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 jack of all trades (and master of all)

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sakura haruno
sakura haruno

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jack of all trades (and master of all) Empty
PostSubject: jack of all trades (and master of all)   jack of all trades (and master of all) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 18, 2017 6:59 pm

name: katahiro jaques abe (ah-be), but he tends to go by jaques to non relatives. he likes to keep some things to himself
age: 22
gender: nonbinary, he him
sexuality: gay gay gay (he likes dudes)
fc: willy cartier

skin color: light brown
hair color: black and long. he normally wears it up, either in braids or a bun
eye color: dark brown
height: 5'10"
weight: 150lbs
body type: mesomorph

country of origin: america
place of birth: new rome
race: half japanese, one quarter vietnamese, one quarter french
legacy of: justicia, goddess of justice (mother's parent) and honos, god of chivalry, honor, and military justice (grandfather's parent)
mortal family: antoinette lu, daughter of justicia, and yuuto abe, legacy of honos
how his parents met: antoinette and katahiro met while studying at new rome

history: since his parents had both already served at camp jupiter, jaques grew up in new rome. he had an idylic childhood, and while he only had a few friends, he was happy. his father didn't feel any need to wait until jaques was old enough to join the legion to begin his training and started teaching him how to fight while he was young. he had a training room in their home, and the backyard was set up with targets for archery practice. his dad taught him how to fight, and his mom taught him about what it meant to be honorable and the importance of kindness and equality. she taught him about strategy, about noticing sleights of hand and cruel or unfair behavior. at eleven he joined the legion and entered the second cohort, with the expectation that after he served his ten years he would become a lawyer. he had planned to begin studying as soon as he finished his time in the legion, but ended up getting wounded shortly before he finished and took a year off to recover before beginning his studies
former/current relationships: none. romantic relationship set up with alex's character, chance. yea boi
time in the legion: jaques has already served his ten years in the legion, starting at eleven and ending at twenty one. he is currently studying law at nru

personality: at a glance, jaques is something of a boring figure. he prefers spending time on his own to spending time with others, and when he does spend time with others he prefers to only spend it one on one rather than in big groups. he's very quiet and generally doesn't go out of his way to help others, unless he sees that they're in a state of distress in which case he'll often drop what he's doing to see how he can help. he has an honor code that he sticks to: don't cheat or lie unless it's for the greater good, don't hurt those who are innocent, treat others with kindness, always be polite, and always be patient. he has a biting wit on par with shakespeare, easily throwing clever insults; however, if someone shows remorse for how they acted jaques is typically quick to forgive. jaques rarely gives up on things as well. if he starts learning how to do something, he's determined to see it through to the end and master it as best he can
talents: jaques is an exceptional warrior and adept at many forms of fighting, particularly with sword and hand to hand combat. while he doesn't use it often, jaques is also very skilled with a bow and arrow. he's also become very good at sewing and tailoring clothes from mending his own after battle and stitching up wounds. jaques is very skilled in battle strategy as well and is able to think on his feet well in battle. he speaks japanese and french as a second language
flaws: puts others first, not the best at picking up body language, needs to follow his personal code of honor which sometimes makes him appear boring, needs to stick to his routine, can get overstimulated easily
weaknesses: he's very self sacrificing and tends to prioritize the safety and well being of other's first. he has incredible difficulty adapting to changes in technology and processing bright lights or loud noises, particularly if they're more modern/urban noises (imax movies, all the screens in times' square, concerts)
likes: tea, sushi, quiet, history, fighting technique, strategy, puzzles, cleanliness, and order
dislikes: lots of noises at the same time, technology, rudeness, cruelty, injustice
fears: being decieved into hurting someone/doing evil
alignment: neutral good

weapon: an imperial gold katana passed down through his family for generations. it carries the blessing of honos and can only cause damage when in the hands of someone with good intentions. if someone uses it to cause harm on an innocent or out of greed or other selfish motivators the blade cannot pierce the skin. he's also very good at fighting with a staff and a bow and arrow, but does not have his own staff or bow

  • enhanced senses in battle - during battle, jaque's senses are at their peak. his vision and hearing are incredibly sharp, particularly tuned to detecting foul play (concealed weapons, poisoned daggers, etc.)
  • lie detection - jaques is particularly adept at detecting lies through a gut feeling, although it isn't the most reliable ability as it can get confused with his own personal prejudices, i.e. when he believes someone to be trustworthy or believes someone to be untrustworthy due to earlier experiences
  • resilience - when he knows for certain his cause is noble, jaques is incredibly resilient in the face of adversity, although it is possible for him to become disheartened

powers: none

hobbies: reading and studying, sewing, exercising and training, hiking
dream job: jaques would really love to be a tailor
secrets: see: dream job. he's lived his whole life thinking he'd become a lawyer, and as much as he does want that, he feels his parents pushed that on him too heavily. he feels like it's his duty to fight for the right's of others rather than following his own path, and while he does set himself aside he's sometimes resentful of this
pets: none
ideal significant other: he'd like to date a boy who's outgoing to help draw him out more, but respectful of jaques' boundaries and doesn't push him too far out of his comfort zone while still encouraging him to branch out. someone who can help him relax and remind him that he needs to take care of himself
what he wants most in life: a home in the countryside, away from the noise of the city and lack of free space. a large yard to train in, a pond, a husband, and a dog. maybe a kid. really, he just wants quiet
notes: he's autistic! he has sensory integration dysfunction with regards to bright lights and loud, urban noises (so he'd have trouble handling time square, because all the lights and the noises from the cars would be too much for him to fully process, and he'd get overwhelmed). he has trouble using context clues to figure out what people mean, such as when a new term comes into the wider vocabulary. he likes following a routine and has a strict code of honor he adheres to. his special interests are martial arts and history

the gift from a godly parent for the sword was (FORCEFULLY) gifted by alex

also yes he was inspured by samurai jack NO i am not ashamed. deal with it i would die for jack. bye.
mabes out
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jack of all trades (and master of all) Empty
PostSubject: Re: jack of all trades (and master of all)   jack of all trades (and master of all) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 18, 2017 9:48 pm

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jack of all trades (and master of all)
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