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 ~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~

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~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~ Empty
PostSubject: ~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~   ~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~ Icon_minitimeSun Jun 18, 2017 7:52 pm

~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~ 400full-seychelle-gabriel

Name: Melania Izarra Citlali
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual Demiromantic
fc// (if there's one): Seychelle Gabriel

Country of Origin: Venezuela
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Caracas, Venezuela
Race: Latin American
Skin color: Light Caramel
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Xolotl, God of Twins, Monsters, Misfortune, Sickness, Death, Lightning, Deformities, Sunset, Fire, Evening Star, Heavenly Fire (Why does each god have so much stuff, dear lord-)
Mortal Parent: Emilia Citlali

Melania is honestly not a very nice person. She's not exactly mean or bad, but she isn't very kind. While she's not often intentionally rude, a lot of what she says comes across that way, mostly because she hasn't quite figured out that many people don't like being told the blunt truth. She also has a slight sadistic streak, you could say. Her type of humor can be considered dark and she has a fascination with dark things, making her seem very odd. To add on to that, she doesn't see the problem with harming people who try to harm you. She sees it as what they deserve and ensuring your own safety by making sure they leave you alone. This is another reason why people say she has a sadistic streak. Along with that, she has a scary temper. If you've done something to make her angry, be wary. She's most likely out for revenge and it won't be pretty. However, she is very intelligent and observant. She's very good at rationalizing a situation and making a choice based off the situation. Survival to her is key and is put above other factors.

Talents: Melania's very talented at making music mixes. It sounds strange, she knows, but it's something she's good at and loves doing. She's also good at playing the acoustic guitar and the flute. She can also play card games like poker and blackjack very well.

Flaws (at least three): She's very antisocial, which isn't a very good thing because she's not really close to anyone at camp. She tends to be very apathetic towards people and situations. Because of this, sometimes she doesn't realize that she's hurting someone or putting them in a bad position, even if this wasn't her intention. She also has some periods when she is less hygienic than she should be. Of course, this only means she sometimes goes awhile without washing her hair or her face, nothing major.

Weapon: A tlacalhuazcuahuitl, which is a bogun, with poison obsidian darts as her ranged weapon. As her melee weapon, she uses a tecpatl, an obsidian dagger with a double sided blade, as her side arm and a mācuahuitl, a wooden sword with sharp obsidian blades in the sides, as her main weapon.

Abilities: She is almost an expert survivalist. One can never be perfect, so she continues to work to ensure that she's prepared to handle and survive in an situations she's gets herself into. She's also built up a very strong endurance while at camp along with excellent hunting and war skills. She's also able to use the stars as navigation tools.

Powers: Her big power is curse inducement. This covers a wide range of her powers, which includes causing someone misfortune, which can include giving someone bad luck, causing them sickness, causing appearance damage, or causing their 'demigod scent' to be a tad bit stronger than normal. She can also summon small bouts of lightening as well as communicate and occasionally raise with the dead, along with summoning small amounts of fire.
- Her curse inducement can take up to 5 to 10 post cool down depending on the severity. If it's something minor like causing someone to trip over air a few times, it will take at least 5 posts to cool down from. However, if she wanted to make someone so sick that they could die? It would take at least 10 posts to cool down from.
- Her small bouts of lightning and fire can only be used up to seven times in a thread and takes at least 7 posts to cool down from.
- Communication with the dead is one of her simpler powers. While this one doesn't really need a cool down, she has to have full concentration and has to be alone in order to do it.
- Raising the dead is very difficult and can only be done once or twice in a thread, so it isn't something she does often. This will need at least 15 posts to cool down.

History: Melania was born in Caracas, Venezuela on November 21st. Growing up, she had to quickly learn how to defend herself incase anything ever happened. Her mother had told her who her father was when she was young, hoping to get her prepared for Camp Azteca. Majority of her childhood consisted of training her body and her mind, learning anything about the Aztec myths as she could and anything she'd need for survival. However, nothing can really prepare you for the real thing, can it? When she arrived at camp when she was 13, she was very nervous, but eventually settled right in to her first week, hoping to be prepared for The Games by the end. Once the end of the week was over, she had two Altepetl to bid for her: the Jaguar Warriors and the Otomies. She decided to join the Otomies.

RP Sample (required for first form):

Notes: Spanish is her first language, so she learned how to read, write, and speak English.

Weaknesses: She favors her right hand often because of an accident with a car door when she was younger. She's also allergic to nuts of any kind. She also gets frequent migraines.

Pets: She owns a small female Safari Cat named Hermosa. She lets Hermosa hunt herself whenever she wants.

Likes: She loves electronica music, along with techno and dubstep. She also loves horror of all types like games, movies, shows, and books. Indie horror games are her favorite. She also likes learning about different phobias and how the human mind works. She also likes sushi.

Dislikes: She despises romance. She hates those types of books, movies, and hates when it takes over shows. She also doesn't like when people snoop and pry for answers. It's annoying and very unappreciated. Sand is also really annoying. She doesn't like that either.

Hobbies: She's constantly playing horror games and mixing music. They're things she really enjoys doing.

Dream job: She would love to be a game creator. She loves learning how to animate games and how to make them interesting and she thinks it's be fun.

What do they want the most in life right now?: Right now Melania just wants to take everything one step at a time. She's currently focusing on her camp life and everything else will come after.

Secrets: She wants to leave the camp. She doesn't hate it there, but she's never had a real life outside of it.

Worst fear: She's terrified of spiders. They're creepy and crawly and she hates them.

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: She has to have a close emotional connection with them. That is essential. She also has to have someone who shows at least a small interest in what she likes. They don't have to love it, but at least be willing to listen to her ramblings. She prefers to be with someone who accepts that she doesn't want anything physical to happen. This is also a must.

Insecurities: She's actually insecure about her asexuality. She feels like it's a reason someone wouldn't want her.

Former/current relationships: She's never been in one.

How parents met: She's not completely sure how they met. Her mother isn't really clear about it. Her mother has told her that they met while he mother was working at a hospital, but she never says how she came about. She supposes her mother just doesn't want to remember.

Time in camp: Seven years
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~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~   ~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~ Icon_minitimeSun Jun 25, 2017 10:45 am

Xolotl is one of the three Aztec gods I am not allowing. I am very sorry. The other two are Quetzalcoatl and Xiuhtecuhtil.

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~call me a seed of evil but what's that mean if i'm conceived within your mind~
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