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 Henri Roxbury- Child of Bragi

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PostSubject: Henri Roxbury- Child of Bragi   Henri Roxbury- Child of Bragi Icon_minitimeWed Apr 19, 2017 4:52 am

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Name: Henri Wednesday Roxbury (Goes by H among friends)

Age: 18

Gender: Henri identifies as nonbinary, and uses they/them pronouns.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Species (human, elf, etc.): Human

World of Origin: Midgard

Country of Origin: Canada

Place of Birth: Henri was born at the Stratford General Hospital in Stratford, Ontario.

Race: Henri is Caucasian, with French-Canadian grandparents.

Skin color: Beige

Hair color: Ginger

Eye color: Light blue

Height: 5’4

Weight: 134 lbs

Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Henri’s father is Bragi, the Norse god of poetry, music, and the harp. He appeared to Henri’s mother as a man with long blonde hair, and a beard, and was attracted to Emmaline’s musical talent.

Mortal Parent: Emmaline Roxbury-Nyugen had a hard start in life. A college drop-out, she worked part-time at a fast food joint and spent the rest of her time playing guitar on the street. Bragi had stopped to listen, impressed by the heart in her music. He invited her to dinner, and the starving Emmaline had agreed. She hadn’t gone out to dinner in so long, that it would have been stupid to refuse. She had packed up immediately and the two had gone out to a fancy restaurant. Emmaline was in shock at first, and insisted that they go somewhere else, since she would never be able to afford a place like that. Bragi then told her that he intended to pay for it all, and she would never have to repay him. The two had a wonderful conversation that night, and began seeing each other more regularly. The two always met up while Emmaline was playing guitar at her normal spot on the sidewalk. She was amazed that he would come back, time and time again. The weeks passed, and Emmaline realized she was pregnant. Excited and a little panicked, she went to her spot on the sidewalk, expecting to tell Bragi of the news. However, he never showed up and she never saw him again.

Personality: Henri is extremely outgoing and adventurous. They’re always the one who laughs the loudest, even if it’s at their own jokes. Ever since they came out, they’ve been very focused on the injustices in the world, and want to correct the problems that have arisen in society. More than anything, Henri wants to be a positive force in the world. A natural problem-solver, Henri enjoys helping others. They are always ready to listen, or help out in any way they can. Even though Henri constantly preaches to to others about not bottling up their emotions, Henri rarely takes their own advice. When it comes to their flashbacks and night terrors, they find it easier to just not tell anyone. Secretly, they’re worried that it means they’re weaker than everyone else. Henri can be very impatient, and more than a little nosy. They would rather get their answers as soon as possible than wait around with the possibility of never knowing.

-Henri knows how to play guitar, violin, and cello. They have a natural gift at the harp from their father, but they refuse to play it out of bitterness towards him for leaving their mother.
-One thing Henri is proud of is their public speaking abilities. Henri is one of the best at giving pep talks and speeches.
-Henri is pretty good with a sword, although they always say that it isn’t the best way to solve a problem. It helps though.
-Henri is a great listener, which surprises some due to their naturally outgoing and loud personality. People come to them when they just need to rant or need advice in a situation.
-Henri has decent reflexes, which they attribute to their video game experience.
-Henri has a way with words, and is good at writing and telling stories.
-Henri enjoys bragging about their jump roping abilities.

Flaws (at least three):
-Henri has a scar down the center of their chest from having open heart surgery for an atrial septal defect at the age of thirteen.
-Even though Henri encourages others to open up, they have problems doing so themselves, and tend to bottle up any negative emotions.
-Henri has trust issues related to the way they died, and are scared of serious relationships.
-Henri still has flashbacks and anxiety over the way they died, and often feels weak because of it.
-Sometimes Henri’s prodding can be better interpreted as nosiness, and they’re not always the best with boundaries.
-Henri can be very stubborn, refusing to back down on many things, from what to eat to more serious issues.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Henri has a Nordic steel sword that they affectionately refer to as Dahlia.

-Since Bragi is the god of music, Henri has mild control over sounds. Henri is able to manipulate the volume of noises. They use it to either tune out certain noises or raise their own voice. Henri also has better hearing than most.
-Henri is able to use music to soothe and calm down others. This works on allies to help them concentrate, and works on enemies to soothe them and stop them from attacking as fiercely. This power works on enemies for three posts, and has a cooldown of four posts.

History: Henri was born to Emmaline Roxbury in Stratford, Canada as Henrietta. Emmaline, who had recently been promoted to manager status, had to continually hire babysitters so she could pick up extra shifts to pay for hospital bills and such. As Henri grew older, they started accompanying Emmaline to work after school, where they would sit in one of the booths within Emmaline’s eyesight and work on schoolwork or color. At the age of nine, Emmaline married a man named Dennis Nyugen, a photojournalist out of New York who was on vacation in Stratford. Once he had to leave, Emmaline and Henri moved with him to his apartment in New York. It was small, and Henri’s room was basically a closet. They didn’t mind too much, as their mother seemed genuinely happy. At school, Henri was fairly popular, known for being kind to everyone.

At the age of thirteen doctors discovered Henri had an atrial septal defect and needed open heart surgery. Henri, convinced they were going to die, had a melt down on the way to the hospital. Their mother convinced them it was going to be alright, and Dennis explained how the procedure would go. It turned out successfully, and Henri likes to show off their resulting scar.

However, there was something else going on as well. At fifteen, Henri was beginning to realize how uncomfortable she/her pronouns made them, and how much they hated being called Henrietta. Their mother had long since accepted the fact that Henri was pansexual, given the different crushes Henri had admitted to when they were younger. Finally, Henri cut off their hair in the apartment bathroom, much to the shock of their mother and step-father. They didn’t come out officially as nonbinary until they were sixteen and fully knew what the term meant. Their mother was accepting, but Dennis found the whole thing silly and refused to use their correct pronouns.

After coming out at school, some of their peers attempted to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible, but they were defended by lots of their classmates who remembered how kind they’d always been. One in particular had been Henri’s friend since they’d arrived in New York. His name was Richie, and after Henri came out, the two ended up in a relationship. Two years later, the two were still together, but Henri knew Richie had been going through some really hard times. They never would have imagined what happened next though.

Eighteen year old Henri went to school that day like normal. Everything seemed to be going the same way as usual, except Richie wasn’t there. Henri sent him a text, assuming he was just sick. He never responded. No one had heard anything from him. It wasn’t until lunchtime that Henri saw him, as he slammed open the door to the lunchroom and pulled a gun out of his bag. Three people were shot by the time Henri managed to run over to him, attempting to wrestle the gun out of his hand. The entire time they were pleading with him not to keep going, that this wouldn’t solve anything. He pulled back, hard, and accidentally pulled the trigger, the gun aimed at Henri’s stomach. The next thing they knew they were being taken to Valhalla. They always say their main regret was that no one played “Mmm whatcha say” as they fell.

-Whenever Henri sees a gun, they completely freeze up and can’t move.
-Henri is extremely impatient, preferring to act first in any situation.
-Henri still harbors resentment towards their father for hurting their mother.

Pets: Before they died, Henri had two crested geckos, Ace and King.

-Henri loves reptiles of any kind, and frequently will talk about how much they adore them.
-Music is one thing that Henri loves more than anything else, especially guitar since their mother taught them.
-Henri enjoys writing. Music, poetry, fiction, anything. They even enjoyed writing essays in school.
-Henri likes talking to others, and loves giving pep talks or just having normal conversations.
-Video games were one of Henri’s favorite things, and they always took special care of their gaming laptop.
-Henri was part of a Dungeons and Dragons group at school, and misses it quite a bit. It was their favorite after school activity, and they regret never being able to finish their campaign.

-Henri hates guns for obvious reasons.
-Henri hates the dark, and will cling to others when there’s too little light.
-Waiting is a problem for Henri, as they would rather charge into a situation instead of wait for something to happen.
-Part of Henri does want to meet their father, but they also still don’t necessarily like him.
-Henri hates negativity, and will do everything in their power to cheer someone up.
-Henri hates not knowing things, and tends to be nosy about things they want to learn more about.

-Henri loved video games, especially MMORPGs.
-One of Henri’s most treasured hobbies is D&D, and they want to start a campaign in Valhalla.
-Music is the most obvious of Henri’s hobbies, and it always helps them feel better about anything that’s going on.

Dream job: Henri would have loved to do public speaking for a living, especially on LGBTQIA+ and mental health issues. They wanted to be able to help people, and they think a good way to do so would have been to raise awareness.

What do they want the most in life right now?: Henri wants the anxiety and night terror to stop.

Secrets: Nobody knows this, but Henri frequently has night terrors. They don’t remember what they’re about, but they have woken up injured before from throwing themself into walls.

Worst fear: Henri’s worst fear is going deaf. If they couldn’t hear music anymore, they don’t know what they would do.

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Henri’s ideal partner would love life as much as they do. They would be as outgoing and adventurous as Henri, and also would need to be completely accepting of their gender identity.

Insecurities: Henri is extremely insecure about the fact that they still suffer from anxiety because of what happened. They’re afraid that it makes them weaker than everybody else.

Former/current relationships: Henri had a good relationship with most people at school, and had quite a few friends. Richie was their first and currently only partner, and their relationship lasted two years.

How parents met: Bragi and Emmaline met while Emmaline was playing guitar on the street. Bragi was impressed by Emmaline, and continued to visit her for several weeks.

Time in camp (Greeks)/the Legion (Romans)/Hotel Valhalla (Norse)/Brooklyn House (Egyptians): Henri came to Hotel Valhalla very recently, and this is their first year.

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Henri Roxbury- Child of Bragi
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