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 i'm pickin up good vibrations

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PostSubject: i'm pickin up good vibrations   i'm pickin up good vibrations Icon_minitimeThu Jul 06, 2017 5:07 pm

i'm pickin up good vibrations Tumblr_o517a8DBY71qdapqlo1_500
Name: Margot Zhang
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: demisexual

Country of Origin: United States
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): New Rome, California
Race: Half chinese
Skin color: Tan
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Weight: 120lbs
Body type: lean

Legacy of: Neptune
Parents: Mei Zhang, daughter of neptune and Vincent Campbell, human. Mei and Vincent met in Chicago, during Mei’s residency. He knew of Mei’s ancestry, and didn’t seem to have issue with it. He moved with Mei to New Rome after Margot was born, however, abandoned both Margot and Mei when Margot was eight. Last she heard, he was somewhere in Los Angeles. Mei is currently the director of medicine at Julius Caeser Memorial Hospital.

Personality: Either a giant nerd or a grumpy kid. theres no in between. She can be funny if she tries. Her patience level is very low. Unless it comes to children. Then she's weirdly tolerant. She’s actually very rational, and is fit to be a leader. She works hard and is dedicated to any task she’s given. She’s been through some rough patches throughout her life, yet she has seemed to be over it.
Talents: making jokes, leadership, not dying
Flaws (at least three): stubborn, impatient, holds grudges

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): Imperial gold longsword.
Abilities: The only water related skill she has is the ability to breathe underwater.
Powers: Let’s shake things up. Honestly its all about those good vibrations. Ok done with puns. Margot can feel the vibrations in the earth and all around her caused by the movement of atoms, and then she can manipulate them. This can create a force field, cause the ground to move, or bend fluid objects like water. Its all very tricky. Her cooldowns have always been a bit unreliable. As far as she can tell, using her power on a large scale (i.e. earthquakes) can cause her to pass out if she’s not careful enough. After that she can only do it once more on that scale before passing out without a doubt. On a medium scale, she’s very good at using the force field, it’s usually used to knock people back. She can do this about 8-10 times a day, sometimes more depending on her energy level. On a small scale, she can manipulate smaller things, she can cause glasses to explode, can “bend water” (she’s just messing with the movement of the atoms, kind of like moving a magnet next to a stream of water). She can do this about 15-18 times a day. Admittedly, sometimes her powers go haywire. This happens when she is emotionally distressed and an excess of energy is being exerted. Usually she causes tiny earthquakes in a diameter of 25 feet around her, that usually just knocks stuff off of tables. In other circumstances she can cause glass to shatter. Its very hard for her to get this under control, and it usually ends with her passing out.

History: Margot grew up in New Rome with her mom and, for a little while, her dad. Her powers came in early, and they were pretty destructive. Thankfully, Mei had experience with this sort of thing, so she started helping Margot keep her powers controlled at an early age. Vincent, however, didn’t feel like sticking around much longer. When Margot was eight, he was gone. It shook her up a bit, because she wasn’t sure if it was her fault he left. She grew out of it, and later changed her name back to her mother’s maiden name. Mei and Margot have been tight ever since.
Margot entered the legion soon after, going into the third cohort. She worked hard, and made opito. She almost made Centurion too, but she experienced a traumatic event on her quest needed for promotion, and refused the position. She left after another year, going into New Rome University to study education.
RP Sample (required for first form):no
Notes:fc is chloe bennet
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PostSubject: Re: i'm pickin up good vibrations   i'm pickin up good vibrations Icon_minitimeThu Jul 06, 2017 7:03 pm


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i'm pickin up good vibrations
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