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 Camp Azteca

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PostSubject: Camp Azteca   Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:51 pm

Altepetl The four groups that new recruits are sorted into upon their arrival.
Jaguar Warriors - The Jaguar Warriors pride themselves on strategizing. They idealize the jaguar’s ability to wait in the bushes for it’s prey to appear. Much of training involves hunting hard to catch animals, such as chickens, rabbits, and the occasional sea monster. However they also practice catching the animals without harming them, as capturing was seen to be more noble than killing in Aztec society.

Eagle Warriors - The Eagle Warriors are the fastest warriors on the island. New recruits build up their endurance by running the length of the island (3 miles). They are soldiers of the sun as the symbol of the eagle was the sun. Along with the Jaguar Warriors they are known to be one of the most feared. You can usually tell them apart from the others by the simple fact they all dress like eagles.

Otomies - Unlike the other three Altepetl, the Otomies put killing before capturing. They’re more ruthless warriors, and much of their training involves being able to survive harsh conditions and still come out victorious.

Shorn Ones - The Shorn Ones are very different from the rest of the Altepetl by the fact that they focus on teamwork. After being accepted into the Shorn Ones, new recruits are paired up randomly. Partners stay together until death, and their training involves learning how to fight as a pair. By the time they climb the ranks, partners will know everything about each other.

Council of Eight
The Council of Eight consists of eight elected officials, two from each Altepetl. Each official must be at least 16 years of age, and be an outstanding member of the Altepetl. Although former officials might be able to voice who they think should succeed them, they can not officially appoint. They can, however, act as a tiebreaker in the election for a new official.

The Aztecs use obsidian blades for all of their weapons. They frequent in weapons such as clubs, spears, bows, and darts. Otherwise known as macuahuitl, tlacochtli, and mitl.

Misc Lore
Children are brought to the island on their 13th birthday. The god’s transport them in their sleep and they wake up on the beach. The recruit will have a month before deciding which tribe they want to join.

Most children come from Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. Although, English and French speaking countries are a close second.
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Camp Azteca
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