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 dance and sing

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PostSubject: dance and sing    dance and sing  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 21, 2017 1:47 pm

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Name: Bailarína Aurora Mendoza
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian  
fc// (if there's one): Shay Mitchell

Country of Origin: The Philippines
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Olympus
Race: Filipino/Pacific Islander
Skin color: Bronze tan
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 154 lbs
Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Terpsichore; Greek muse of dance and chorus songs
Mortal Parent: Carlos Mendoza

Personality: Bailarína is a bright young lady with the ambition and grace of a princess. She’s an excellent dancer who one to one day open her own dance studio in New York city. Bailarína has a love for singing too. She joined her school chorus as soon as he was able to win most of the competitions she was in. She’s flexible and can dance circles around almost anyone. Although sensitive, she stands up for her friends and will go to bat for them if need be. Bailarína is honestly one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.
Talents: dancing, singing, comforting people and writing songs
Flaws (at least three): her head is in the clouds, gets attached easily, sensitive

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): Celestial bronze dagger
Knows the moves to every type of dance ranging from the waltz to tinikling
She can hit any note, anytime. Also, she knows the words to almost any song.
Bailarína can force someone to dance with they piss her off. She can do this for three posts with a five post cool down in between
This daughter of Terpsichore can convey her emotions through song. She can also make others feel the same emotion that she’s feeling through singing. She can do this ten times in a topic with a three post cool down in between.

History: Terpsichore met Carlos at a baila recital that his younger sister’s niece was in. They hit it off and after a few dates, Terpsichore became pregnant. After she gave birth on Mount Olympus,  the basket with the newborn baby inside was sent down to his father. Bailarína grew up in Davao City, Philippines with her father. She had a good childhood and became one of the best dancers in the Davao City. However, before she could become famous, the young demigod was sent to Camp Half-Blood just five days before her sixteenth birthday.
RP Sample (required for first form): no thank you!

Speaks Spanish
Has a Filipino accent
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PostSubject: Re: dance and sing    dance and sing  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 21, 2017 5:40 pm

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dance and sing
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