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 Lucanus Apostolov

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PostSubject: Lucanus Apostolov   Lucanus Apostolov Icon_minitimeSat Jun 10, 2017 2:50 pm

Lucanus Apostolov 2gub7d5
Name: Lucanus Sem Apostolov
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: homosexual
Species (human, elf, etc.): elf

World of Origin: Vanaheim
Country of Origin: n/a
Place of Birth: Vanaheim
Race: Elf
Skin color: peach
Hair color: light brown
Eye color: light grey
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 164 lbs
Body type: lean

God Parent: Vidar-God of the forest, revenge and silence.
Mortal Parent: Unknown

Personality: Lucanus, or Luca for short, is a fun and life loving teen who enjoys learning about the other realms seeing as he was only ever on Vanaheim and learned everything he could about Midguard from Thor and the other gods who would travel between worlds on the Bifrost. He has an uncanny habit of slinking off to deserted corners of the hotel and enjoys his alone time more than most people would, dead or alive. There’s a bit of solace to his solitude though, seeing as he has no voice and very few people know ASL (something he learned quickly after dying so as to make friends with the other demigods and Midguardians).
Talents: Despite his inability to see color the teen has a found a passion in both music and sketching or drawing.
Flaws (at least three): The poor elf, bless his heart, has one of the worst strokes of luck as far as flaws goes. He’s both a mute and colorblind and even in death these attributes follow him around. He’s an agoraphobic and in turn the young lad tends to stick to his bedroom as well as the world tree when everyone else has gone to sleep. The All-Father understands his trouble with large crowds and in turn he has allowed for the elf to train in private with a few of the Valkyries as well as the one who brought him to Valhalla.

Weapon (Nordic steel): Luca wields a large staff made of an old Oak branch that was imbued with magic of his kin so that it could never break unless by that of a god or god-like being. The staff which he has dubbed Lullaby has a large gemstone ball at the top that is held by four tentacles of wood. It can glow in the dark so long as Luca is touching the staff but it will only glow for him, think of it as a bow staff with a light at the end of it.
Abilities: Luca has the ability to read the health and know exactly every plant in existence on any of the nine realms, having been there or not, as well as all medical uses for them and attributes in general. He also has the bad ability to hear and talk with the plants, kinda like Poison Ivy in that sense.
Powers: For five posts he has the ability to grow three 10 ft long and 2 ft wide vines that grow from the ground and follow his command. They can be hacked through but the stalks are as tough as stone. Luca can only do this three times a topic and has to wait ten posts between uses.

History: From the time he was born the young Elf of Vanaheim, Lucanus Sem Apostolov, was a lover of everything he could learn about the other realms. Despite being a mute from birth and color blindness setting in fully by the age of 10 he had a love of the arts and knowledge in general. His teacher, who pretty much adopted him seeing as his mother died in childbirth, taught him all he could and helped him cope with his disability whenever he could. Seeing as several of the gods of Asgard would travel to and from Vanaheim Luca sought out their knowledge and Odin commented once to the man who was teaching Luca that the lad reminded him of himself as the worlds were still young. From then on Odin would share with him bits and pieces of his knowledge that he deemed to be useful and non-harmful to the young elf’s mind. He had lost so much but the child always found solace in his hobbies and visits from Odin. It was one clear night in the warmer season that his fate and life had tragically ended. Seeing as he was a demigod, something his teacher never hide from him, he had an affinity for plant communication and magic. A fire had broken out in the deepest part of the forest and Luca, as fast as his legs could carry him, rushed with his professor and the both of them used their elemental magic to help save the world. However, it was a stroke of unluck that one of the dead tree’s had a branch that was too weak to hold itself up and would have landed on the wise old professor, had Luca not pushed him out of the way. As he was holding on to the last bits of life he asked his professor to do one thing and one thing only; keep his trees safe and guard the forest for as long as he lived. Moved by his sacrifice and love of both knowledge and the realms Odin had sent a valkyrie who brought the lad to hotel Valhalla and from there he trains in private as well as with a few of the other fallen, one being Odin’s son and another bing Loki’s daughter, but keeps to himself for the most part.
RP Sample (required for first form):
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Lucanus Apostolov
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