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 ~nod your head to the beat of death~

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PostSubject: ~nod your head to the beat of death~   ~nod your head to the beat of death~ Icon_minitimeSat Jun 17, 2017 9:57 pm

~nod your head to the beat of death~ Large_Fustany-Fashion-Ramadan_2017-Jamila_Awad-Looks-La_Tottfea_Al_Shams-18

Name: Akila Gahiji Qamar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual Aromantic
fc// (if there's one): Jamila Awad

Country of Origin: Egypt
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Cairo, Egypt
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Slight Caramel color
Hair color: Medium Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Body type: Mesomorph

Follower of: Khnum
Mortal parents: Kanika and Nassor Qamar

Akila is very private and reserved. She doesn't feel the need to be very open with herself and her emotions. She also finds PDA and relationships to be ridiculous and a waste of time. She would much rather be practicing magic or cooking than worrying about 'why my boyfriend won't answer me' or 'why is my girlfriend mad at me'. She's also a huge foodie and not at all ashamed of it. She loves trying new food and drinks just for the fun of it. This is actually what she spends most of her money on. She's also extremely sarcastic and blunt. If she thinks someone is asking a stupid question, which is almost always, she'll answer very sarcastically. She also never holds back honesty. She finds it stupid when people lie just to keep others happy, so she doesn't do that. Do you look bad in those jeans? Yup, and she's gonna tell you that. Are you a bad cook? 100%, and she won't hide it. This is also a reason she has a hard time making friends.

Talents: Speaks and Writes Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Sa'idi Arabic, English, and French fluently; Basic Household Skills (Cooking, Cleaning, Etc.); Can Speak Some Divine Words

Flaws (at least three): Most of the times her own concerns and issues before others, Tends to have a very poor outlook on people, Can be overly sarcastic to the point people get annoyed when talking to her

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): EB Throwing Knives as well as a wand and a Magician's Box and occasionally a staff
Magic: Water Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic, Fire Magic, Necromancy, Death Magic
- All elemental magic takes about 5 to 10 posts for cool down, depending on the level of usage. If she did a small spell, then about 5 posts. However, if she used a major and tiring spell, it takes about 10 posts to cool down.
- Necromancy tires her out a lot. She only uses this in extreme need and it takes about a 10 post cool down afterwards.
- Death Magic is the easiest for her. She can use this with almost simple ease and this takes about a 4 to 5 post cool down.

History: Akila was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th. From an early age, she grew up learning about the Egyptian pantheon and learning the myths and stories. She also knew from an early age that she was different and not even because she had the blood of the pharaohs. She didn't know that until much later. As she reached her fifth year of primary school, she realized that she hadn't hit the 'stage' of being interested in guys like her friends. In fact, she hadn't become interested in anyone, sexually or otherwise. She asked her mother one day if she knew anything about it, but she told Akila to just wait a few years, maybe something about change. When she was twelve, she discovered her affinity for Egyptian magic and left to Brooklyn House in America, but before she left, her parents had a few conditions. Since they could not leave, her parents had to speak to the people who ran the House and she had to complete her education in America. Quickly agreeing to her parents terms, she left and thought things would change, but they didn't. She still hadn't experienced any sort of attraction to any gender. Deciding to do some research, she discovered the terms 'asexual' and 'aromantic' and realized that she fit them both. She finally realized that nothing was wrong with her and she wasn't alone. Since then, she's been very open about being asexual aromantic and doesn't try to hide, especially now that she's found a place she really feels at home.

RP Sample (required for first form):

Notes: Standard Arabic is her first language, so whenever she becomes very mad or upset, she'll stark speaking BA.

Weaknesses: She can't read English or French very well, but she really does attempt to and doesn't let this fact known very much. She views it as a weakness and doesn't want others to know.

Pets: She has a female Egyptian Mau kitten that her parents gave her one time they came to America to visit her. Her name is Bomani, which means warrior, because what a fitting name for a fierce feline, right?

Likes: She adores dubstep. She really doesn't know why, but hey, she could enjoy weirder things. She also really enjoys all types of mythology and dedicates herself to knowing them by heart. For safety reasons, of course. She very much enjoys tennis and basketball. She started liking it when she still lived in Cairo and started to play both sports there and when she came to the US. She also really likes dark chocolate.

Dislikes: She absolutely despises fake people. She hates when people act differently from how they really are. She's sees it as extremely deceptive and can not stand it. She also dislikes white chocolate. She's not really sure why, but she just doesn't think it tastes right. She feels the same about bacon. She doesn't hate it and will eat it if it comes with something, but she really just prefers not to.

Hobbies: As stated before, she is a major foodie. Trying new foods and drinks isn't just something she enjoys, it's a hobby. She frequently goes out to places just to try something new. She also plays the flute and double clarinet, which she learned in Cairo from her parents.

Dream job: She would love to become a professional magician, just like everyone else in Brooklyn House, but in the outside world, she would really love to be a chef, or even a food critic. Tasting food for a living? Sounds like a dream to her.

What do they want the most in life right now?: Right now, she very much wants to finish her education and finish her Magician training. She's very much looking forward to her future in America, but she might move back home once she finishes. She hasn't decided yet.

Secrets: Her only real secret is her inability to read English. This is something she has been struggling to learn, but she is trying and hopes no one will find out.

Worst fear: Her worst fear is being left alone for good. She hates the thought of people leaving her and not coming back.

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: None, considering she doesn't want one. However, she would be interested in a 'platonic partner'? Someone to basically offer companionship and someone to rely on, but not necessarily physical intimacy or excessive PDA. In which case, she would need someone who accepts the fact that she's asexual aromantic and is okay with nothing physical coming from the relationship. She would also enjoy if the person were funny and could hold an intelligent conversation. Looks don't matter to her an are not a factor.

Insecurities: She is very insecure when it comes to making friends. She's not very good at it and most people are not willing to look past her snarky demeanor. This makes her feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Former/current relationships: None

How parents met: Her parents actually met because of business matters. Her grandfathers had met one day to discuss some business proposals and had brought both of their children with them that day. Her parents instantly grew to like each other and kept in contact after the meeting. When they were teenagers, they started to date. They broke up once or twice, but her father eventually proposed to her mother when they were in their twenties and they married soon after. A few years after that, they had Akila.

Time in Brooklyn House (Egyptians): Five years
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PostSubject: Re: ~nod your head to the beat of death~   ~nod your head to the beat of death~ Icon_minitimeSun Jun 25, 2017 10:43 am

Unfortunately I'm not going to allow Khnum. He's a good of creation and rebirth. I don't really allow gods and goddesses like that in any mythology. I'm sorry.
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~nod your head to the beat of death~
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