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 Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass

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PostSubject: Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass   Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass Icon_minitimeSat Apr 15, 2017 9:44 pm

Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass Aja-naomi-king

Name: Lindsey Hoass, but people call her Lennie.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Country of Origin: United States of America
Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado
Race: African-American
Skin color: Black
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs
Body type: Ectomorph

God Parent: Apollo - God of the Sun, Medicine, Wolves, and Music.
Legacy of: Mercury - God of Thieves, Communnication, and Travel.
Mortal Parent: Marie Hoass

Personality: Lennie, like the sun, is just about the brightest person you'll ever meet. Her outlook rarely turns dark, and her attitude is almost always positive. She relentlessly pushes to improve herself, but mostly others, and never gives up.

Whether someone asks or not, they'll get a face-full of Lennie's positive outlook. The only way to get on Lennie's bad side is to try to hurt her, otherwise, she's relentless in keeping good standing with everyone. She has a great desire to lead, making friends quickly with her leaders, and helping them however she can.
- Anatomy: Lennie can list everyone bone in the body, every organ, muscle group, what they do, and everything inside and out, all in one sitting.
- Multi-Lingual: Lennie can speak French, German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.
- Aroma Expert: Lennie's as talented with her nose as she is her eyes; one whiff and she can generally tell what food or candle is in front of her.
- Overly Kind: Lennie is far too kind for her own good, going out of her way to make everyone's day better. She's often kind to the point where strangers get annoyed by her. Consistently.
- Lack of Thinking: Lennie shoots first and asks questions later. If she sees a cat in trouble, even if a dozen monsters are waiting in a bush, she's still running into the scene to save the cat.
- Too Trusting: Lennie is far too trusting of strangers, and even people she knows to lie. Unless her brain knows something is a lie, she rarely considers that the person might be lying.
- Pilums: Her usual weapon, taught from both of her centurions, Lennie loves the idea of being able to attack from a distance. She has a dozen of them, and keeps them in good shape. Imperial Gold.
- Gladus: Lennie likes to keep sharp with her sword skills, in case she ever needs them. She has a standard gladus. Imperial Gold.
- Hatchet: Lennie's guilty pleasure, her hatchet is a very unusual weapon for a Roman. Made of Imperial Gold, many people question the small weapon.
- Bow And Arrow: She initially didn't want one, but as her half-siblings went to the range, she decided she wanted to bond with them, and picked up archery.
- Speedy: Lennie can hold a stable speed of twenty miles per hour.
- Medically Inclined: Lennie can feel what medicine she is holding, whether it be modern or ancient, and how useful it will be. Likewise, it works for poison too.
- Netha-Speak: Lennie can talk to wolves, and they can talk to her.
- Sun Block: Lennie's skin is resistant to all dangers of the sun.
- Sun Bathing: While the sun is touching her in some form, Lennie is 50% more resistant to attacks.
- Let There Be Light: Lennie can generate light, like a lantern, out of her hand. The light is about the size of an electric lantern. She can do this for 10 posts with a 20 post cooldown, 3 times per topic.
- Silence!: Lennie can make her hands, feet, and breathing silent for up to 3 posts. She can do this 2 times per topic with a 6 post cooldown.
- First Aid: Lennie's main power is her power to heal others. She can do it 5 times per topic, with a 5 post cooldown. She can heal as deeply as a flesh wound. Any deeper, she risks exhaustion or worse.
History: Lennie was born in a questionable part of Denver to a single mother, Marie. Her mother met Apollo at an art show one day, and they kicked off well. They dated for upwards of a month, but it ended abruptly, but not before Lennie was conceived.

Growing up, Lennie could see how hard her mother worked for her, and it determined Lennie to work just as hard for her mother. The day Lennie went to school, she started putting her full effort into every little detail. Lennie wouldn't settle for any less than 100, and often times strived for more. This continued for the entirety of her childhood.

Marie couldn't have been more happy and proud of her daughter. She was impressed, with how smart and willing to include others her daughter was. On a nightly basis, she would tell her daughter how proud she was, and the bond between them was very strong. That never stopped.

One day, however, in Lennie's youth, she was contacted by Lupa's pack, and trained on the ways she would need to reach Camp Jupiter. She put her full spirit into it, but not before she explained what was happening to her mom. She, to this day, writes a letter to her every day, and visits whenever she can, though that rarely is applicable.

To present date, Lennie has reached the rank of Optio, but continues to put her entire spirit to the betterment of the Legion.
Notes: Aja Naomi King is her faceclaim.

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Mystery Box Spoils
- 6 Quests
- Exotic Animal Slot (In Use)
- Legacy of a B3
- 2 B3 Kids
- 4 slots (None In Use)
- Gift From God Parent

Mystery Box Traps
- Character Death
- 4 Monster Attacks

Mystery Box Coupons
- Mystery Boxes Are Half Off (Permanent)
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PostSubject: Re: Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass   Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass Icon_minitimeSat Apr 15, 2017 9:46 pm

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Lindsey "Lennie" Hoass
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