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 "Hi can you die ok bye"

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PostSubject: "Hi can you die ok bye"   "Hi can you die ok bye" Icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 10:38 am

"Hi can you die ok bye" Tumblr_o1yn3tMKif1qhb5w9o3_r1_400"Hi can you die ok bye" Tumblr_o1yn3tMKif1qhb5w9o6_r1_400

Name: Yoo-Jin Seung, his name means precious willow
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
fc// (if there's one): Seo Kangjun

Country of Origin: S.Korea
Place of Birth: Seoul
Race: Korean
Skin color: Pale white
Hair color: Copper brown
Eye color: Dark amber
Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Body type: Skinny

God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Rye-jun Seung

Personality: Yoo Jin is very confident of himself, almost to the point where he's arrogant. But whenever he brags he says it jokingly, at least most of the times. He is prideful and ambitious, and hates receiving help. He is very driven by his goals, and is a bit of a workaholic. Yoo Jin want results, and fast. He gets frustrated and bored quickly.

He may sometimes play dumb, but he's actually smart and sly like a fox. He's a bit different from other Athena kids, since he's more street smart than book smart. Yoo Jin doesn't see the point of hours of studying. He sometimes calls himself 'database' as he has a lot of useless information and knowledge. He's observant and overthinks every little detail. Yoo Jin is like a mind reader, analyzing every move you do.

Yoo Jin gets riled up easily and angered. Trouble seems to follow him, and he lives in a chaos.
When he gets attached to someone he gets overprotective, jealous and makes himself look very childish. Yoo Jin is carefree and lives in the moment, not really thinking about the future.

His humor consists of annoying and teasing his friends, but he also makes jokes at his own expense.

Yoo Jin has a deeper side to him. He is determined to make everyone feel pleased and happy, even if that means being a doormat and an umbrella. Yoo Jin is very caring of his close ones, and will not hesitate to run up on you if you hurt anyone close to him. He loves affection, although he doesn't show it to people. Yoo Jin doesn't show his attraction or caring by anything big. He just does small gestures that almost don't get noticed. Yoo Jin is sensitive of others' needs, putting many people before him.
It is fairly easy to walk over him and get him to do the dirty work for you. Especially if you make him feel like he invented the idea, or show him what he gains from the work.

Talents: Cooking and baking, voice impressions, picking locks, memorizing, playing the piano, solving mysteries, weapon control
Flaws: Easily angered, doormat personality, over-confidence, his left hand, carefree and impulsive, jealous, overprotective, allergic to strawberries and peanuts

Weapon: CB Rapier

Abilities: He never forgets anything he heard
His thinking process is faster and he can often predict your move

Powers:  N/A

History: He spent his life in rather unfortunate circumstances. Yoo Jin's father was unemployed and alcoholic. At some point he died in a car accident when he was drunk driving. Yoo Jin was adopted by his aunt Da-Hee. Da-Hee had a child named Naomi, who was much more lucky than him, and Yoo Jin was always jealous of her, but still loved her. He saw Naomi more like a sister than a cousin, growing close to her. Unlike Naomi, Yoo Jin didn't know about his parentage, until one day when he was 9, she spilled the beans for him.

Yoo Jin often got in to trouble in and out of school. He hated being caged in to school, being bullied by his peers. One thing that kept him straight was playing the piano. By the time Naomi entered the school of performing arts for singing and dancing, Yoo Jin entered to study playing the piano.
His bullies were not so merciful of Yoo Jin escaping. They beat him up, and his left hand got injured in the process. His dreams of being a professional pianist were destroyed. He was too prideful and rejected the rehab. His hand is fine now, and if he could get over his pride he could become a pianist.
He got very depressed at that point of his life, and he was sent with Naomi to CBH to find something else to work his brain on.

Cousin of Naomi Seung (Mitsu's character)
Was left handed before, after permanent injury he prefers his right hand
Weaknesses: FOOD, if you want something from him, bribe him with food, his left hand, fear of being forgotten
Pets: Turtle named Seungpa
Likes: any food, chick-flicks, DRAMA
Dislikes: Heatwaves, having to take care of his appearance, judgy people
Hobbies: Annoying you and your mom, playing the piano, solving mysteries
Dream job: Professional pianist
What do they want the most in life right now?: some peace and quiet
Secrets: He lit the curtains in his room on fire when he was 8
Worst fear: Being left alone
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who can take a joke
Insecurities: His voice
Former/current relationships: none
How parents met: Rye-jun met Athena when he was working as a waiter in a restaurant
Time in camp: 8 months
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Posts : 798
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Sorry Mitsu! I've been busy lately, haha.

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"Hi can you die ok bye"
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