblings fought about. Did that mean she didn’t get into a few spats with them? No, of course she did get into the occasional argument. However, all of them got into significantly less arguments after her eldest sister discovered their powers.
Once the five of them had grown older, Rudolph decided to move the children and himself away from their relatives to a different part of Germany. This move was made a bit after the Quints began to exhibit their abilities and powers, so Heidi was never completely sure if the move was just because their father no longer needed their families help, or it was because of their newfound powers. What she didn’t know was that there were several forces urging her father to send them to camp-half-blood, but he had refused the urging because he loved his home and children too much to part with them.
When Rudolph began to show signs of his age wearing on him, he began to consider the possibility that it might be time for him to part with his children. Heidi, following the lead of her siblings began to use her powers to keep their father young. The children didn’t really understand the power they were using wasn’t meant to be used in this matter of personal gain. At first they just kept their father from aging. Slowly, they began to make him younger and younger, to the point where age didn’t hold on him at all. It got to the point where Rudolph began to wonder how much they could benefit from this.
The second other mortals began to receive these benefits, the gods decided it had to be stopped. It can’t be said for sure which deity decided that the Quintuplets were trouble. It might have been Zeus, their mother Hebe, or maybe another god of some sort. But surely enough, one night when the five of them were fast asleep, a divine spell came over them, and they stopped aging. The only related material was a letter that read: “Until you all learn the blessing of age, you will carry its burden instead.” Their powers to morph age and age themselves were all taken that night, and anyone whom they had effected, plant, human, or animal, were all aged back to their rightful ages.
Rudolph passed away in the late 1930’s, and sensing Germany’s impending danger, he changed his children’s namesake to a false one, in order to make them sound more Latin, or at the very least, not German.

RP Sample (required for first form):

*taking walks through the woods
*looking at the sky

*mean people
*spicy food
*when her siblings fight


Dream job:
*photographer, or a journalist

What do they want the most in life right now?: Nothing extravagant. She wants to find the answer to breaking her curse.

Secrets: Sometimes she likes being immortal, because it means she gets to experience many new things

Worst fear: staying immortal forever

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Probably someone who doesn’t mind her oddness, or is just as odd as she is. Someone who accepts that they’ll grow old and she probably won’t.

Former/current relationships: She once dated a half-blood back in the 1960s, but he started aging and broke off their relationship.
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