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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite

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PostSubject: Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite   Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeFri Jul 07, 2017 5:35 pm

Name: Bri Jasper
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
fc// (if there's one):Nope

Country of Origin: America
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Aspen, Colorado
Race: White
Skin color: Fair (white)
Hair color: Strawberry blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 118
Body type: Hourglass

God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Brendon Jasper

Personality: Bri is really strong, stubborn, and tough. She doesn't like to ask for help and is very independent. She isn't into clothes and looks like other Aphrodite kids -- she actually resents it. Bri hates two-faced people and backstabbers. She is very smart and can see people's ways of thinking and tries to get them to see her way. She is very good at debating and doesn't like to be proven wrong.  

Talents: Reading people, sword-fighting, archery, snowboarding.
Flaws (at least three):Stubbornness. She hates to admit when she is wrong. She is very argumentative and always has to argue with what other people say, but only if she disagrees with it and she disagrees with a lot of things. She is not physically never strong and has trouble lifting heavy equipment/weapons.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): A long Celestial bronze sword and a shield that expands from a ring.

Abilities: Can speak fluent French and spot when someone likes someone else.

Powers: Can curse someone so all their clothes are a few sizes to small for a short period of time (two posts - cool down of three posts).

History: Before Camp Half-Blood, Bri was mostly left in her mansion in Colorado. Her father was always working and she never knew her mother, causing her to be alone most of the time. She found a love for movies and watched all the classics and went to the movie theatre as often as possible. Bri went to a prep school that she hated. The place was full of posh prep school girls and boys, who only cared about money and fashion, the two things Bri could care less about. Again, her father was never around, so he left her with a babysitter. The woman was old with a tight black bun on her face and the most wrinkly skin that Bri thought it would fall off. The woman, Ms. Deli, was the meanest woman Bri has ever meet in her life and hated the woman. Her dad liked to call her a "tutor", but the mean old lady never taught her scrap and was more like a mean babysitter whose main goal was to torture her. One day, something in the woman snapped. Ended up turning into a bronze donkey creature with flaming hair. Long story short: Bri ran out of that house with the soon to be known as Empousa following her. Bri managed to run into the section of trees outside her house and get away from the Empousa through means of hitting the monster with branches and jumping over fallen trees. Soon after, she got lost and had no where to go. She ran into an older Demigod, son of Nemesis, while fighting some a cyclops near the boarder of Colorado and Kansas. He told her where to find Camp Half-Blood and Bri hopped on the first bus and got off bus stop after bus stop until she reached Camp Half-Blood.

RP Sample (required for first form): Bri sprinted through the dense section of brush as she tried to shake off her captor. It wasn't every day that your babysitter turned into some donkey pirate-legged monster. Bri's breathing was ragged as she sprinted through the trees. She could hear the yelling and hissing of Ms. Deli behind her. The monster got closer behind her and Bri had no weapon to defend herself with. Her strawberry blonde hair was flying around her as it started to snow, making snowflakes obstruct her vision. She felt a pair of claws scratch her back, ripping her sweatshirt. Bri grabbed a branch and pushed it out of the way, causing it to snap back and his the demon lady in the face.
"Stupid Colorado! I should have went to Florida!" Bri heard the donkey lady shout from behind her, but Bri just kept running.

Notes: Bri never wanted to be Aphrodite's daughter. She saw herself more as a child as Ares and is against being a daughter of Aphrodite. She tries to push her parenthood away and take jabs at the Goddess of Love.
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Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite   Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeFri Jul 07, 2017 5:50 pm



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Bri Jasper - Daughter of Aphrodite
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