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 Viktoria Orlov

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PostSubject: Viktoria Orlov   Viktoria Orlov Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 10:43 pm

Viktoria Orlov RKR428D

Name: Viktoria Inga Orlov
Age: Fifteen born on May 5th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
fc//: Anna Mikhailovskaya

Country of Origin: Russia
Place of Birth: St.Petersburg
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Dirty blonde/brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: Five foot four
Weight: A hundred and ten pounds.
Body type: Slim.

God Parent: Zeus (I have two b3 parent slots)
Mortal Parent: Anya Orlov is a dance instructor and she is the age of forty. She was born in 1976.

Personality: Viktoria is an independent girl. She has always been able to hold her own and be on her own. She was used to being left out a lot as a kid, but it gave her time to explore the outdoors and really explore her imagination. She's been a very creative kid, learning how to escape from certain situations. While her sister was doing dancing Viki wasn't too interested in it and ended up doing a lot of creative writing and reading. Those were her two main hobbies.
Talents: Can start fire with very little material, tracking, and escaping.
Flaws: Audacious, nosey, and big mouthed.

Weapon: Bow and celestial bronze tipped arrows. She also wields a celestial bronze bladed dagger.
Abilities: Massive strength - It's something that has been developing slowly over time. He strength has been getting stronger and stronger. She can lift more than what the average is for her stature.
Chlorokinesis(limited) - One ability that oddly carried over from her father, is the ability to grow some things on earth. This is mostly just limited to small berries and flowers.
Electrical Immunity - Viktoria is completely immune to any ounce of electricity. If anything it can recharge her.
Electric Charge - Vikotria is able to send an electric charge surging out of her body and hitting any target within a ten foot radius of her. It can be smaller if she chooses. It often drains her energy quite a bit, but can be used three times per quest topic and two times in a thread.
Thunderbolts - Viki is able to summon thunderbolts at the tips of her fingers and even make thunderstorms happen at will. Thunderbolts take less energy than thunderstorms do. She can only cause one thunderstorm per thread and thunder bolts can have a max of two per post with a two post cool down.
Flight - Vik has the ability of flight, but can't do it over long periods of time. Can only do it once per topic.

History: Anya and Zeus had more than one encounter. There was the time the two of them were in America and they had Dominika. Then there came the second time around about just under two years later and thus Viktoria was born. Viktoria grew up looking up to her older sister and grandmother. Their mother wasn't around a lot and was often busy with work.

Even though she looked up to her older sister and loved her, it didn't mean she wasn't jealous of the bond that Dominika had with their grandmother. They were a lot alike and shared the same birthday and same traits which made Viktoria feel left out a bit, but it was what made the brown eyed girl grow more independent and able to take care of herself. It made her wander off to have an imagination and just do whatever she wanted to.

It was when the girls were a little older that something had happened. Their mother was gone and it was just them and their step father Pavel home. Viktoria had heard noises and woken up. She went to see what was going on and it had been the longest walk to Dominika's room down at the farther end of the house. The door was opened just a crack and Viktoria had peered in. She could see her sister struggling against the man they called their step father.

Pavel had left her sister just laying there after crying. Viktoria was stuck in place, but knew she had to move. It took a couple minutes and she began to sprint down the hall before their step father caught her. It was when she was just about to open the door to her room when she felt her hair get tugged on and she was yanked backwards. Her step father dragged her outside and slammed her into the wall. He yelled at her for minutes and held her by the throat before threatening her if she ever told. From that day forward Viktoria knew that if she told anyone she was as good as dead. That was also the day she decided she was going to get stronger. She was tired of being the younger one that got pushed around, she was tired of people fighting for her. She was going to get stronger and she was going to be independent as she could be.

Viktoria began to sneak out many nights to work on her agility, endurance and strength. She had also continued to work on survival skills as well. The only thing she didn't have practice with was any form of a weapon. This went on for a few years. Eventually Dominika left before she could show her sister how strong she was and that she could take care of the two of them. Viktoria wanted to show her she could protect her, but she already left. Left her alone in Pavel's care.

It was a few years later when she was fourteen years of age. She felt ready and she got her mom along for a few minutes. She told their mom everything that had happened that night. Everything Pavel did to them, proving that Dominika wasn't lying. She couldn't let her sister be treated in that regard.

That same night when Pavel got home, he got reamed out for what he had done and the young Orlov girl figured he was going to get kicked out. He didn't. It was a couple nights later when Pavel and her were home alone. Viktoria had hid a knife in her nightstand. She needed to be ready for this. She pretended to sleep when he entered her room and he ripped back her covers and tried to grab at her clothes. He mentioned many things to her in that moment, and Viktoria managed to throw him off of her. She fought back. Many holes were made in the walls of the house as they fought.

In a manner of minutes she had gotten a spare moment and grabbed the knife from the night stand. She was yanked back yet again by his grip on her hair, this time it was a more firm grip. He had grabbed hold of of the knife and brought it up to her throat. At that point she thought it was end game. That was when she let out a big electrical charge and Pavel let go falling to the floor shaking violently.

Quickly Vik grabbed the knife and she brought it down multiple times into the mans chest before her. Eventually it was apparent that he was no longer breathing and her whole room began to be stained red. She dropped the knife, her hand was shaky as she began to pack a bag with some clothes, food and water. She wrote her mother a letter explaining what happened and that she had to leave. She'd come back when it was safer to. From there she vanished.

While she was running from the murder she had committed she ran into a satyr who traveled with her back to camp. By the time she hit camp it was five days after her fifteenth birthday.
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PostSubject: Re: Viktoria Orlov   Viktoria Orlov Icon_minitimeWed May 31, 2017 6:33 am

Oh wow, approved!
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Viktoria Orlov
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