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 over the castle on the hill

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over the castle on the hill Tumblr_inline_o1otrlXc6f1rifr4k_500
Name: Caitriona McDonagh. (Caitriona is pronounced like Katrina)
Age: 17. Born April 9th 2000
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
fc// (if there's one): caitlin stasey

Country of Origin: Unknown (United States)
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Unknown (Boston, Massachusetts)
Race: caucasian
Skin color: tannish
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 110lbs
Body type: lean

God Parent: Jupiter
Mortal Parent: Unknown (“Katie” Shaw. Katie is a radio host for one of the more popular radio stations in Boston. She met Jupiter at a club downtown and they spent the night together. Jupiter stayed throughout the pregnancy and left shortly after the birth.)

Personality: Caitriona always knew how to turn heads in her little town in ireland. She was always a bit too loud, a bit too sarcastic, and a bit too odd. She’s always had a good head on her shoulders though. She’s always been very expressive. Every little thing she feels comes out magnified tenfold. She talks with her hands a lot. She’s always been fun loving, even if it means you have to break a couple rule to begin with.
Talents: she knows a lot about sheep. Roller skating. Speaks gaelic.
Flaws (at least three): Kinda branded as a “troublemaker”, she has problems controlling her own emotions, speaks before she thinks.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): currently she’s using silver sheep shears. They were an antique passed down in her family of sheep herders.
Abilities: She can’t be electrocuted. Stuff like that kind of just passes through her. It’s not too helpful of a power though, because when is she really gonna get electrocuted??
weather control Minor windstorm (about 500ft range for 30 min at most. Winds reach speeds up to 45 mph) she can do this about 5 times a day. She gets a lil tired afterwards. She can create a minor thunderstorm (ranges about a quarter mile and lasts about 10 minutes. usually involves lightning in the clouds, light thunder and light rain) about three times a day. She gets very tired afterwards. In times of strong emotion she can channel a major thunderstorm (Ranges a mile wide and can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes. includes erratic lighting that can zap about anything randomly. loud thunder, heavy rain and wind speeds up to 70mph.) She can do this once a week. Afterwards she passes out for 20-80 minutes depending on storm length.
Electrocution Can electrocute things. 2x a day. Enough of a shock to throw people back but it doesn't cause lasting damage.
Wind Can create a quick gust of wind that throws people back. Person has to be standing at most 3 meters away. Can do this 6 times a day.


Part 1: The fading memories of a teenager
Caitriona remembered a woman. Brown hair, no- blonde, no... she was still hazy on the appearance. She was american though. She remembered that. She was talking to Caitriona, singing actually. A soft melody, that reminded Caitriona of the sea. Caitriona was sure that she was her biological mother. There was a part of her deep down that just knew.

Then there was the couple. She had soft almond eyes, startlingly blue. His voice was deep and rough. They were british. She remembered them better. She remembers the sitting in the back of a car, staring at endless countryside. Millie, they called her. Millie Jones. The memories she had with them weren’t very pleasant. She remembers the man screaming at her, whenever she made a wrong move. She remembers the cracking sound of wood, and a creature larger than she had ever seen before. She remembers being on the road constantly, the woman always looking behind them. She remembers a boat, tipping back and forth, and then a city. She remembers being told to wait here while they went to get something, until night fell and they never came back. The Jones’ were gone, and they left her behind. She sat on that park bench for hours before a cop with a thick irish accent asked her why she was there. That was when she learned that there wasn’t anyone named Millie Jones that looked like her in Ireland or the UK. There was no way to find the people who had left her behind. She was alone in Dublin with no family.

After that things changed. She was taken in by a foster family on the other side of the coast. They were Sheelagh and Hugh McDonagh. She was five by then. The McDonaghs were like a breath of fresh air. They were sheep farmers living in the village of Kinvara. Within the first month of living there, Caitriona expressed her wish to not go by Millie anymore. The McDonaghs were more than willing to comply, and helped her pick out a name. Two years later they formally adopted her. Her life was nice after that. She loved her school and helping her parents out on the farm. She soon left her old life behind.

Part 2: Three pubs, a castle, thirteen hundred people, and two thousand sheep.
The downside of village life is that you have to create your own excitement. Caitriona, of course, had no problem with that. In town there were only ten people in her grade. Five of them were her closest friends.

Shay lived down the road from her. They started out running in the fields at age six. Nine years later they sat in the same field, smoking pot and laughing at boys. She met Ewan on the first day of school, where he shared his animal crackers with her. Eight years later he was her first kiss. Two years later she realized she was gay. Six months later he realized he was gay. She and Brenna learned how to roller skate together. Four years later they sat together on Brenna’s back porch after she learned her mother had died of cancer. Keenan and Caitriona hated each other when they were seven. Seven years later they roller skated through the courtyard of Dunguaire Castle, weaving through tourists and laughing when he fell over and scraped his knee. Molly and Caitriona braided each other’s hair silently during Mass. Six years later they got in trouble for mouthing off to an old man who had told Caitriona she was going to hell after seeing the pride pin on her jacket.

The older people in the town liked to call them troublemakers. Sure, they weren’t the most well behaved kids in town, but they were just kids. It was all harmless fun.

At the same time Caitriona’s powers were coming in. She remembers shocking a man who was harassing her in Galway, but instead of just a harmless spark, he got sent three feet back. A week after coming out, a man down the street told her she was disgusting. That night an unexpected storm rolled into Kinvara, toppling over several trees and almost flooding the town. She never had an explanation for any of it.

Part 3: Everyone believes a talking wolf
At seventeen years old, a wolf showed up while Caitriona was shearing the sheep for the summer. Caitriona had never seen a wolf in ireland, yet she didn’t hesitate as she held up the antique silver shears and attempted to fight off the thing. She didn’t do half bad either, maybe due to the fact that silver conducts electricity. Apparently the almost fried wolf was good enough for Lupa, because she told Caitriona about Camp Jupiter. She stuck around to convince Catriona’s parents too, and it turns out that a talking wolf is very convincing, because the next morning Catriona left for a trip of a lifetime.

Getting to California from nowhere, Ireland is a lot harder than it already seems. It took three flights to get to New York, but after that she was on foot. Turns out there are way more monsters in America. Armed with only shears and her wits (and sparks), she made it halfway across the country.

However in the middle of Arizona, she ran into an issue. She was facing off a cyclops, and her shears got stuck in between the ground and the things club. It lifted up the club to flatten her into a pulp, and she squeezed her eyes shut, pretty disappointed she wasn’t going to make it to California. Then it never came. When she opened her eyes she found a golden sword sticking out of the Cyclops’ one eye. When she pulled it out, it morphed into a mini lightning bolt keychain. At the time, she was still kinda upset about the loss of her shears, but in hindsight, having a sword was a better deal.

Thanks to the sword she made it to Camp Jupiter. Which is where her story will pick up.

Notes: Caitriona has an irish accent. Using my b3 slot and my gift from god parent.

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over the castle on the hill
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