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 Kayla Emerson

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PostSubject: Kayla Emerson    Kayla Emerson  Icon_minitimeWed Jul 12, 2017 12:36 am

Name: Kayla Emerson

Appearance age: 12

Actual age: 14

fc// (if there's one): Kayla Emerson  Rowan-blanchard-so-excited-for-pretty-little-liars-26

Country of Origin: USA

Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Las Vegas, Nevada

Race: Native America

Skin color: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5'1

Weight: 110

Body type: Skinny.

Greek, Roman, or human?: Human

God Parent (if one): None.

Mortal Parent(s): Timothy Emerson and Hannah Ramsey (who she never meet).

Legacy of (if one): None.

Personality: Kayla is more of an observer. She isn't shy by any means, just doesn't talk a lot. She takes orders as long as they have a reason and she is pretty smart. She is a brave and fearless fighter, meaning she fights with everything she has.

Talents: She is a great shot with a bow, good with animals, and a great planner for ambushes.

Flaws (at least three): Her thoughts sometimes distract her, she could be considered too loyal, and has to be deeply informed in any major decision to actually listen to the orders.

Weapon (Silver): Silver bow and arrows that appear when she needs them and never runs out of arrows and a silver spear.

Abilities: Stronger, faster, and more accurate than the average demigod due to Artemis.

Powers: None.

When did they pledge themselves to the Hunters?: When she was twelve.

History: Kayla grew up with an abusive father and her brother was gone so fast she could barely remember him. Timothy drank a lot and would throw things around the room and hit her. She still has a scar on the top of her scalp that you can barely see from her father throwing a beer bottle at the wall and the glass flew off the wall and cut her head. When she was twelve, she decided she had enough. She was got on a bus with all the money she had and could swipe from her father when he was drunk and tried to get to San Francisco, where her father once said her half brother was by bus, but didn't have enough to get the whole way and was stuck in the mountains of California. She was dehydrated and found a stream, but collapsed before getting to drink. The Hunters of Artemis found here while hunting some monster and took her in and helped her get back to health. She happily took the oath to join the Hunters and have been with them since. They even taught her about Iris Messaging so she could see her brother again and they talked for ages.

RP Sample (required for first form): Ha never again!

Notes: Has a half brother, Beckett Emerson, who is a son of Fortuna and at Camp Jupiter.

Weaknesses: Her brother, because she could never risk losing him. Her past gives her nightmares and she hates for anyone to ever bring it up.

Pets: No personal pets, but she runs around with the hunting wolves and has the hunting falcons.

Likes: Animals, hunting monsters, her brothers, Artemis, the Hunters.

Dislikes: Empousa, her father, drinking, bars, casinos.

Hobbies: Hunting, hanging with the wolves, telling stories around the fires.

Dream job: Kayla could never imagine leaving the Hunters, but she always liked the idea of being a vet.

What do they want the most in life right now?: To be free and run with the Hunters.

Secrets: She never told any of the Hunters about her father, but she has a feeling Artemis knows.

Worst fear: Her father coming back to get her, even though she knows it will most likely never happen.

Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: None, she would never break her oath.

Insecurities: Her scar at the base of her scalp. She gave herself bangs a while after she joined the Hunters so they would never see it.

Former/current relationships: Her fellow Hunters, Artemis, and her brother, Beckett.

How parents met: All her father would say is that he meet her mother in a sandwich shop, but besides that, she knows nothing about her mother, not even her name.

Time in camp (Greeks)/the Legion (Romans)/Hotel Valhalla (Norse)/Brooklyn House (Egyptians): Been with the Hunters for two years.
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PostSubject: Re: Kayla Emerson    Kayla Emerson  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 11:37 pm

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Kayla Emerson
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