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 Artsy beam of light

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PostSubject: Artsy beam of light   Artsy beam of light Icon_minitimeThu Apr 27, 2017 4:08 pm

Artsy beam of light Tumblr_oovexk2Rhe1vc5dxto4_r1_400Artsy beam of light Tumblr_oovexk2Rhe1vc5dxto1_400
Name: Naomi Seung, her name means pleasant victory or beautiful victory
Age: 16, born in 5th of December
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
fc: Ji-Soo Kim
Country of Origin: Korea
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Race: Korean
Skin color: Pale white
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Very dark brown
Height: 5'3" (162 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Body type: small hourglass

God Parent: Apollo (Greek)
Mortal Parent: Da-Hee Seung

Personality: Naomi is a bright personality, usually very happy and vibrant. She's bubbly and sparkly and full of joy like champagne. She's honest and not afraid to voice her opinion, which is not always a good thing. Naomi is also fiercely loyal and cooperative to certain extent. The daughter of Apollo is flexible, mutable, but a bit indecisive and childlike. She is wise, studious and delighted to give you any type of advice. Naomi is a mood maker and often cracks jokes, on your expense or hers. Her tongue is sharp and she doesn't usually filter what she says, don't take it so personally..

Talents: Singing, acting, dancing, playing the piano and guitar, good archer, cooking, painting, finishing your sentences, can speak Korean
Flaws: She's short, forgetful, no sense of direction, afraid of conflict, easy to walk over

Weapon: Bow and arrows tipped with CB

Abilities: Doesn't get sunburned, can talk to Apollo's sacred animals

Powers:Vitakinesis:She can heal minor injuries, 4 post cooldown
          Cameo!: Naomi can generate a beam of light from her hands which will last for 4 posts and has a 8 post cooldown. The beam is the size of a spotlight.

History: Naomi was born to Apollo and Da-Hee in 5th of December, national soil day. Naomi always knew about her father. She lived in Yangcheon district, a middle/upper-class area. Naomi was fairly good at school and arts. She entered the school of performing arts, thinking about a career as a singer and dancer. That never lasted for so long after her powers regarding light started getting out of control, basically she shot beams of light everywhere. Her mom sent her to CBH and she is still fairly new, trying to learn the ways of the camp.

Notes: Strong Korean accent

Weaknesses: She's very restless, afraid of the dark
Pets: A chameleon named Dumpling Jr.
Likes: Arts, Rap music, Kimchi, Spicy foods, White, Psychology
Dislikes: Besserwissers, aggressive people, puns
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, painting, guitar, piano, cracking jokes, cooking, archery
Dream job: Idol Singer
What do they want the most in life right now?: Learn as much as possible
Secrets: Her web browsing history
Worst fear: Darkness
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone cuddly, caring and doesn't mind her human mistakes
Insecurities: Her accent
Former/current relationships: A half brother, several boyfriends
How parents met: Da-Hee met Apollo at an art exhibition of her paintings. They talked and talked, clicked well and a few weeks later Da-Hee found out she was pregnant.
Time in camp: 8 months

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Artsy beam of light
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