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 Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys

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PostSubject: Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys   Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys Icon_minitimeMon Apr 17, 2017 12:06 am

Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys 7a580f75d2a791b159f9097036fe91c4
Name: Micah Samuel Olivier
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
fc// (if there's one): Caleb Landry Jones

Country of Origin: Although he was born in France, Micah never spent much time there and considered his country to be America.
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Paris, France
Race: Micah is Caucasian, with a French grandfather and Irish grandmother.  
Skin color: Pale beige
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Light blue
Height: 5’11
Weight: 145 lbs
Body type: Micah is slim, without much muscle. It can be a bit hard for him to put on weight.

God Parent: Micah’s mother is Akhlys, the goddess of misery. She appeared as a young woman, with long dark hair, dull blue eyes, and scratches across her cheeks. Akhlys had been attracted to Sebastian’s misery, and was able to find a way to cause him more.

Mortal Parent: Sebastian Olivier never wanted a child. A self-proclaimed investigator of the paranormal, he spent most of his time living on donations from his small group of fans and the meager amount he made on the sales of his books. There was no room in his budget for a child, especially a son like Micah. After saving up money for years and living off of cheap tv dinners, Sebastian had finally gotten the opportunity to take a one way trip to Paris to visit the catacombs. It was his dream. Without the money to return, he slept in alleys, living out of a suitcase that was eventually stolen from him. Within a week, he noticed someone else sitting in his normal alley. A woman. Weak with hunger, and eager to meet someone else in Paris, Sebastian struck up a conversation with the shaking woman. The two became close, and Sebastian was inspired enough to start doing random jobs for people for extra cash. Akhlys left immediately after Micah was born, leaving Sebastian with a newborn and no place to go. Finally, more desperate than he had ever been, he called his brother Ryan. Ryan managed to book him a flight home with Micah, and they all moved in together, Ryan trying to help Sebastian get his life together.  

Personality: Never the social butterfly, Micah chooses to focus all of his attention on the few friends he has. These few have his complete loyalty, and are the few that he would never betray for anything. Micah cares a lot for those close to him, but he’s never certain how to show it. Micah tends to stay away from most social gatherings, and if he’s somehow dragged to one, he sticks close to the edges. As a child, he was used to being coddled by his teachers and given special advantages over the other students. The teachers felt sorry for him, and were impressed by his intelligence. However, this just served to separate him further from his peers. At Camp Half Blood, he was expecting the same treatment, but was rather surprised when he found himself held to the same standards as the others. At first he tried to retaliate, claiming that they didn’t understand. Soon he realized it was for the best, since he had to learn how to properly defend himself and those he cares about.

Micah’s relationship with Dominic led to trust issues, and Micah finds it difficult to open up to others. His fear of further abandonment causes him to appear clingy to the people he cares about. This usually presents itself by him physically staying as close to the other person as possible. While Micah hates people he doesn’t know touching him, he appreciates physical affection from those he’s close to. Only Micah’s immediate friends know of his softer side, and most people find him unapproachable and a bit rude.

-Micah learns other languages very easily, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and of course, Greek. He knows some French, but not enough to be considered fluent.
-Because of his Uncle Ryan’s military background, Micah learned how to fire a gun very early in his life. Although he hasn’t had a chance to shoot in a while, his skills with firearms translated quite well when he was learning how to use a bow.
-Due to his father, Micah is quite knowledgeable when it comes to old legends and conspiracy theories
-Micah is quite fast, especially when climbing
-Micah is a naturally suspicious person, and can be fairly good at analyzing a situation.
-As a child of the goddess of misery, Micah can usually tell when someone else is sad or miserable.
-Even though he doesn’t utilize this skill very often, Micah is actually pretty good at styling hair. His best friend, Claudia, taught him how to braid hair when they were in elementary, and he did her hair for every formal occasion.
-Micah is a skilled liar. Years of others worrying about him made Micah learn how to lie well enough that his father and uncle thought he had miraculously recovered.

Flaws (at least three):
-Micah was diagnosed with x-linked agammaglobulinemia. This means he’s more susceptible to frequent infections, such as ear infections and pneumonia. He was diagnosed when he was one year old.
-Micah tends to fall for people very easily, immediately trusting those he cares about without a second though. He gets attached easily.
-Micah can be impulsive when making important decisions. He may be a good strategist, but he needs someone to slow him down to actually consider his options.
-Micah tends to be cynical and sarcastic, which makes him less approachable to others.
-Micah talks without moving his mouth much, making his speech a bit slurred and monotonous. He’s always been self conscious about it, but has never been able to do anything about it.
-As easily as it is for Micah to fall for others, it’s twice as easy for him to be hurt. He carries grudges for a very long time, and has trouble letting things go.
-Micah has a short temper, and gets irritated very easily.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): Micah favors ranged weapons to make up for his lack of physical strength. His weapon of choice is a recurve bow, painted black. His favorite position in battle is away from the main fight, usually perched in a tree to avoid other people. However, when he can’t avoid close combat, he reaches for the celestial bronze dagger at his side and fights as best as he can.

-Toxikinesis: Micah naturally has control of poisons. However, he can only manipulate existing poisons, he cannot create them.

-Death Mist: Micah has been granted control over the Death Mist by his mother. For four posts he can shroud himself from monsters. The cooldown period is also four posts.

History: Raised by his father and uncle, Micah managed to live a relatively normal life. Luckily, they had managed to catch his x-linked agammaglobulinemia when he was still young, and he was able to get the proper treatment. Still, that wasn’t a cure-all, and he was still in and out of school with various infections, gaining him a reputation as a sympathy case among his teachers and fellow students. The only two people who didn’t see him as such were Claudia Flores and Dominic Nigel. Claudia and Micah became friends first, after sharing a desk in second grade. Dominic moved to Galveston while they were all in third grade, and immediately Micah was drawn to him. Claudia physically dragged Micah over to Dominic, and the three began chatting.

As the years progressed, Micah became more aware of how little money his family actually had. His father had picked up what Uncle Ryan referred to as “a real job” and Ryan himself was picking up extra shifts. During this time, Dominic and Micah began to get closer, prompting jealousy from Claudia. Micah had always had a bit of a childish crush on Dominic and decided it was time he let him know. When he confessed, Dominic seemed okay with it, even happy. The two were soon never seen without the other, and their fellow students began talking. Finally one day they were cornered in the hallway by a group of their classmates, expressing surprise and disgust towards them. Just as the group was closing in, Dominic panicked. He shoved Micah away and began laughing nervously. He told the others that he’d just been leading Micah on, that it had all been a joke. He told them that he couldn’t believe Micah had actually been taking it seriously. Stunned and hurt, Micah stood there while the others closed in once again. The first punch took him by surprise, and he slammed back against the wall. After the kids got bored and left, a boy approached him, introducing himself as Arthur. Arthur helped him up, making sure he was okay, before helping him find Claudia. Claudia was horrified and angry at Dominic, going out of her way to hassle him. Meanwhile, Micah found that even the sight of Dominic gave him anxiety, and proceeded to avoid him as much as possible. The small group was falling apart.

Micah took to sneaking out his window at night to go for walks when he couldn’t sleep. It helped relieve some of the anxiety from his dissolving social life and his family’s financial situation. Every night it seemed to go the same way. He would slip out his window, walk around for about half an hour and then go back to sleep. However, one night that all changed. He slipped out like usual, and started off down his usual route. Everything was going normally until a figure came out from nowhere, sending him flying against the brick wall behind him. A harpy stood over him, ready to attack. In a burst of adrenaline, Micah whipped out his pocket knife, digging the blade into its chest. It was stunned enough that Micah was able to sprint away into a nearby convenience store. Bent over, trying to get oxygen back into his lungs, Micah didn’t notice the person coming up behind him. The hand that landed on his shoulder caused Micah to quickly turn around, back pressed against one of the shelves. In front of him stood Arthur, the boy from school. In the corner of the convenience store, Arthur gave him a quick explanation before the two headed back to Micah’s apartment where his father would fill in the gaps. In less than an hour, Micah was laying in the back of his father’s truck, on the way to Camp Half Blood.

Micah wasn’t claimed right away, which was okay with him. He was finally claimed by Akhlys after finally standing up to a child of Ares who was taunting him about his long hair and feminine appearance. After his mother was revealed, Micah tried to avoid others, knowing his mother’s reputation.  

-Micah is lacking greatly when it comes to stamina and physical strength. He may be fast, but he can’t keep going for very long.
-Because Micah never felt like he needed anyone besides Claudia and Dominic, his social skills need quite a bit of work, and he hasn’t been able to make many friends at Camp.
-Most jokes go completely over Micah’s head, as he tends to think very literally. Occasionally he’ll pretend to understand them if he cares enough about the person telling them, but most of the time he just finds them annoying.
-Micah is a very moody person by nature, and it’s worsened when he’s not feeling well.

Pets: Micah has a Shih Tzu/Jack Russell Terrier mix named Lyle, who acted as his emotional support animal before he arrived at Camp Half Blood.

-Animals are the one thing that can always make Micah smile. No matter how terrible he feels, animals can always cheer him up. It’s one of the reasons that his dog Lyle is so important to him. Without Lyle, he’d be lost.
-Micah loves live music, and it’s one of the few times that he will willingly endure a crowd. Feeling the beat in his chest helps him feel alive, and he’s usually in a much better mood during and after.
-Science fiction was always Micah’s favorite genre. It combined aspects from some of his father’s stories with science, so it felt rather refreshing for him.
-Coffee is the one thing that keeps Micah going. He’s definitely not a morning person, and tends to need more sleep than the average person to function. He’s also grown to love the taste, and never wants to live without it.
-As far as Micah is concerned, warm blankets are all a person truly needs to survive. If it were possible, he would stay wrapped up in blankets all day.
-Although he’s not a fan of messing with his own hair, Micah loves braiding others’ hair. It reminds him of his time with Claudia, and gives him something productive to do.  

-Due to his frequent headaches, Micah hates loud noises, especially when he’s trying to wake up. Any time someone tries to use noise to wake him up, Micah ends up in a worse mood than usual for the rest of the day.
-Winter is Micah’s least favorite season, since he hates cold temperatures. He would hibernate through winter if he could.
-Crowds are a source of anxiety for Micah, and he hates being in the middle of them, especially if he’s by himself.
-Micah finds romantic comedies of any kind to be ridiculous and unrealistic, and will rant to anyone who will listen how terrible he finds them. He was forced to watch quite a few of them with his uncle and his uncle’s several girlfriends, and now hates any mention of them.

-Micah enjoys practicing archery, as it reminds him of his time out at the shooting range with his uncle.
-Reading has always been something that Micah has loved, especially science fiction or books on science theory.
Dream job: Micah would love to be an immunologist, like his grandfather was. As a child, he looked up to his grandfather and claimed immunology as his dream field of work before he could fully pronounce it.
What do they want the most in life right now?: Right now Micah wants acceptance and a normal life. He regrets being a halfblood most of the time, especially when it comes to his mother.

Worst fear: Micah’s worst fear is abandonment. After what happened with Dominic, Micah tries to keep anyone close to him from leaving, to the point where those close to him occasionally refer to him as clingy.

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Micah’s ideal boyfriend or girlfriend would constantly validate him, and tell him how much they loved him often. They would be able to match his intelligence, but would probably need to be more outgoing than he is.

Former/current relationships: The closest Micah has ever been to being in a relationship was with Dominic. Ever since, he’s had a hard time meeting people, let alone talking to them.

How parents met: Micah’s parents met during Micah’s father’s stay in Paris. Having spent the majority of his money on the plane ticket over, Sebastian had slept in an alley. That was where he met Akhlys, with the appearance of an emaciated woman. They kept each other company, as Akhlys was attracted to the misery of the man who had nothing left but a suitcase.

Time in camp (Greeks)/the Legion (Romans)/Hotel Valhalla (Norse)/Brooklyn House (Egyptians): Micah came to CHB at the age of fifteen. His first stay was just for the summer, but then he saw it as an opportunity to help his family. He hasn’t seen them since.

RP Sample (required for first form): Micah woke up in a cold sweat, immediately sitting up in bed. The room spun uneasily around him. One hand cautiously traveled to his mouth, running a finger over his teeth and making sure they were all still there. He couldn’t count how many times he’d had that exact nightmare. In it, some dark creature loomed over his shoulder while all of his teeth began to crack and fall out of his mouth. What was it his father always told him about those dreams? Something along the lines of either demonic possession or being scared of losing himself. Not that he necessarily bought into all of that, but he at least was supportive enough of his father to listen.

Light was just beginning to filter its way into the cabin. If he fell asleep now it would be absolutely useless. Micah yawned, flopping back in bed and pulling the blanket tightly around himself. Maybe he could try anyways? He felt absolutely awful, and the nightmare seemed to take away any beneficial aspects of sleep. Not that him feeling awful was anything new. Most of the time he felt bad, and the days when he did far outnumbered the days when he actually felt good. He combed his fingers through his hair, sighing. “Another glorious start to my day.” he muttered, before sinking back into sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys   Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys Icon_minitimeMon Apr 17, 2017 12:20 am

Awesome form! Approved! +150 coins, the extra just being because I'm exceptionally impressed!


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Micah Samuel Olivier- Son of Akhlys
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